A day in the life from last week

Hi, my friends! How are you? Yes, it’s true. I have a day-in-the-life post coming at you. Without a doubt, this type of post, as well as “What I Ate Wednesday” posts, are the most requested posts. And even though I love to serve you, I don’t love doing these types of posts, so you don’t see them that often. But here I am doing one for you, and I hope you like it. This is from Thursday of last week. And as usual, we’re getting into specifics. Ready for it? Here we go …

A day in the life from last week

A day in the life from last week by A Lady Goes West


6:30 a.m. I woke up on my own, rolled over to check the time on my phone, only to see that I was up about 15 minutes before my alarm. I snuggled Rudy and laid there for a minute. Then I hopped up, went to the bathroom, scraped my tongue (a morning essential, using these tongue scrapers), took out my night-guard (I’m pretty cool), then grabbed my noise-canceling headphones and an essential oil and got back in bed, propped up in a sitting position to do my morning meditation. I’m currently using the Headspace app, and I did a 5-minute guided meditation, using some NOW essential oils as a little aromatherapy addition. I can’t believe I’ve been meditating regularly for more than three years, after having wanted to get started for so long.

6:45 a.m. I got up and headed downstairs with Rudy. I filled up my water and chugged some (I try to drink a good amount of water first thing every day, before consuming anything else), dropped my computer on the coffee table and went to the kitchen to do some things. I had already set out all my fixings for my morning collagen tea latte the night before. And in the kitchen, I found Dave making Brady’s lunch for school. He was well into making a sunflower-seed-jelly sandwich (Brady’s school is nut-free, so we can’t use our usual peanut or almond butter), so I washed up some grapes and grabbed some crackers to put in the lunch too. Then, I turned on my tea-kettle and began the tea-making process. And I also headed back upstairs to make my bed. I make my bed every morning, and I always have.

After class time on day in the life breakfast by A Lady Goes West

7:15 a.m. Dave got Brady up and dressed during all of this (I had set out his school outfit the night before), and I met Brady on the couch around this time. While he watched a show, I did a little work on the computer and sipped on my tea. Brady sipped on his warmed-up milk next to me, because even at almost four-years-old, the little dude still loves him some warmed-up organic whole milk. And he gets it three times a day, because it’s good protein for him.

Day in the life breakfast by A Lady Goes West

7:45 a.m. I made breakfast for Brady and for me, and we ate the same thing at the table, which was a protein waffle with almond butter and fruit on top (added some Brazil nuts to mine). It takes Brady a long time to eat his breakfast (and he requires some assistance and nudging). Once I was done eating mine, I called Dave in to sit with Brady and help him finish his breakfast. Then, I went upstairs to get into my workout outfit, pack my change of clothes, fix my hair, put on a smidge of makeup (yes, I wear makeup when I teach classes, and I’m very happy to do it). And during this time, Dave was putting the finishing touches on getting Brady ready for school. As I mentioned, I laid out his outfit the night before and packed his things, so we have as much prep done as possible. Dave brushed his teeth, made sure he went to the bathroom and put on his sunscreen. We use this sunscreen on Brady, and he wears it every day, even if it’s cloudy.

School time on day in the life breakfast by A Lady Goes West

8:40 a.m. And we’re ready to roll. After a quick picture in front of a tree by our garage, Brady and I headed off, so I could drop him at school, then go to the gym to teach my class. He talked the whole ride to school and sang along with various songs on the radio, which always makes me laugh. And I let him get out of his carseat in the carpool line, which he loves, so he could sit next to me while we waited for his turn. (And we are at a full stop in a parking lot for this, so it’s very safe.)

Dropoff time on day in the life breakfast by A Lady Goes West

9 a.m. School drop! I watched my little man head off into the building, and it always melts my heart. He immediately started telling a story to the teacher who came to the car to retrieve him and walk him in. Today, he told her that he’s a dragon, because he’s always something new. Good stuff.

