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Thank you so much for visiting! I’m Ashley, and A Lady Goes West is a wellness and lifestyle blog about living a great life with no extremes.

My move from Florida to California several years ago is what inspired me to start this blog, which now covers my adventures in fitness, wellness and fun in Charlotte, North Carolina (I recently moved back east). You can also find me over on Instagram.

I’m a NASM certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, certified Precision Nutrition coach and writer, who worked much of my professional life in corporate communications, public relations and copywriting before landing where I am today.

You can read more about what I’ve been working on over on my Press page.


On A Lady Goes West, you’ll find real wellness tips with no extremes, quick workouts, pictures of healthy food, my weekly workout recaps, clean beauty routines and inspiration — to add a little more balance to your very busy life.

And because I’m a mom to a toddler boy, you’ll also see a lot of mom-hood and family stuff too.

You can find out more about my pregnancy and my path to getting pregnant too in my ebook, “Fit and Fertile,” which is all about how I healed my hormones.

Who is Ashley Pitt?

I’m just a mom, group fitness instructor and a lady who loves working out, food and fun.

In addition to blogging and being a mom, I teach group fitness classes at Life Time in Charlotte. I started my fitness career with Les Mills BODYPUMPBODYATTACK and CXWORX years ago, and I’ve written a lot about those programs over the years.

And you can learn more about my fitness journey and experience over on the Fitness page, which includes how I got into the industry and some workout tips.

I also partner with Beautycounter and am passionate about helping people choose safer skincare and makeup for their health. You can read more about that on my Clean beauty page.

While I lead a pretty healthy life, I always have room for cheesecake, and I’m always down for a glass of cold white wine (or two). Also, I have a handsome husband named Dave, a curly-haired toddler son named Brady and a little white maltipoo named Rudy, and they are the cutest!

What’s with the blog name?

The name of this blog came about because of that big move across the country. Shortly after getting married, Dave and I relocated from Orlando, Florida to San Francisco, California in the fall of 2012 for his job.

Having been born and raised in Florida, this move required me (us) to leave behind friends and family and all the comforts I’d (we’d) known for so long. But it also gave me a reason to start a blog, which is something I’d wanted to do for a couple of years, and now it has become my full-time job. You can read more about my journey to working for myself here.

What’s this blog about?

This blog is all about my life, but I also try to give you helpful information for yours. I’ll show you pictures of my food, tell you what I’ve been loving lately, offer short workout ideas, and I’ll always answer your comments and questions.

How can you join the fun?

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By the way, I’m so glad you’re here!


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