Brady’s favorite foods at almost four years old (the best toddler food)

We’re talking about the best toddler food today!

I know I say this every time I write about Brady, but I don’t feel like a motherhood expert much of the time, because I only have one child, I don’t read any parenting books, and I’m mostly just winging it. I’m sure I don’t do everything right, and I don’t even know what right is when it comes to being a parent. I love being Brady’s mom, and he seems like a happy well-adjusted dude, so hopefully my choices are working.

But of course, over time, I’ve changed my mind on things. While originally I didn’t want Brady to eat a single packaged food or watch a second of television, I’ve loosened the reigns and am fine with both of those things now. 

When it comes to feeding Brady, it’s a lot like feeding me. We choose mostly healthy stuff, but the easiest and most convenient versions of that healthy stuff. Brady eats with a big emphasis on fruit. But for convenience sake, he also eats some packaged items that he likes. And I’m fine with it. I’m not interested in spending all day in the kitchen creating things from scratch, because I don’t enjoy being in the kitchen like that. Dave does most of our cooking anyhow, and we’re pleased with our current line-up of food.

Best toddler foods for Brady by A Lady Goes West

If you’re in the same boat as me and like your food to be convenient, then maybe you’ll enjoy this list of the best toddler food. Let’s get into what Brady likes to eat …

Brady’s favorite foods at almost four years old (the best toddler food)

Brady's favorite foods at almost four years old (the best toddler food) by A Lady Goes West

Applegate frozen chicken nuggets 

For a long time, Brady didn’t eat any meat, because I rarely eat meat, so we didn’t have it in the house. But I wanted him to get a little more protein outside of just dairy products, so we settled on chicken nuggets. These frozen chicken nuggets have decent ingredients, and they can go from freezer to microwave to his plate in less than a minute. We usually cut them in half and let them cool a bit before he eats them. And sometimes we let him dip them in honey, and he likes to draw shapes in the honey before he takes a bite — so that makes it fun for him. He’s a fan of “nuggies” as he calls them. And they’re a super easy addition to his plate. We buy these at Sprouts or Whole Foods. You can find these here.

Nuggets by A Lady Goes West

Organic Valley “Stringles” string cheese sticks

This is one of the those foods that we give to Brady almost every day, and there’s a great chance he will finish it on his own without us asking him or reminding him to eat. He’s a cheese lover. I cut these sticks up into little cubes and he eats two at a time. We’ll probably be adding these to his preschool lunch boxes a lot too, because they are convenient. Fun fact, even though this is technically string cheese, he doesn’t like to eat it like that. I like cheese, but I don’t eat it as often as Brady does. This is one of his favorite favorite foods. We buy this at Sprouts or Whole Foods. You can find it here.

Stringles by A Lady Goes West

All the fruit (mostly organic)

Yes, all the fruit. Organic blueberries, regular bananas, organic raspberries, organic grapes, avocado and cherry tomatoes are Brady’s favorite fruits. He eats about one or two servings of fruit per meal, and he loves his fruit. I don’t get everything organic, but I try to choose organic berries at a minimum, because he eats the skin of those. The beauty of fruit is that it’s ready to go in an instant. Who doesn’t love that? We buy our fruit at Sprouts or Whole Foods.

Fresh fruit by A Lady Goes West

Annie’s Organic shells and white cheddar macaroni and cheese

Dave makes Brady a box of Annie’s shells and white cheddar macaroni and cheese once a week, and Brady downs it (well he usually eats it at two or three sittings). He loves his macaroni and cheese. Is this the absolute healthiest and most nutritious item? No. Does it fill him up and make him happy? Yes. Brady always has macaroni and cheese with a green vegetable on the side, so I feel good about that. Dave likes to share this with Brady, but I’m actually not a huge mac and cheese fan. We’ve tried all the types of Annie’s organic, and the white cheddar shell is his favorite for sure. We buy this at Sprouts, Publix or Whole Foods. You can find it here.