9:20 a.m. Stopped to put some gas in the car, then arrived at gym! I got to the gym, and I parked in the far parking lot, as employees are supposed to. I checked my phone, took a deep breath, collected my things and headed in.

9:30 a.m. I always get to the studio 30 minutes before I teach a class. And this gives me time to go to the bathroom, get fully set up, put on some background music and be totally prepared for my first arriving member. There are usually a few students who get there really early, and I want to be fully ready before they come into the room. This day, I had some people arrive even as I was setting up, but that was okay. I love an early birdie.

10 a.m. Class begins! This day, I taught a 45-minute Shred class, which is a combination of strength circuits with short cardio bursts. I had just created a brand new playlist and class program for this week, so I was a tid bit nervous about getting it right. It went great (other than the fact that I kept stumbling over my words, which doesn’t happen to me often, but it happened this day), and I loved to see all of my members working so hard. Once the class was over, I cleaned up the room and talked to a fellow instructor for a while. Then I headed downstairs to the locker room to get showered up. 

Watch stats by A Lady Goes West

Class time on day in the life breakfast by A Lady Goes West

(I’m wearing this top, these leggings, these shoes and this microphone belt.)

11:15 a.m. Showered and changed in the locker room! I love this perk of my nice gym, and I use it most times I visit now. I used to sit in my sweaty clothes all day, but once I realized it feels way better to shower and change, I do it. And now, it’s always my goal to get clean after my workout before I carry on with my day.

11:30 a.m. Once I finished getting cleaned up, I grabbed all of my many bags and headed to the Life Time Cafe to set up and work. I opened up my computer, answered some emails, checked all my notifications and then did some work for Beautycounter and the blog. I almost always work at Life Time after I teach, whether Brady is in the kid-care or at school. It’s quiet. The WiFi is fast. And I always have things that need working on. Luckily, because I spent the last two weeks working a lot on new music and moves for my classes, I didn’t have to focus on any class prep on this day, and I had a little break from it. I LOVE teaching my classes, but over the last four months, I’ve been spending so much time on class creation, and it’s nice to have a moment where I don’t need to do it.

Work time on day in the life breakfast by A Lady Goes West


12:30 p.m. Off I go to school pick-up. The car line for pick-up gets a little long, so I like to be there on the early side. And once again, it melts my heart when I see my little man appear in the doorway being walked to the car. The teacher put him in the car, then we drove forward to the “buckling area” to get him situated.

12:45 p.m. Grabbed him! Before we drove home, I checked out his lunchbox to see how much he ate. He did an okay job with his lunch, but still had a little bit of his sandwich left. On the way home, he told me about his day. Apparently they learned about the letter “b” and he showed me his “bbb” sounds.

1 p.m. Lunchtime! Although Brady brings his lunch to school, he still sits with me after school and eats a little bit more food, as I eat lunch. For me, I made a quick frozen Trader Joe’s veggie/tofu bowl in the microwave, then added an egg, some Ithaca hummus and some kale crackers. It was ready in six minutes, full of 20 grams of protein and quite tasty. I also gave Brady some extra fruit and fed him the remnants of his sandwich from his lunchbox, because I don’t like to waste food. After lunch, I had a date for dessert and got the kitchen cleaned up.

Lunch time on day in the life breakfast by A Lady Goes West

2 p.m. Nap time! I warmed up some more milk for Brady, took him to the potty and put him in some comfortable pajama bottoms (with his school shirt). Then I read him a story and dropped him in his bed. Amazingly, on this day, he fell right asleep and took a full nap without getting out to find me, which has been happening a lot lately. Thank goodness.

2:15 p.m. Work time! Brady’s nap-time has been my work time since he was a tiny baby. I don’t run errands, I don’t do chores. I don’t play. I don’t work out. I work. And on this day, I sat at my desk and did some Beautycounter work and blog work, and I even worked on this very post. I love my quiet work time. Over the almost four years of being a mom, I’ve learned to work in tiny blocks and to use those blocks to their full potential. No dawdling. This day was pretty productive.

