A little fresh air goes a long way

Sometimes you just need a little fresh air.

A little advice to anyone new to a town … get out there and walk around.

Yesterday I ventured out for my first morning stroll around the neighborhood after arriving into San Francisco late the night before.  I was blown away by the amount of people out and about, and I was blown away by the hustle and bustle.

Yet, these were not the fast-paced streets of New York City.  There was more color.   Less speed.  People were moving along in pods, some in dark navy suits, some in techie-chic casual get-ups and others in workout gear.  And, people were walking a bit slower, likely because they were engaged in conversation.

I’ve been told that everyone has an entrepreneurial idea when you live in San Francisco, and everyone is ready to brainstorm with you about the next big thing.  While I don’t know if that is what people were talking about yesterday as I walked around, it was clear that there were words flowing.   I myself was chatting away on the phone (side note: which is a good cover-up for the fact that I don’t in fact have a single friend in the city to walk around with and share ideas anyway), but also watching intently.

Having woken up on my first morning in the new and empty apartment, struggling with some Internet connectivity issues (vendor will remain nameless unless the problem returns), I decided a little dose of the city may be the best medicine.  And, it was.

Moments of discovery.  Even during a short walk around, I was exposed to a city life I’ve never known before and it reminded me that this is in fact an adventure soon to unfold.

Fresh air certainly helps, but alas, one must always come back home.  A fine, new home office is developing on the window stoop.

Home Office
Our new home office.


  1. We DEFINITELY need to get out more often. I read somewhere about “20-20” rule for going outside if you work indoors & in front of a computer.

    That’s going outdside for 20 mins, looking at least 20 ft into the distance. After having suffered eye fatigue and strain, I can say it works. But you need more than just 5 mins for a break – you have to give your body time to enjoy the fresh air and let your eyes and mind relax back to normal.

      1. Hey Ashley, yes I’ve learned the hard way about eye fatigue after working indoors in front of a PC all day then going out and not being “myself” and not feeling normal for quite a while afterwards.

        So I found out about that and it helps a lot to prevent that!

        Have a good day!

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