Big vacation plans and my May goals

Happy May!

The sun is shining brightly in San Francisco this morning, and I think I even heard some birds chirping too. It must be a new month with promise in the air.

I woke up excited today. I’m excited about what’s ahead in life … both near-term and long-term. And one of the biggest things on my mind is a vacation.

Cabo trip on the horizon

Dave and I recently planned a 5-day, 4-night trip to Cabo for the first week of June. That means exactly one month from today, we will fly out of San Francisco and land in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. What awaits us? Warmth, beaches, sand and flip-flops, with some fruity drinks served poolside, of course.

Just a few weeks ago, I mentioned my urge to travel, and Cabo held the top spot on my travel bucket list. Nearly everyone we know in California raves about this destination as both easy-to-get-to and an enjoyable beach scene. With that, we were sold.

And we need it. Dave and I haven’t been on a vacation longer than a weekend since our honeymoon two years ago to Jamaica. (But that doesn’t mean we haven’t gone anywhere, in fact, even though our adventures are usually only a weekend in length, we’ve really explored the Bay Area throughout the past year-and-a-half of living in San Francisco. For instance skiing in Tahoe, road-tripping to Santa Cruz, live music in wine country, you name it.)

But a vacation, just to vacation, is what we need. The countdown is on.

Cabo vacay countdown

Goals for May

First of all, I want to thank everyone reading this right now.

Over the past month-and-a-half, I’ve started blogging daily, I’ve updated my blog design and I’ve earned some new readers in the process. And I really appreciate you. I blog for many reasons, (find out why here) and one of them is to share my thoughts and connect with others. I hope you get something out of A Lady Goes West, and I hope you keep coming back for more. And you’re part of my goals for the month, because in addition to fitness, blogging is an important part of my life.

That being said, here are my goals for the month of May:

  • Take more and better pictures for my blog (I know, this one’s for you)
  • Drink more water every single day, and I mean a lot of water
  • Stretch more every single day, maybe even throw in a yoga class a week
  • Try one new healthy recipe every single week, using new ingredients
  • Maintain my six-times-a-week workouts, with a rest day on Sunday

Short, sweet and doable.

Questions of the day

Do you have any goals for May? What is one thing you are excited about this month? If you’ve been to Cabo, do you have any recommendations on excursions or activities?

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    1. Thanks, Ashley. I’ll have my photography skills in advanced mode by the time I go on vacation. 🙂

      Did you read my reply to your question about what to do to prepare for BP training a few days ago? First and foremost: take BP class three times a week, leading up to training and learn to move with the music!

      Happy Thursday.

  1. I honestly think we’re living in paradise here right now. I can’t believe how HOT it is outside. Not to mention the view of all the palm trees. My husband and I still need to take a Honeymoon but California is pretty much it, hahahaha.

    I think this month is going to be a good one. My birthday is next week and I don’t have major plans – just want to go to the beach and have icecream. But since the weather’s getting nicer – I may have a dip in the pool for the very first time. I’m lovin’ life haha

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