Best gifts for ladies for 2023 (Holiday gift guide for her)

It’s time for the best gifts for ladies for 2023!

I really love to make these gift guides every year, because I’m often recommending the products I already have and am enjoying in my own life. If you’re shopping for a lady in your life, or if you want to add to your wish list, this one is for you. Thanks for stopping by A Lady Goes West, friend. Have an amazing day!

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Best gifts for ladies for 2023 (Holiday gift guide for her)

Best gifts for ladies for 2023 (Holiday gift guide) by A Lady Goes West

Let’s get to the best gifts for ladies for 2023 in my official holiday gift guide for her …

Ugg suede slip-on slippers

Dave got these for me for Christmas last year, and they’re the best slippers I’ve ever had. I wore them all winter last year, and they’re back on my feet this year around the house (and waiting for my feet beside the bed in the morning). I have the animal print ones (of course), but there are also some solid colors that are nice too (especially the red). These slippers provide a luxurious feeling for your feet. Such a great gift for pretty much any lady who likes to have comfy/cozy feet in the house! Shop the Ugg suede slip-on slippers here.

Ugg slippers best gifts for ladies by A Lady Goes West

Kendra Scott hoop earrings

I can never have enough gold hoop earrings. And I’m actually in need of another cute pair. I love buying jewelry from Kendra Scott, because it’s good quality at a very reasonable price. These hoop earrings come in multiple shades of metal, and they have a nice pattern on them to make them stand out too. Shop the Kendra Scott hoop earrings here.

Hoop earrings by A Lady Goes West gifts

Small lacquer MZ Wallace crossbody

I mean, I’ve written a whole blog post about MZ Wallace bags, because I’m such a fan, and I use one every single day of my life. I want to add to my collection, and I have my eye on so many of them. I think this cute small shiny lacquer crossbody would make such an excellent gift for a lady who is always on the go, but who doesn’t want to have a big bag to weigh her down. There’s a whole lot more to choose from on the site. Shop the small lacquer MZ Wallace crossbody here.

MZ crossbody best gifts for ladies by A Lady Goes West

Decked-out Stanley cup

I’ve been using and loving my 40-ounce Stanley cup tumbler for almost a year now (Dave got it for me for my birthday last December), and I literally do not drink water out of anything else. Because it holds so much liquid and has a straw, it helps me to reach my 160 ounces of water a day, nearly every day — so it has a purpose. Well, my pink Stanley cup is starting to show a little bit of age, and I’m seeing some more decked-out versions coming out. I’m in love with these ones with some designs on them. These would make an excellent gift, even for someone who already has a Stanley cup and wants to upgrade. Shop the Stanley Deco Collection Quenchers here.

Decked out Stanley best gifts for ladies by A Lady Goes West

Personalized woven BaubleBar bracelet

When I came upon this bracelet during a recent online shopping scroll, I stopped in my tracks. It is so incredibly cute and different from what you see out there. I totally want one for myself! You can get someone’s name on the bracelet or something like “mom” or “best friend” or whatever you want. Shop the personalized woven BaubleBar bracelet here.

Woven bracelet best gifts for ladies by A Lady Goes West

Beautycounter Clean Eau De Parfum rollers

These super-clean and nontoxic fragrance rollers from Beautycounter debuted this year, and I love them so much. They smell amazing, and they can fit in your purse to take on the go. I’ve always been a big perfume lover, but a lot of popular fragrances out on the market contain a ton of allergens hidden under the ingredient “fragrance” on the list. But not these ones. These rollers are such a cute gift for a lady who wants to smell great and avoid any yucky chemicals. Shop the Beautycounter Clean Eau De Parfum rollers here.

Beautycounter perfume best gifts for ladies by A Lady Goes West

Nespresso Vetruo latte and coffee maker

Okay, this is an item on the list that I don’t personally have, but I tried a latte at a friend’s house from this machine, and boy was it good, I couldn’t believe it didn’t come from a coffee shop. Some ladies only like to make coffee in the morning, and there are other lower-priced machines for that, but this one has all the bells and whistles to upgrade your morning (or afternoon) beverage. And I think it would be such a treat to be able to make a nice latte at home with a machine like this (you also need to buy the special pods for this one, by the way). Plus, these machines look good in a kitchen. If you know a lady who loves her coffee, this could be an excellent (and pricey) gift. Shop the Nespresso Vertuo latte and coffee maker here.

Nespresso best gifts for ladies by A Lady Goes West

Metallic gold State tote bag

I don’t know how I heard about this brand of bags, but I’ve been eyeing the gold and silver State totes for a while. These totes have a bit more structure than the MZ Wallace ones, and they are very pleasing to the eye. I think this standard Graham-style tote in the metallic cover would be a great gift for a lady with a lot of things. The tote has a luggage sleeve too — which is great for travel. I can never have enough useful bags, and I feel like other ladies would agree with me. Shop the metallic gold State tote bag here.

State bag best gifts for ladies by A Lady Goes West

Pink Frigidaire skincare fridge

Skincare fridges are a thing! And while you need a good amount of bathroom counter-space to accommodate a skincare fridge, it’s a true luxury. A lot of skincare products feel better when they’re cold, and I’m seeing more and more beauty experts recommending that you store your skincare products in the fridge too. I would love to put on cool moisturizer every night before bed, you know? Shop the pink Frigidaire skincare fridge here.

Pink fridge by A Lady Goes West gifts

Veja Recife velcro sneaker

What’s cool about this fancy sneaker? The velcro! I love having velcro sneakers, because you don’t have to tie them and they look different from other shoes out there. Dave bought me the gold metallic version earlier this year as a gift (Mother’s Day, I think), and I have worn these a lot more than you’d think. There are more understated color options, but of course, I like the gold. These shoes are comfy, stylish and you can dress them up or down. Shop the Veja Recife velcro sneaker here.

Veja gold shoes by A Lady Goes West gifts

Additional ideas for the best gifts for ladies 2023 

Here are a few other things you could consider as a great gift for her …

  • Spa gift certificate — a chance to get some pampering is always a welcome gift for a lady
  • Flower subscription — I think it would be so cool to get regular deliveries of flowers to brighten up the home
  • Fitness equipment — because the Les Mills Smartbar set is a game-changer for any lady who likes to work out at home
  • Travel/trips — a weekend trip or a short vacation planned for the future makes a great gift and shows a lot of thought too
  • Concert/show tickets — Dave often gives me tickets to events and I love having something to look forward to in the future after the holidays are over

And that’s it!

Thanks for checking out my post about the best gifts for ladies for 2023. Have a good day, and an even more wonderful start to the holiday season.

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