Boxes, baseball and bandwagons

Bright and early Thursday morning our belongings arrived from their pilgrimage across the country.  I furiously dug through the boxes to pull out clothing we needed for this weekend’s trip to Florida.  Boy was it great to uncover pictures, frames, purses and all of the things I’ve missed for weeks.  While we’ll be away this weekend, I’m eager to get back to see if 1,200 square feet of stuff can fit into a 700 square foot spot.

Although there were a few items missing in the delivery that will be sent to us, there was a little unexpected surprise that made up for it.

Since these movers were so skilled at efficiency and known to keep their word (last time I rant about this, please don’t stop reading) they unintentionally delivered us something that wasn’t ours.  It’s a nine-foot, pre-lit fake Christmas tree, and we get to keep it!  We certainly don’t have a place to store it, but I’ll treat the box as an extra piece of furniture until November 1 and then deck the halls for the merriest of urban Christmas villages ever to be prepared in the SoMa neighborhood.  Thanks for the tree Coleman Allied Moving Service, but I still won’t date you ever again!

I chatted with the movers as they brought in each load, and I received a question that I’ve gotten several times now as a new San Francisco resident: “You a Giants fan?”  Well … truth be told, I’m not.  Apparently now is a great time to jump on the bandwagon though, as San Francisco’s baseball team is moving on to the National League Championship Series.  Yesterday the Giants played in the deciding game to get them to the next series and it was very clear that folks in this city were on the edge of their seats.

Check out the scene shown below, just around the corner from my building of people on their lunch break watching the TVs through restaurant and bar windows.  It was quite entertaining to watch these strangers all ban together and chat about the plays and calls.

I like winners.  I like team spirit.  And, I like jumping on bandwagons.  Perhaps a Giants fan I may be.

Fans watching the Giants game on the streets of SF.

Finally, our boxes have arrived.
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