A real weekly grocery shopping list

I hate grocery shopping in San Francisco, so much so, that I’ve even written about why I hate it before. Don’t get me wrong, I like to shop, and I like to look at food, but here in the City, it’s not always a treat to get your weekly food and sustenance in busy little stores with terrible parking, then lug those bags up several flights of stairs. However, a few months ago, Dave and I discovered something that made our lives a lot easier, and we started ordering our groceries online via the Instacart delivery service. It’s been a great change for us to choose what we need to get each week from the comfort of our little apartment and have it all brought to our doorstep a few hours later. But today, I’m not going to solely talk about how we get our groceries, instead, I thought it would be fun to share what we buy.

Here’s a look at what we get …

A real grocery shopping listOur most recent grocery delivery from Saturday morning, which I set out and displayed on the counter just for this photo opp knowing I may write this post.

This spread of groceries includes the contents of two huge bags, all of which was then shoved into our three-quarter-size fridge, freezer and small cabinets. And as I always do once everything was put away, I took a step back and admired the full fridge, because it doesn’t last long. Lots of food consumption going on over here, which you can learn all about in my “What I Ate Wednesday” posts.

Now, here’s a breakdown of what we get and when, and you’ll see I’ve even noted when I go for the organic choice, which isn’t for everything. Although I’d like to buy everything organic, it’s a little bit pricey to do so.

A real grocery shopping list via A Lady Goes West

I know some people like to pop into the grocery store on a daily basis to get what they need for a meal, but not me. I like to plan ahead so I’ve always got enough to last for the week. And here are some more details on the whole grocery thing …

When do you get your groceries?

I usually order our groceries for delivery on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning from Safeway via the Instacart service (Safeway has become our supermarket of choice, although both Dave and I greatly miss Publix, which we loved shopping at in Florida). Then, we will usually stop by Trader Joe’s every other week on Sundays to pick up a couple of additional items, which are mostly Trader Joe’s exclusives. However, it’s always busy at TJ’s. Last Sunday, we waited in a line about 10 people deep just to pick up a few things.

How much is your weekly grocery bill?

Our weekly grocery shopping bill for two is usually around $165. While that may seem high, keep in mind that everything costs a little bit more in San Francisco, and some of our grocery items are marked up because we use a delivery service. But this also covers many of our meals for the week.

Do you make all of your food?

I make, prepare and eat almost all of my meals at home during the week, however Dave eats lunch out every single weekday and brings his breakfast with him. We try to eat dinner together at home Sunday through Thursday and almost always eat out on Friday and Saturday nights. Now that we’re into basketball season, Dave will be gone a lot more on the weeknights (he works for the Golden State Warriors), so I’ll be fending for myself and making more meals-for-one for dinner. 

Do you share all of the groceries that you buy?

There are quite a few items on the weekly shopping list that are just for me or are just for Dave. For example, he wouldn’t touch cottage cheese with a ten-foot pole, and I don’t ever eat the garlic toast when we have pasta. Clearly, the regular peanut butter is for him, and the almond butter is for me. But mostly, we try to share food and meals as much as we can both stomach (see what I did there?), sometimes making concessions for each other. (If it were up to me, we’d use low-carb tortillas for our Sunday taco night, but Dave will have nothing of the sort, so corn or wheat it is.)

I’m pretty happy with our grocery system as it stands today. Sometimes we get into a little food rut and have to spruce up the dinner selections, but most of the time we’re all good.

Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my (our) food purchases. I’d love to hear more about how you do it in your home or apartment, so share away in the comments.

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Now, I’m heading off for the day. I’ve got a blogging event tonight and will be back in the morning with some “Friday Favorites.” Have a great Thursday! 

Questions of the day

How often do you go grocery shopping? Do you use a list? What’s the best food item you’ve bought lately?

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  1. I can’t get Scott to make the switch from peanut butter to almond butter, but I did just get him to switch to natural…baby steps, right? I feel like my weekly grocery bill seems high too, but we hardly ever eat out, so I think it’s justifiable!

