Blue chocolate protein milk-shake + workouts

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was great. In between packing up boxes, Dave and I ran some errands, went out to dinner at Capo’s and had a lovely outdoor brunch with friends at Epic Roasthouse on the Bay. We also bought a new couch. Good times.

But I digress, because I have something tasty to share with you. Now when you hear the word milk-shake, your mind instantly goes to a checkered-floor diner with a red jukebox blaring, right? Or maybe you think about one of those creamy shakes from the drive-thru, which are so thick you can hardly get at them with a straw? Whatever image comes to mind, I’m sure your mouth waters a little bit when you hear that word. Mine sure does. That’s why you’re going to be quite shocked that the milk-shake I’m talking about today is in the form of a protein powder. Yup.

Adaptogen Science TastyWHEY protein powder

Thanks to my role as a FitFluential Ambassador, I’ve recently had the delicious opportunity to try out a product by Adaptogen Science. The product? TastyWHEY protein powder in Rich Chocolate Milk-Shake.

Adaptogen Science chocolate TastyWHEY via A Lady Goes WestThis two-pound tub of rich chocolate protein powder contains 24 servings.

I’ve taken this protein powder for a spin in two ways, or wheys, no pun intended. The first test? I mixed it with cold water, shook it up and enjoyed it plain after some recent workouts. Here are my thoughts:

  • It mixes very easily. 
  • It smells good.
  • The texture is light. It’s not at all chalky.
  • It tastes just great, with a chocolatey-milk-shake flavor.
  • There’s no after-taste.
  • A one-scoop serving has 160 calories and 20 grams of protein, which is the perfect range in my opinion.
  • It provides quick recovery after a workout, with its mix of complete proteins and carbs. I definitely felt whole again when consuming this shake after teaching two hours of group fitness in a row.

The great taste of TastyWHEY is no accident. Apparently it wasn’t easy for the Adaptogen Science folks to settle on the magic recipe. They spent years developing it and are super pleased with what they landed on, and the product has even won a taste award. Here’s some of the official information you may want to know about Adaptogen Science’s TastyWHEY:

TastyWHEY™ is a high-protein supplement mix that provides exceptional nutrition. It promotes peak wellness by use of a proprietary combination of exceptionally high-quality whey protein, along with MCT’s, low glycemic index carbohydrates and micronutrients. It’s 100 percent ultra-pure, with no cheap blends.

That’s a mouthful, but pretty much sums it up.

One delicious and healthy protein smoothie

And the second test I conducted on TastyWHEY? I added a scoop of this protein powder to make what I believe to be the very best creamy smoothie I’ve ever created, and it tasted just like a rich milk-shake. Oh and it turned out blue.

Blue chocolate protein milk-shake smoothie via A Lady Goes West

I whipped one of these up on Saturday after a workout and could not stop talking about how good it was for the rest of the day. Pretty darn filling and so easy …

Blue chocolate protein milk-shake smoothie

Ashley Pitt @ A Lady Goes West
A delicious milk-shake-like high-protein smoothie full of antioxidants.


  • 1 cup of frozen blueberries
  • 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • 1 cup of milk I used almond
  • A few ice cubes


  • Mix everything together in a blender.
  • Serve and enjoy.
  • Share with your friends.

I’m pretty sure I will be enjoying these milk-shake smoothies on a regular basis now that I’ve come across this super quick and easy recipe. I mean oh-so-good. And you definitely have to brush your teeth afterwards, because it leaves a lovely blue coloring to the teeth and lips. 

But seriously, if you’re in the market for a new protein powder, give Adaptogen Science a try by checking out the products on Amazon. And you can even follow the brand on Instagram to see pictures of big buff athletes who rely on the Adaptogen line of products to stay in peak form. (No, they have not featured me yet. And I’m not sure why?)

