All work and no play

Dave and I will not be exploring the City on foot together today, as we have on most Saturdays since we’ve been here.

No, we didn’t get in a fight.

However, I am spending my entire weekend in the gym!

It’s been a long time coming, but this weekend I am attending my second Les Mills initial-training program to begin the process of certification for CXWORX, an intense 30-minute group fitness program focused on core conditioning.  I’ve been preparing all week, and my bag of extra clothes, food and equipment is packed by the door.  I’m soon to embark on two, nine-and-a-half-hour days of physical and mental challenges, and I can’t wait.

The great thing about living in San Francisco, the home of Les Mills West Coast, is that this training is just moments away at a 24 Hour Fitness in the Financial District, (the same one where I auditioned weeks ago) so I don’t have to commute or travel far – I just have to walk ten minutes.  That might not be the case for my fellow participants, who could have traveled far and wide to make it here today.

This initial training is just the beginning.  If I receive a passing score for my performance over the weekend during presentations and tests, then I can work toward shooting my official assessment video, filmed of me teaching a full class.

It was more than three-and-a-half years ago that I went through this process to become certified to teach BODYPUMP, and I recall that shooting my video and those first few times teaching on my own in front of a class was the hardest part of becoming certified.  But, I’m taking it one day at a time, and all I am worried about right now is peak performance today and tomorrow!

While I’m immersed in all things Les Mills core training over the next two days, Dave will be painting our City-apartment walls.

There won’t be any surprise run-ins at sketchy bars or park parties today.  This weekend is ALL WORK and NO PLAY!

The notes and the resistance tube for CXWORX.
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  1. Hey Ashley, I am here in my bed at 10:24pm strugling to sleep to teach my sppining class at 5:30am… I’m in trouble…. with this scenario I run into your Les Mills etc…. and I love to read all your experience with the certifications and tips to memorize the choreography and cueing…. I did CXWORX and my video assessment is due on the 20th of this month! I’m buying the extension because I’ve got stuck on the tracks. Last Saturday, I attended Strong by Zumba at the 24 Hour Fitness in San Francisco, the same you teach I believe 100 California st? Yes! I’m sore to my brain! And this following weekend I am doing the Les Mills Body Pump 105 in San Jose! Ouch!!!! I know…. I shouldn’t have done that to myself…. as you can see I’m overwhelmed …. anyways…. thanks for the tips on the tracks I will use some of them to see if I can deal with all of them better….
    Thr great part of it is that I am super excited to teach my first class soon! I currently teach Cycling and Les Mills Sprint as well Silver Sneakers at 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport in Redwood City.
    Would be awesome to chat with you sometime! ??

    1. Hi Nívea! Thanks for saying hi! That’s awesome you are a Les Mills instructor in the Bay Area. I actually don’t teach at the California Street gym any more because I live in the East Bay now and primarily teach at the Walnut Creek 24. And isn’t is funny that we get so excited about workouts that we do too many and overcommit to teaching and attending workshops? Good luck on your CXWORX video! Hope to cross your path one day. 🙂

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