    1. Natural PB is definitely a good step for Scott. Dave likes the honey-flavored worse kind!! And food is expensive, but it’s super important, so I don’t stress over the grocery bill too much. Happy Thursday!

  2. What do you use your chia seeds for? I tried some in my Shakeology and didn’t really like it too much.

    1. Hi Courtney! Chia seeds are tricky. I use them in my overnight oats, every single night, or I throw them on top of yogurt. I haven’t used them in smoothies, because you really need to down them with food I think. Some people like them in smoothies, but they can upset your stomach if you’re not used to them — I believe they expand once you eat them. Chia seeds have a lot of healthy Omega3s and fiber, so throw them on top of a yogurt in the future and see if that helps. 🙂

  3. I love this – you’re so nice and organized! 🙂 I totally feel you on the every week vs. every other week thing. There are certain things I need every week like produce and milk/yogurt, and some things that tend to last a little longer. It’s nice when I can sneak a “cheaper” shopping trip in there. 😉 Glad Instacart is working out for you!

    1. Hi Emily! Yes, organization is key. The cool thing about ordering groceries too, is you can always pull items from your recent orders list, which makes it even easier. And I love a smaller shopping trip, but that doesn’t happen all that much. Food is important, so it’s worth the spend! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day!!

  4. That grocery delivery service sounds fantastic! I would totally take advantage of something like that if I lived in a big city. I’ve been meaning to do a grocery haul for a while… mine is very similar to yours! Fun post 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yes, ordering groceries is nice and convenient. I get panicky if there isn’t enough food in the house, so we try to stay well stocked. 🙂 Have a great Thursday!

  5. We probably spend the same amount on groceries per week but luckily I can walk to the grocery store and there’s no hauling it all up stairs. These granny pushcart things are really popular in France even for younger people, so I caved and got one so I could wheel my groceries home in style. The farmers market culture in France is also a big deal as well as specific stores for specific things. Some people get everything at the grocery store but it’s very common to go to the butcher for meat, the cheese shop for cheese, the bakery for your baguette, etc. Gets overwhelming sometimes. Wish there was a delivery service here! I’d totally sign up just to avoid impulse purchases while walking the aisles.

    1. Hi Diane! Even though I know meat from the butcher is supposed to be amazing, I just don’t think I could handle going to all those different places. And yes, I’d get a little cart too if I could, but these hills would make it tough. Love hearing about how life is in France!! Keep it coming:)

  6. I always feel like I spend a lot on groceries too! We only eat out once a week on average, I make all my other meals, and I try my best to eat a very well balanced diet with practically no processed foods- so that makes spending more ok in my book. More money spent on food now —> less spent on health care later, at least I hope.

  7. I can’t imagine lugging groceries up flights of stairs. I normally do a trader joes run and a regular grocery store run I love ordering baking staples online. I’m usually around 100 a week in groceries all by myself for 165 sounds great. I eat almost every meal at home though so I don’t think it’s too bad. I have a bad habit of buying staples because they are on sale but I have started making lists and that seems to help. I’m sure if I used online Id be mych better at planning meals. Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. I don’t even know what our grocery bill is weekly. The Guy gets fed his 3 meals a day at work, and ocassionally we’ll need to stock up on food (for me!) at home. I’m going to guess about $50-$75 week for us.

  9. This reminded me so much of when I lived in Atlanta. Going grocery shopping (especially at Trader Joe’s) was THE WORST. Everyone keeps telling me to avoid TJ’s “in season” in Naples…but I think people’s view of “busy” here is a little skewed.

  10. Good post! It has been on my list to write up something similar. My best recent discovery is ordering products on Amazon. It makes life easier when you can get a product delivered. Doesn’t work for everything of course, but it cuts down on my food shops!

  11. I’m ALWAYS hungry, so I can’t go shopping without a list. Either I’ll buy everything in sight or I’ll be too hangry to make any decisions. Our shopping trip usually includes three stores (at least!): The produce market, the major grocery store (Whole Foods, Safeway), and Trader Joe’s….sometimes the fish market or the Asian supermarket too. I love seeing the insight into your shopping trip! I’ve never used the instacart service, but it sounds like it’d be nice to cut one store out of the trip!

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