TRX class at Studiomix and ClassPass party

Last night, I was invited to attend the “Fall into Fitness” party held by ClassPass, which is a cool service that recently launched in San Francisco offering access to private studios around the city for a monthly membership. I became a quick fan of ClassPass while trying out a complimentary month and have gone to tons of local studios and gyms through the service.

Studiomix San Francisco is huge

The party took place at Studiomix SF, which is a massive multi-room studio on Van Ness Avenue in the center of town that I’d never been to before. I was blown away by this place. There was a cycle room, main group studio, TRX room, strength room, core room and a climbing room in more than 30,000 square feet of space, designed just for classes and personal training. I was super impressed, and I didn’t even get to see all of it.

StudioMix entranceThe bottom floor of Studiomix is housed in the same building as a movie theatre.

The ClassPass party attendees were able to select a class for the night, and I chose TRX. I had taken one TRX class before at the flagship TRX Training Center and was eager to do another. And of course, the class took place in Studiomix’s dedicated TRX room, which was dark and airy and had set-ups for about 20 people or so.

StudioMix TRX classA shot from the end of the room as the instructor welcomed us to class.

TRX Blitz class at Studiomix SF

The class was taught by Vanessa, a Bay Area instructor who I recognized from Equinox. While the class seemed a little longer than 45 minutes, it went by quickly. We started with some stretching using the TRX, then went into a cardio circuit on the floor away from the straps. The warm-up included jumping jacks, high-knee runs in place and push-ups. When we started doing high knees and jumping jacks, I was not excited to be in another cardio class, as I get plenty of cardio with the three Les Mills BODYATTACK classes I teach per week and had been expecting more resistance work for some reason. Yet, the cardio bursts were less than five minutes each time and weren’t bad at all.

From there, we went into several exercises using the TRX. Vanessa set the class up so that we did a series of three or four moves, then repeated them all. The circuits included TRX lunges, TRX squat jumps, TRX push-ups, TRX pistol squats, TRX planks, TRX crunches, interwoven with cardio circuits away from the TRX. Vanessa would demo a move on the TRX, then move away and walk around and coach people. She had the music blasting and did a great job of providing set-up and follow-up cues, which is something I look for in an instructor. She also encouraged us to count out loud and let loose like children. She didn’t want a bunch of boring adults in her TRX class. Well said.

TRX Blitz offers a workout for all levels

There were definitely all levels of fitness among the participants in our class, and Vanessa offered low options and no-impact options for everybody. In fact, if you’d never done TRX before, you could safely get through this class, because she explained everything thoroughly and didn’t move very fast. Not to mention, we never changed the level of the straps, which was one of the most challenging things for me in the first TRX class I took. Yet, the hardest moves of the day were certainly the TRX pistol squats (one-legged squat) and the TRX crunches at the end. Those moves had my legs and core burning!

The class ended with a five-minute stretch, and then Vanessa closed out by having us put our hands in prayer and say “Namastizzle,” which was a totally funny way to end.

After last night’s TRX class, I’m even more of a believer in this modality for working out. I love the way that you can challenge your body to increase flexibility, strength and cardio stamina with just two straps. And somehow, it feels so much easier on the joints than actual weights.

Even though there were moments of challenge, Studiomix’s TRX Blitz is not as intense as the TRX Circuit Challenge class I took at the TRX Training Center. That one was not for beginners and moved a lot faster with harder moves. However, having done a brief workout earlier in the day in the weight-room, I was perfectly satisfied with the level of challenge offered. Would I go again? Yes. If only just to hear Vanessa say “Namastizzle.”

TRX Blitz class overview

  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Format: 2-minute stretch on the TRX, 5-minute cardio warm-up away from the TRX, followed by alternating TRX and floor exercise circuits focusing on strength, endurance and cardio, ending with a 5-minute stretch
  • Equipment: TRX and towels provided
  • Suggested outfit: Tight tops and pants, athletic shoes
  • Difficulty: On a 1 to 10 scale, probably a 7
  • Pros: Good setting, loud music, variety in moves, including cardio and strength

ClassPass “Fall into Fitness” party

Because I was there to support ClassPass during it’s fall party, I walked out of class to hear pumping music and see crowds of sweaty people in the main studio lobby, who had all just taken other classes. Although there was a loud DJ and plenty of wine designed to keep the party running all night, I was actually pretty tired post-class and didn’t stay long, outside of a quick chat with Vanessa and picking up my swag bag. But first of course, I had to try the new Passion Fruit flavor of Zico coconut water, and it was quite tasty. I usually prefer the plain flavor, but this one was good.

Zico at ClassPass eventThanks to Zico, one of the event sponsors, for all the hydration.

There were definitely more people than I expected at the event, and it was a little bit overwhelming to move around. I’d imagine ClassPass wanted to use the chance to thank all of its members, so the more the merrier. And with a facility as big as Studiomix, they might as well have filled up all the rooms they could. Speaking of Studiomix, if you’re a Bay Area resident looking for a place to take classes, I’d check it out. I’m definitely interested in seeing what else is on the hefty schedule, because I want to explore all the other rooms.