4 p.m. Playtime! He’s up. I usually get Brady up at 4 p.m., and he was just waking up on his own when I went into his room. So I got him changed into his bathing suit (for an activity later), and we went into the playroom to play with legos and have a snack. I know I’ve said this before, but as much as I love Brady more than life itself, I don’t love playing. On this day, I did my best to build legos with him and enjoy spending time together chatting, but I was already ready for us to hit the road on to our next activity and get away from the toys. And by the way, I’ve talked to other moms who feel this way about playing, so I’m not going to apologize for it. #RealTalk

Snack time on day in the life breakfast by A Lady Goes West


5 p.m. Back to the gym! Brady and I left for the gym, because he had swim lessons. I never go to the gym more than once a day any more (even though that was a common activity for me back in California before the world changed). We used to do his swim lessons on Monday mornings after I taught a class, but now that he’s in school, we switched to the afternoon on Thursdays. We got to the gym a little early, so Brady could play in the kiddie pool before his lesson, and I took my shoes off and waded in the water with him.

5:45 p.m. Swim lessons! I try not to stare too much during his 30-minute lesson, but I mostly keep my eyes on him as he works with his swim teacher and waits his turn. He is in group lessons, but there’s usually only one other kiddo with him. He made a tiny bit of progress during this lesson, but overall, he’s still a very timid swimmer. Sweet guy though. Admittedly, he has started his swimming journey late, because we never worried about it in California, because he wasn’t around pools.

Swimmer on day in the life breakfast by A Lady Goes West

After swim on day in the life breakfast by A Lady Goes West

6:20 p.m. Time to head for home! I changed Brady into some dry clothes and we headed home, and we called Dave and my mom on the way home to report back on Brady’s lessons.

7 p.m. Family dinner! While we were at swimming, Dave got dinner ready. Brady had avocado, mini veggie bites and chicken nuggets. Dave and I had chicken apple sausages (I had just gone to Trader Joe’s the day before to stock up and picked up a few things we don’t normally get like chicken apple sausages), avocado and a mixed frozen veggie bag called “Caribbean blend” that I always buy at Whole Foods. We got a new grill about a month ago, so we’re trying to have a grilled item once a week, and that’s where the chicken apple sausages came in. I don’t normally eat meat at home, but it’s always good to switch it up. We sat at the kitchen table and dined together. We talked about our day and what was coming up the next day.

7:30 p.m. I cleaned up dinner and took a shower, while Dave put Brady in the bath and got him mostly ready for bed. After my shower, I put on my skincare, and tonight was an Overnight Resurfacing Peel night, which I do three times a week, followed by my Countertime Supreme Cream, which is so luxurious. Then, I went in to read Brady’s stories to him. 

Beautycounter peel by A Lady Goes West

8 p.m. Once Brady was in his bed, I went to the couch and posted to Instagram and did a little engaging on there. I’m not in love with Instagram like I used to be. It’s changed so much, and as a content creator, your content is shown to so little of your audience, it can be very frustrating. But, I still post here and there, because I like to connect with you guys. Here’s the post I put up, and that was that.

8:30 p.m. Dave and I watched an episode of “Shark Tank” and vegged on the couch.

9:30 p.m. Bedtime! This was an early bedtime. We normally get in bed at 10 p.m. on weeknights, but Dave was tired this week still from his overseas trip the week before, and I can always be convinced to go to bed earlier. I read my book for a bit, before turning the lights out. Right now, I’m reading “Eat Smarter” by Shawn Stevenson, and I’m just getting into it, but I can tell it’s going to be super powerful.

Eat Smarter book by A Lady Goes West

10 p.m. Asleep! I fell asleep just before 10 p.m. and had a good night’s sleep. There are always a million more things I could get done at night or more shows I could watch, but I know myself, and I know I need my sleep — so a 10 p.m. lights out works for me. 

Overall, it was not the most exciting full day, but it was a pretty routine one. I feel like our days go by really quickly, and they are rushed in just the right amount — not too much activity, not too little — and that’s how we like it.