A look at my week of workouts

Now as we do at the start of every week, let’s get to my weekly workout recap to see how it’s been going over here in the realm of fitness …

Weekly Workouts from A Lady Goes West

Weekly Workouts

  • Monday – Completed 30-minute dumbbell workout
  • Tuesday – Attended one-hour outdoor bootcamp class
  • Wednesday – Taught one-hour BODYATTACK and BODYPUMP classes, foam rolling
  • Thursday – Taught one-hour BODYPUMP class, foam rolling
  • Friday –  Attended one-hour authentic Hatha yoga session
  • Saturday –  Attended 45-minute kettlebell class 
  • Sunday – Rest day

What was good about my week of workouts?

I’m killing it on variety lately. Not only did I do my own workout with dumbbells, practice yoga and teach a few classes, I also stepped out of my normal routine to try out two different things like an outdoor bootcamp and a kettlebell session. This past week, I spent a lot of time on strength training and got in cardio twice, during the outdoor bootcamp and during BODYATTACK. Over the past month, I’ve brought the amount of intense workouts that I do down, and this week continued on with that trend. I had five good days of workouts, a light day of yoga and a full day of rest. I’m definitely finding some balance these days.

What could have been better about my week of workouts?

Once again, as has been the case the past few weeks, I could have stood to fit in a third session of cardio. However, I did feel pretty good overall. No major complaints. 

Alright, guys. Go off and have a great Monday! Even though I’m drowning in boxes, logistics and other work, I will be back here tomorrow to ramble on about something for you. And I’ll probably have had another Blue chocolate protein milk-shake smoothie by then too.

*This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Adaptogen Science.

Questions of the day

What’s one way you got active lately? What’s your favorite way to use protein powder? How would you mix this one up?

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  1. Yum, love your smoothie combination, Ashley! I make something similar for breakfast with some unsweetened cocoa powder & a frozen banana added in. What’s the ingredient list of this protein powder like? Sunwarrior has been my go-to lately, love it! Way to go on your workouts last week, girl!

    1. Hi Kushboo! Cool, I’ve never tried Sunwarrior before. The ingredients in this one are as follows: whey protein concentrate, coconut powder, corn syrup, sodium caseinate, sugar, propylene glycol, potassium chloride, guar gum, sucralose and a few other long words. I typically just pay attention to the type of protein. This one taste really good! Nice to hear you like a good smoothie too. Hope your Monday is excellent! 🙂

  2. Happy Monday! That protein shake looks sooo good! I really admire the variety in your workouts too, I could definitely round out my workouts a bit right now (strength training has taken a major back seat! ) have a great day! 🙂

    1. Hi Megan! I was on a smoothie kick for a long time, then got sick of them, and now I’m back on too!! It’s so easy to throw a few things in the blender and enjoy. Glad you’re enjoying your heatwave! 🙂

    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks! Thought it was time for a little face-lift. And you know, I’ve never tried coffee in a smoothie! I tend to drink tea instead of coffee, but I’d be down for trying it. Happy Monday! 🙂

  3. That smoothie is such a beautiful shade of blue! I’d drink it just because of the color. 🙂

    And nice job getting a wide variety of workouts in! What outdoor bootcamp do you do? Gah, it sounds so nice to get out in the sunshine and fresh air for little while. Only in California (and Florida) ! 😉

    1. Hi Sarah! I’ve been doing outdoor bootcamps through a company called VINT. I’m going to do a write-up about them soon I believe. I LOVE the fresh air! Happy Monday!! 🙂

  4. Happy Monday , love!!

    Packing boxes is NEVER fun! Glad you guys took a break and did some fun stuff!

    Ok, I would never think of that smoothie combo, yet it looks so good! Never heard of that protein either!

    Have a great day! <3

    1. Hi Katie! Packing sucks!! But I did some of it with a big glass of wine, so that helped. 🙂 Hope you are having a fabulous Monday, my dear. Thanks for stopping by to say hello!!! 🙂

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