Annie's Organic Mac and Cheese by A Lady Goes West

Almonds and cashews

This kid loves nuts. He eats nuts with his lunches usually and likes cashews the best. I get the big bags of raw almonds or cashews (sometimes organic, but not always), and he happily chews them and likes the crunch. We buy these at Sprouts or Whole Foods. You can find these here.

Nuts by A Lady Goes West

Dr. Praeger’s frozen Kids Littles

These little veggie bites are a huge hit. They are the tiny version of the veggie burgers that Dave and I eat pretty often. And there are several varieties, from kale to sweet potato to spinach. He probably likes the sweet potato ones the best, but he eats them all. We heat them in the microwave sometimes or bake them sometimes (baking is preferred), then cut them in half for him. We buy these at Sprouts or Whole Foods. You can find these here.

Kale littles by A Lady Goes West

Straus Family Creamery plain Greek whole milk yogurt

Greek yogurt lover through and through. Brady has been eating yogurt since he was an infant. He’s always been a fan. And even though we still buy the plain whole milk Greek yogurt varieties, sometimes we add a little honey or strawberry preserves to spice it up. It’s not cheap, but he eats the whole thing over the course of a week. Also, this yogurt is thick and doesn’t drip off his spoon like some other varieties, so it’s relatively clean. We buy this at Sprouts or Whole Foods. You can find it here.

Yogurt by A Lady Goes West

Birch Benders frozen protein waffles

This is what Brady has been having for breakfast for the last couple of months most days, with almond or peanut butter and a banana on top. I love this brand of pancake and waffle mix, because it’s so minimal. And while I would probably like to make his daily waffle from a mix, this frozen pre-made version is a lot easier, and so that’s what we do. We buy this at Sprouts or Whole Foods or even Target. You can find it here.

Waffles by A Lady Goes West

Blue Diamond Almond Nut-Thin crackers

I’m not sure what made me pick these up the first time, other than that they are slightly better than your average cracker. But Brady loves them. They are thin, flavorful and light. Brady eats these crackers at least once a day, and I sometimes eat them too, because I like the simple taste. We’ve tried so many brands of crackers, and he chooses these as his favorite. We buy these at Sprouts or Whole Foods. You can find these here.

Almond Nut Thins by A Lady Goes West

A few other honorable mentions for the best toddler food

  • Gold fish
  • Cheerios
  • Puffins cereal
  • Pretzels (which he only gets as a treat when we travel)
  • Dates (he eats these for dessert with us too)
  • PBJs
  • Green beans, broccoli and peas are Brady’s green veggies of choice

Brady plate by A Lady Goes West

Brady favorite food by A Lady Goes West

Thanks for reading this post about the best toddler food, according to Brady. Have a great day! 🙂

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  1. This was great. As someone who can relate to the whole “let’s be realistic now that I have a toddler and don’t want to cook everything from scratch” these foods are great ideas and some are staples in our house as well. I’ve never though to cut string cheese up like that but will be trying to see if my daughter would like that!
    For the nuts- does he just eat them whole? What age did you start that at? Also want to incorporate that too for easy trail mix!
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Ava! Thanks for reading and saying hi! And yes, you don’t get a medal for making all your food from scratch, so I think choosing easier options is a fine idea. For nuts, we started Brady with cashews, and I would break them in half around 1.5 years old. Then we did whole cashews probably around 2 or so. He does whole almonds and cashews now and can do a couple at a time. It was a process. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Was very interested in seeing what he eats! I cook a lot at home but for some prepared foods Camryn loves Larabars (or I make a homemade ball version), apple sauces, any fruit really, simple mills almond crackers, fruit leathers, salami, oatmeal, she does love waffles too but I only buy them when on sale. Oh and dates are a huge hit here too as well as prunes. 🙂 I wish she would eat more nuts!!

    We had to do Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free with her for 3 months to rule out some food allergies for health reasons so she’s still not having much of those but she LOVES dairy.

    If I asked her her favorite foods it would be Mac n cheese, pizza, and pulled pork. hahaha.

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