A hero (me)

How many people have said this sentiment to me recently?

“Wow, it’s very selfless of you to move across the country for your husband.”

While this Lady would like to consider herself a giver, I have a lot of faith and hope in this move for myself as well.

I’ve always wanted to live in a big city.  One of my quasi-regrets in life is not ever doing some time in Manhattan and getting the experience of a true metropolis.  I’ve always wanted the chance to pursue something a little bit different than the norm — particularly when it comes to professional endeavors, which is a topic we’ll likely cover in detail on this blog.

Currently, I am going after corporate communications and public relations roles in our new place of residence, both of which I am extremely qualified for.  Yet, my heart is hoping that I can land one of two gigs only available in San Francisco:

  1. Editorial writer … columnist, magazine editor or pop culture website extraordinaire.  I’m a newshound, and I’m an opinionated person who happens to write … if only someone wanted to pay me for that … 🙂
  2. Les Mills tribe member – full time … I am a born motivator and coach, and I live and breathe Les Mills group fitness classes and principles.  I’d like to pair my teaching, add on to it, and throw in a marketing and writing focus all devoted to growing the Les Mills brand at the West Coast Les Mills office, which just so happens to be situated steps from our apartment.

San Francisco is the place to be for both of the above professional pursuits.  That along with the nice weather, cosmopolitan atmosphere and close proximity to amazing travel destinations are just a few of the reasons why this Lady jumped onboard the “cross-country-move-bandwagon.”

While I appreciate the compliment from both friends and family as they thanked me for supporting my husband in his career growth, I’d like to make it clear that we will share in the joy of big-city living together, and I’m going to make it a great move for me too.

A hero?  Perhaps … but I think we’re in it together.

Goodbye Orlando
We’re in it together. Goodbye Orlando.
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