That concludes the day! Thank you so much for reading this day-in-the-life post. I hope you enjoyed it. And I hope you have a great week. Take care, my friends! 🙂 xoxo

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  1. I loved this post! I’m sorry to hear that they are not the most fun for you to write, but it was very enjoyable to get a glimpse into one of your days so thank you for sharing.

    I LOVE Shark Tank. I watch it nearly every night and I never get sick of it.

    Happy Tuesday, friend. Xoxo

    1. Hi Courtney! eheheh thank you for enjoying the post. I like more free-form writing, and so I feel like these hour-by-hour recaps are boring to prepare. But if you like to read them, that makes it worth it for me. I do love Shark Tank, and I also really like The Profit — but we haven’t watched that one in forever. Have you seen it? It’s fun to see business ideas. Hope you have a wonderful day, my friend! xoxox

  2. loved this post! and i appreciate what you said about playing. i have a 11 week old, and i love her so much. however, even this early, my husband is the playtime parent. i know she and i will have many activities we enjoy together, but you saying this encouraged me.

    1. Hi Laura! So weird, because I replied to your comment, and it disappeared. Anyhow, do NOT feel bad at all. Dave is the “playtime” parent mostly in our house too, and that’s totally fine with me. You can love your daughter so much and be there for her in many ways, even if you don’t like to play. I’m with you! Hope you are doing well, momma! 🙂

  3. I do love reading these type of posts – thanks for doing one! I wake up at 6.15am usually with an alarm unless my bladder wake me up first heheh

    1. Oh that happens to me too, Iona! I always have to get up to pee in the night too — not fun, but the perks of being a hydrated gal hahah! 🙂 Have a great week, my friend!

  4. This post resonated with me! First off, love the Day in the Life… You got all your priorities straight and it’s refreshing to see such an admirable woman succeed in multiple facets of life! Keep going, girl!
    Also, LOVE Shark Tank.
    But, most of all….. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you admitted to not enjoying playtime with Brady! I have two children, boy and girl ages 7 and 5 and am the WORST playtime Mom. I always feel guilty, especially since my husband is so great at this. On the other hand, I try to show affection and love in other ways by writing little notes in the kids’ lunchboxes, packing them their favorite food items, making homecooked healthy meals with special touches, and many other positive reinforcements. I try to make up for the fact that I am not the best at playtime….. HAHA

    1. Hi Alaina! Thank you so much for reading this post and for your sweet comment! Never worry about not being a fun mom, because I bet your kids don’t care or even notice — they love you just the same. It sounds like you do some very special things for them, and that’s very telling of what a great mom you are. Hopefully they can play with each other too hehe! Have a great day, my friend! xoxox

  5. You are the best mom for Brady.

    What a fun post to read. I’m envious that Dave is able to help so much (like without you prompting him-what a gift after all his travel days) and that you wake up naturally. Our kids are up by 6a & getting out of bed is a struggle.

    Packing school lunches & having them come home partially eaten is hard for me. I never know what’ll be enjoyed ha!

    1. Hi India! Thank you so much for reading this post and saying this. And yes, Dave is a huge help — he missed a lot during the first three years of Brady’s life while we were in California and he was away working nights and weekends — so he tries to take advantage of working from home right now and pitching in a lot. We’re very lucky for our current situation with him around! Also, sorry about your sleep heheh — sometimes Brady wakes us up early as of late too, and I’m not a fan of that. I get it! Sleep is so essential. Hope you have a wonderful day, momma! 🙂

  6. I loved the glimpse into your day to day life. Im amazed by how much Brady sleeps lol. I have an almost 4 year old who doesn’t nap anymore and goes to bed at 7:30 but is always up at like 5:30/5:45 am 😭

    1. Hi Kerri! Funny how all kids are so different! I’m so glad Brady sleeps a lot still, but we have our other struggles with him, of course. More about that soon. Thank you so much for reading and saying hi! Sorry about those early wake-ups hehe! 🙂

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