A park day is a good day

It’s really a simple afternoon.

Pack some snacks and a blanket, and head to the park.

Since we’ve lived in San Francisco, I’ve been eager to have a park day.  While we’ve visited several state parks, hiked the coastline as well as the forest, and even biked over the Golden Gate Bridge, we had not had a true park day until this past weekend.

Sunday ushered in 40-degree weather and sunny skies.  Although a bit chilly in the wind, it was perfect for the afternoon lounging on a grassy spread, taking in the great outdoors.  No activities necessary.  Just lounging.

Armed with the contents of our Harry & David gift basket my Mom sent us for Valentine’s Day, we marched nearly two miles through the city streets and ended up at Fort Mason Park, located near the water.

There were groups of people playing bocce ball, plenty of friendly dogs running around, individuals napping and families spending quality time.  It was an excellent scene to people watch and take in a true San Francisco park experience.

Dave and I set out our monogrammed picnic blanket, dug into our snacks, drank some Pinot Noir and truly appreciated our surroundings.

In the past, I’ve seen people laying in the grass on a sunny day in the park and remarked on how peaceful it looks.  That’s exactly what we experienced.  Not only could we see the mountains, the city skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean, but we had no agenda other than hanging out.

Dave was able to nod off a bit for a nap, but I stayed awake and read some magazines, in addition to staring at others through my big sunglasses.

Once the temperatures dropped around 4 p.m. we hit the road, and made a pit-stop at Ghirardelli Square to check out the Ghirardelli Shop.  The original Ghirardelli factory was once located there, but has since left San Francisco for the East Bay, and all that remains is a few machines.  While the Square itself is known as a big tourist attraction, honestly I was expecting more free chocolate than the one square we received upon entrance.

But other than that … a park day is a good day.

Fort Mason
Blue skies, great views and people watching galore.
Fort Mason
No rules on park day means sampling the product before serving.
Why yes that is real milk chocolate moving through the machine.
Why yes that is real milk chocolate moving through the machine.

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