Brady’s favorite things at three years old

What does a three-year-old toddler boy love? I will tell you all about it today in Brady’s favorite things at three years old.

Okay, here’s the deal: I have only been a mom for a little over three years, and I only have one son. So at times, I feel like my “mom expertise” is lower than many bloggers out there with multiple kids, who’ve been doing it a lot longer. But you know, I’ve been on my quest to care less about what other people are doing over the last couple of years — so we will file this one away under that category too. I’m a mom, I know what my son likes, and I’m here to share about it.

You probably only clicked on this post if you’re a parent or if have young children in your life. But if you don’t have any of those things, I’ll still try to make it fun for you. Let’s get into his faves …

Brady’s favorite things at three years old

Brady's favorite things at three years old by A Lady Goes West

Wearing leisure sweatsuit sets — (his favorite clothes)

Long-time blog readers will know from my pictures that Brady has been the king of matching leisure sweatsuit sets since he was an infant. And even as he’s grown, we’ve kept up with that fashion choice.

Now that Brady is potty trained (although I feel like we’re still “training” him, and we’re still working on ditching diapers at night), it’s even more important that he wears pants that have an elastic waist-band that he can pull up and down himself — so these outfits are function, as well as fashion.

These sets are easy for all of us, because we always know what he is wearing on the top and bottom. And to make it even easier, I always put one of these plain-white-tees underneath. He rocks his sets with these Adidas shoes. He loves to wear his sweatsuits, and he loves to dress comfortably.

Here are Brady’s favorite sets:

Favorites at 3 by A Lady Goes West March 2021

Watching shows — (his favorite TV series)

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Brady had never watched TV before the pandemic hit last year. Once in a while, I’d let him watch a portion of a “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” show on YouTube on my phone, and he saw movies playing at gym kid-care, but he didn’t watch TV at home.

Well, once the pandemic hit, I decided that an hour of TV time in the morning while I sat next to him and worked was not the end of the world. That morning screen time has held strong, outside of mornings when he has school and he only gets a tiny bit of TV. He learns a lot from his shows, and I am not at all ashamed that TV is part of his life. So there.

Here are Brady’s favorite shows:

  • “Little Einstein’s” on Disney Plus
  • “Noddy: Toyland Detective” on Netflix
  • “Puffin Rock” on Netflix (adorable)
  • “Trash Truck” on Netflix
  • “Stinky and Dirty” on Amazon Prime (a new discovery and a big hit)
  • “Treehouse Detectives” on Netflix
  • “T.O.T.S.” on Disney Plus
  • All the “Cars” movies on Disney Plus
  • “Cory Carson” on Netflix
  • “Octonauts” on Netflix

Reading stories — (his favorite books)

We read a lot of stories over here. I usually read three to four books to Brady before his daily nap, and then I read three to four books to him before he goes to bed. Sometimes, we read in the middle of the day. He loves to be read to, and I like to have him on my lap or next to me snuggled in. It’s a win-win for us all.

Here are some of Brady’s favorite books:

Favorites at 3-years-old by A Lady Goes West March 2021

Playing with toys — (his favorite toys)

Brady has a lot of toys, and even though we did a major purge before we moved, I still feel like we have a lot. He mostly likes to play with cars and trucks, but he’s also a big fan of dinosaurs. 

Here are some of Brady’s favorite toys:

Brady's favorite things at 3-years-old by A Lady Goes West March 2021

Running like crazy — (his favorite games and activities)

Brady is very active, pretty much all the time. He doesn’t sit still well. He loves to “run around like crazy” as he says, and do all sorts of things inside and outside.

Here are some of his favorite games and activities:

  • Playing tag
  • Hide-and-go-seek (he’s not a very good hider and always jumps out prematurely)
  • Building blanket forts and reading stories in them
  • Doing sticker books and putting stickers on things
  • Playing basketball
  • Going on hikes
  • Chasing Rudy around the house (Rudy is not a fan … at all)
  • Pretending to be a million different things (some days he’s a dinosaur, some days he’s an animal, other days he’s an excavator — he’s big into pretending and he tells us what to do and say to him depending on what he is that day)
  • Riding his bike, scooter and tricycle around the driveway and neighborhood
  • Singing (Brady loves to sing and he sometimes makes up his own songs)

Other things that Brady loves

Here are a few other random things that cannot be missed, because Brady loves them:

  • Seeing semi-trucks, firetrucks, ambulances and construction sites when we’re out and about (and he knows what every specific construction vehicle is called and what it does)
  • Eating Amy’s organic white cheddar mac and cheese — he gets it a couple times a week, and it’s his favorite meal (otherwise Brady is not motivated by food)
  • Taking his nightly bath and splashing water out onto the floor
  • Helping Dave put together just about anything (and he’s quite helpful)
  • Choosing which “big boy” undies he gets to wear each day, and he has a lot of good options from this set and this set

And that concludes our list. Now, this isn’t an official “Brady update,” but I’ll be sure to write one of those when he turns four later this year at the end of September. For now, I hope you enjoyed a little look at some of the things that he enjoys.

Thanks for coming by the blog to read all about Brady’s favorite things at three years old. Have a wonderful rest of your day. 🙂 

Favorite things at 3-years-old by A Lady Goes West March 2021

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  1. My son loves so many of the same things! Stinky & Dirty is his absolute favorite! Some other cute Amazon shows we like are Tumble Leaf and Clifford the Bog Red Dog. Those books you listed sound great and I will definitely be checking them out.

    1. Hi Delia! Brady went through a short phase of introducing himself as “Stinky” hahaha — so yes, that one has left a mark. Thanks for the tips on the other shows. Hope all is well with you! 🙂 xoxox

  2. Our youngest is three and has similar interests! Both of our boys prefer them then wearing jeans. If you haven’t already can you do a potty train post?! Still working on that, I thought he might be easier since he’s always following his brother around!
    What’s something that your little one loves?
    He loves dinosaurs, super heroes, legos
    How was your weekend?
    Busy with my mom leaving and my MIL arriving the next day for a visit!
    What’s your favorite children’s book?
    He also loves to be read to! Find Fergus (loves to find the silly bear throughout), Racoon on his own, Frog and Toad. He likes books that are interactive, push sound buttons, open flaps.

    1. Hi Joanna, That’s great you’ve had your mom and soon your mother-in-law visiting — it’s always nice to have some extra help around too. I don’t know how much I’ll share about potty training — it’s been a slow process, but we read this book and followed it religiously, and it was effective!

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