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Have you tried Beautycounter makeup and skincare yet? I’m so proud to partner with Beautycounter to spread the word about safer and nontoxic beauty and skincare. 

And here’s why you should care about this too …

Believe it or not, everything we buy in the stores and put on our skin is not tested by the federal government to be safe. And once I realized this, my world was changed forever.

Beautycounter is a company with a mission to change the laws in the U.S. to get more strict regulations of the skincare industry, in addition to selling amazing, effective, cruelty-free and better-for-you products.

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To shop, visit my Beautycounter website here, where you can find makeup, face treatments, face washes, face lotions, haircare, body products and so much more.

My review of the Beautycounter Countertime skincare line by A Lady Goes West -- October 2019

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I absolutely love this mission, and maybe you are interested in it too.

If you want to earn money, while educating others about safer skincare and selling Beautycounter products, come join us! 

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And I’d love to have you on my team and work with you. 

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