ClassPass eventHow much do you love the ClassPass name in lights? Such a good touch!

Before I left, I said my goodbyes to the ClassPass folks, zipped up my hoodie and hoofed it home. I walked in my door just after 8 p.m., and didn’t even open the bag of goodies until the next morning. It was pretty good and had a few of the same items I received at the ClassPass launch party. I’m most excited about the $20 Uber credit, because I know I’ll use that one soon, perhaps on my way to the airport on Friday morning.

ClassPass swagClassPass tank, socks, face mask, deodorant KIND bar, various coupons and a tote.

Those socks? They look pretty cushy. That KIND bar? That will be stashed in my bag on my trip this weekend.

There you have it, another successful ClassPass experience in the books. I’m so glad I’ve been introduced to the service and they keep inviting me to try classes and attend events. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

And now, I’m off to teach a double-header of my own group fitness classes. Have a great evening!

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Questions of the day

Have you ever done a TRX class? What’s your favorite non-water beverage? Are you a coconut water fan?

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A look at what I really eat in a day

Happy Wednesday! I can’t believe it’s the middle of the week. I’m leaving on Friday morning to head back to Florida for a quick trip to see my family and attend an engagement party, and the days have been flying by.

Lately, it seems like I have something every single night — either I’m teaching a class, taking a class or going to an event — and that’s on the weekdays, weekends, you name it. Speaking of classes and an event, last night I took a TRX class at an incredible San Francisco studio as part of the ClassPass “Fall into Fitness” party, and I’ll talk more about that soon. But now …

“What I Ate” recap time

Today, I’m sharing with you all of my eats from Monday. Now this was a usual Monday, in which I worked from home, went to audition to teach classes at a new gym and taught a BODYATTACK class at 24 Hour Fitness.

While I don’t always report on everything little thing that Dave and I do on the weekends (although if you follow me on Instagram, you get a much better recap of all the fun that happens in San Francisco!), but suffice it to say, with Dave’s birthday last week and social outings four nights-in-a-row, we did our fair share of eating and drinking. We even went out to a big Italian meal on Sunday night with some of Dave’s coworkers in the ‘burbs, which is a rarity for us. Based on that, I couldn’t wait to wake up on Monday and dive into a healthy breakfast for a day of normal eating. Here’s how it all went down …

Breakfast at 8 a.m.

Breakfast 10.20.14Overnight oats, green tea and a green shake.

Yes, that’s right, a late breakfast. I slept past 7 a.m. on Monday, which is not a normal thing for me. As soon as I woke up, I pulled out some overnight oats, made some hot green tea and even shook up a Healthy Skoop Superfoods A-Game drink, which is part of a package the lovely folks at Healthy Skoop sent me to review. This mega dose of vitamins and nutrients set me straight for the day.

Lunch at noon

Lunch 10.20.14Baked sweet potato topped with almond butter, two fried eggs and an iced tea.

Because I was heading out across town to audition for a new gym (more to come on that soon, as I’ve started to add more classes to my weekly routine), I ate lunch earlier than normal and was able to skip my mid-morning snack. Yes, this is an incredibly strange lunch, but I liked it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the tea though. I guess I’ve never really liked iced tea, but had one in the fridge, so I went for it. You may not want to know this, but when eating this meal, I mixed everything together. Yes, it was weird. Yes, it was oh-so-good.

Afternoon snack at 4 p.m.

Snack 10.20.14Cottage cheese, topped with a chopped-up gala apple and some raw cashew, raisin and almond trail mix.

In the spirit of mixing foods, I ate a parfait. And I had to make sure I ate this hearty snack right around 4 p.m., so I had enough time to fully digest it before teaching a one-hour Les Mills BODYATTACK class that night. This mixture is one of my go-to snacks, which is an incredibly delicious concoction and is also on the weird side.

Hydration for during and after class at 5:30 p.m.

Drinks 10.20.14From left to right: water, a vanilla protein shake and of course, coconut water.

I can’t really get through an hour of teaching BODYATTACK with plain water. I always bring along coconut water for some extra electrolytes, and I always look forward to chugging my protein shake after class. All of these bottles get stuffed into my heavy backpack for the walk to the gym. And you can bet that same backpack is light as a feather on the walk home.

Dinner at 8:30 p.m.

Dinner 10.20.14Baked mahi mahi, covered in peach salsa, on a bed of brown rice with black beans on the side.

My main man, Dave, did the cooking on Monday night while I used the foam roller  and responded to blog emails. This is a meal we’ve had many times before, which is so tasty, easy and healthy. Check out the details on how to make it in this recipe post: an easy fish dish. Oh, and he was in charge of styling the plate knowing that I would probably take a photo. How did he do?

After we finished up eating, and because I’m super classy, I also took a few swigs of cold almond milk straight from the carton before doing the dishes. He cooks, I clean, and vice versa. That was it. We watched the last episode of Weeds from season three (our current Netflix series obsession), and went to bed just after 10 p.m.

Alright friends, I’ll be checking back in later with some more fun posts. Hope you have a great Wednesday!

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