Best gifts for guys for 2023 (Holiday gift guide for him)

It’s time for the best gifts for guys for 2023!

How’s your December going so far, friend? Mine is going well, and we kicked it off this past weekend with our first big Christmas party. It was a great chance to dress up and hang out with some of our friends. (Here’s a picture from the party.)

And today, we’re talking about gifts! I’ve mostly finished up my Christmas shopping and am feeling good about that, but I wanted to share some ideas for you for the guys in your life. Nearly all of these items are Dave approved.

By the way, I already shared a gift guide for her, in case you missed it.

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Best gifts for guys for 2023 (Holiday gift guide for him)

Best gifts for guys for 2023 (Holiday gift guide) by A Lady Goes West

Let’s get to the best gifts for guys for 2023 …

YETI commuter mug

If you have a guy in your life with a dusty old to-go coffee mug, help him upgrade this holiday season. YETI makes the very best insulated travel mugs and tumblers, and we have a few of them at home, one of which Dave likes the most. I love the ones with the handles, because they’re easier to carry, but you can also get the ones without. This particular 20-ounce travel mug is insulated, is dishwasher safe and can handle hot or cold liquids. And it’s manly. Shop the YETI commuter mug here

Yeti mug by A Lady Goes West

Sonos Roam portable speaker

You can get portable speakers from a number of brands, but the cool thing about purchasing a Sonos product is you can download the app and link your speakers throughout your house with it — which is an awesome thing to do. Dave is very into music and having background music playing, so he has outfitted our home with several connected Sonos speakers, and I benefit from the convenience of them too. My favorite speaker we have is the Sonos Roam, because we move it around the house, if we’re ever siting in one of the rooms without a bigger Sonos speaker. For a small speaker, it has really great sound quality too. It’s an excellent gift. Shop the Sonos Roam portable speaker here.

Sonos roam speaker by A Lady Goes West

Lululemon joggers

I’ve recommended these joggers as a gift for guys for like three years straight now. They are that good. I’ve bought Dave multiple pairs, I’ve bought my brother a pair, and I’ve had several girlfriends buy these joggers for their guys too — rave reviews from all giftees. These joggers are comfy (or so I’m told), they look great, and they last and last and last. The perfect casual men’s pant right here. Shop the Lululemon joggers here.

Lululemon joggers by A Lady Goes West

Crate and Barrel chunky cocktail glasses

I’ve put these Double Old Fashioned glasses on a gift guide before, because my mom got them for Dave six years ago, and these are still his favorite cocktail glasses. And he always uses these when we have guests too. This is the heaviest, chunkiest cocktail glass, and it just feels so good in your hand. These would make a solid gift. Shop the Crate and Barrel chunky cocktail glasses here.

Crate and Barrel cocktail glass by A Lady Goes West

Solo Stove bonfire fire pit

Such a good gift! This is something Dave suggested I put on a past gift guide, and this is also something that we have personal experience with. My brother has one of these, and we made s’mores on it when we went to visit him in Atlanta last year. It’s really cool. And it’s sleek, it makes a great fire and requires no gas or propane. It’s not cheap, but it’s a gift the whole family can enjoy. Shop the Solo Stove bonfire fire pit here.

Solo stove gift guide 2022 by A Lady Goes WestVuori tech polo

Dave and I have both really loved everything we’ve bought from Vuori Clothing over the last year. I’ve bought Dave two of this particular polo shirt, and he’s worn them a ton. They fit great, the price is right, and they come in multiple colors. Vuori makes good stuff for both men and women, and these simple polos are an affordable gift. Shop the Vuori tech polo here.

Vuori polo by A Lady Goes West

Classic white Nike sneakers

You can wear sneakers with pretty much anything these days, and a nice classic white Nike is a staple item in a guy’s shoe closet. Dave has become quite the sneaker-head, so he likes to receive various sneakers for gifts, and I may have bought him a pair this year. He likes to get lots of colors, but I think most guys would prefer a simple white color. Love these shoes, and I’d totally wear them for me too. Also, Nike runs a little small, so size up. Shop the classic white Nike sneakers here.

White Nike shoes by A Lady Goes West

Apple Airpods Pro

I’ve already mentioned Dave likes music, and he also likes quality sound. While I’ve been using a faux Airpod variation for a while, Dave needed an upgrade (he was using the same faux ones as me, and it wasn’t cutting it for him). I got him some second generation Apple Airpods Pro for his birthday, and they are so good. He loves them. He probably wouldn’t have bought them for himself, but he really wanted them, so that makes them a great gift. I think any guy would enjoy having some quality headphones like these. Shop the Apple Airpods Pro here.

Airpods by A Lady Goes West

Mizzen + Main button-up shirts

This one is totally a Dave find. Back in California, Dave was introduced to this brand of shirt, and now it’s the only dress shirt he will buy. I bought my brother one this year too (he hasn’t opened it yet, but don’t worry, he doesn’t read the blog and won’t see this). Not only can you get amazing non-iron dress shirts in stylish patterns, but this brand also has more casual button-up shirts. This brand is not cheap, but they are the very best quality, and guys love them. The classic Leeward is the best dress shirt. Shop the Mizzen + Main button-up shirts here.

Mizzen shirt by A Lady Goes West

Additional best gifts for guys ideas …

  • Affordable sunglasses. A good guy friend of mine said he’s been loving this brand of sunglasses — WMP Eyewear. They are really well-priced, have a ton of styles to choose from, and every purchase supports animals. Can’t beat that. I haven’t personally tried these, but I totally trust the opinion of this friend.
  • Airpod case. Raise your hand if you’ve lost your Airpods? I’ve lost two before, and so I would be a good recipient of this cool case. This is a sturdy and safe way to store Airpods. I bought Dave this for his birthday — paired with the Apple Airpods Pro, and he likes it a lot.
  • Work bag. Last year, I bought Dave a “work backpack,” which is a more-sleek-style backpack that he can wear to work or for travel, and he loves it. I also recommended it to my brother, and he bought it and has been enjoying it for his commuting needs too. This is the backpack.
  • Water cup. I think this is the coolest water cup for a guy. Totally a great gift or stocking stuffer.
  • Concert tickets. I’ve mentioned this before, but Dave and I often like to buy each other experiences and events as presents. Just head over to Live Nation to find some upcoming concerts near you. I bought Dave tickets to a Candlelight Concert series earlier this year, and we both loved it.
  • Self care. Ladies aren’t the only ones who like to get massages and pampering, you know? Get a guy in your life a massage gift certificate, and they may be very excited about it.

And that completes the best gifts for guys for 2023. Hope you found it helpful in shopping for a great guy in your life. Have a wonderful week, friend. 

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