A sure thing

There is certainly quite a bit to be scared of when planning to move across the country.

I’m worried about finding a job.  I’m worried about finding my way around.  I’m worried about getting comfortable in an empty, new and small apartment.  I’m worried about being homesick.  I’m worried about getting hired by a new gym that I like.  I’m worried about finding a tenant for our Orlando condo.  I’m worried about the price of flights.  I’m worried about finding a good grocery store (no more Publix!).  I’m worried about a lot of things.

I’m not worried about losing touch with friends.

Maybe it is naïve, but I’ve got a pretty strong feeling on this one.

While there are so many unknowns when you start over, for me, there’s one thing I can cross off my worry list: Staying in touch with my closest people.

My lifelong group of friends is scattered throughout the state of Florida.  That means we’re not “get-together-everyday-for-lunch” gals, but we’re still very close.  Although I’m sure to miss some tailgating and spur-of-the-moment short-weekend visits, I’ll never miss the big stuff, and I’ll certainly never lose contact.  Picked up through elementary school, middle school, high school and college, I’ve had the same best friends for nearly my entire life — five of which stood by me as bridesmaids in my wedding over Memorial Day weekend.  The time zone difference may make our usual after work call sessions a little difficult (not to mention mine won’t be made while driving home in my car any longer!), but we’ll find another time.  Distance has never been a deterrent for us as we’ve grown up.

I’ve shed some worried tears throughout the past few weeks preparing for this big move.  But those tears weren’t to mourn the loss of friends and family.  I will miss knowing that those faces I love so much are just a drive away, but I also know that those faces are forever just a phone call away.

(Side note: For some reason I have an unfortunate face for Webcams and iPhone cameras, but if they’re willing to forge ahead with me in that form of communication as well, we’ll be golden.)

So, to my friends already looking at flights to see this Lady out west … let’s save our tears on this one!   You’re not getting rid of me just yet.  And, please bookmark my blog.  🙂

The Profiles of Champions.
The Profiles of Champions. May 26, 2012.


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