Apps in a bar and straight hair

Greetings from SF.

Another weekend has come and gone, full of group fitness, dining out and a hair appointment.

Yesterday, I got my keratin hair treatment redone, which should take my frizz and curls down a notch for at least another couple of months, thank goodness.

Straight hair

This weekend’s main events took place on Saturday night.

Dave is in the midst of the busy basketball season, and with two games this weekend he was fairly MIA. Nonetheless, we had scheduled a hangout outside of our normal bubble and were looking forward to it all week.

Mexican in the Mission

When Saturday night arrived, we met up with two couples friends at Velvet Cantina in the Mission neighborhood. The Mission is the hipster ‘hood of SF, and the restaurant was dark and very cool. There was loud music, skinny jeans and seriously good people-watching.

At Velvet Cantina, we enjoyed margaritas, chips and salsa and various entrees during a nearly a two-hour dining experience. It was reasonably priced for a restaurant in the City, and I can definitely see us returning.

From there, our group walked to a bar called Latin American Club, where we ended up snagging a highly coveted table in the already crowded bar and partook in a game of Heads Up. Dave and I were introduced to this awesome iPhone app over New Years in Florida with Jess and Amanda and were excited to bring it to our friends in the City. It was a hit, and if you aren’t familiar, might I suggest you download it right away and be the hero of the next party you attend. It made for one of those nights where your cheeks hurt from laughing. Sure did.

Sunday rest day

As usual, I woke up today to take in a “rest day.”

Having taught six classes this week, complete with BODYPUMP on Friday night and BODYATTACK on Saturday morning, my body is always ready for a day void of all exercise on Sunday.

Although I would’ve been fine laying around and watching TV until Dave had to leave for the Warriors’ game, we ended up getting suited up and heading out. First, we went to the Apple store to scout for a new computer for me (as a lifetime PC user, I just may be purchasing a MacBook Air in the near future), and then we went to lunch.

For our midday dining pleasure, Dave and I selected the Nordstrom Cafe Bistro at the top of the Westfield Mall. I’ve dined at one of these cafes in Florida, but Dave and I had not been to the one in SF until today. It was huge and offered great views of the City, in which we could even see the very top of our building in the distance from the window right next to our table. Oh how I love tall, old buildings.

Nordstrom Bistro Cafe

I chose to feast on a delicious a Warm Asian Glazed salad, and Dave had a club sandwich that had green beans on it.

Nordstrom Bistro Cafe

The picture may not do it justice, but this was one delectable salad.

And the company was even better.

Nordstrom Bistro Cafe

After a nice lunch, Dave and I marched up the hill and he quickly had to get ready and head out to work to be the Oracle Arena early for a special event.

With that, our weekend was complete.

The month of March marks some big changes in the life of A Lady, so please check back soon …

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