Brady’s newborn photos

This is going to sound crazy, but I feel like our little guy is growing up so quickly right before our eyes, and I can’t take it. Every single day, he has new facial expressions, he opens his eyes more, and he seems way more aware of his surroundings. It’s not that I don’t want him to grow up, it’s just that this newborn baby phase is so incredibly precious.

Brady’s newborn photos: October 9, 2017

Baby Brady newborn shoot 11 A Lady Goes West

Baby Brady newborn shoot A Lady Goes West

That being said, Dave and I knew that we wanted to capture some of Brady’s smallness with a newborn photo session shortly after his birth, so we had more than just our informal shots of this special time.

I started looking for a local newborn photographer about a month before I actually gave birth to Brady, and it was absolutely a coincidence that the lovely Shefali Parekh reached out to me right at that same time via Instagram. I took a look at Shefali’s work and beautiful Instagram feed and was very impressed. And Shefali was kind enough to give us a little discount on our newborn package too, in exchange for photo credit. A sweet deal? For sure! But not as sweet as these feet …

Baby Brady newborn shoot 21 A Lady Goes West

Baby Brady newborn shoot 22 A Lady Goes West

When we booked with Shefali, we decided to do the photoshoot about 10 days after Brady’s birth, so we looked at two potential weekends around my due date. Of course, as you guys know, Brady came a full two weeks early, and so when I got home from the hospital, I let Shefali know that we needed to move our shoot up. She was more than accommodating, and we scheduled the shoot for a Monday morning between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., just nine days after Brady was born.

In order to prepare for the shoot, Shefali sent me some information on things to do to make a newborn session go more smoothly and hopefully have a sleeping baby …

  • Warm the room up to around 80 degrees
  • Keep the baby awake an hour leading up to the shoot
  • Find the best daylight in the room of choice with lots of windows, which meant 9 to 11 a.m. for us
  • Nurse the baby upon arrival of the photographer, so he’s ready to sleep as soon as things are set up
  • Wear neutral colors with no patterns, so that the baby is the center of attention in the photos
  • Remove picture frames and too many trinkets from surfaces that will show in the photos so the scene remains timeless

We followed all of the rules, and yet our little Brady had his eyes open for most of the shoot, which was totally fine. It was pretty funny, because at first, he would only keep one eye open — which doesn’t make for the best picture, but is awfully cute. So we really only got one shot with his eyes closed …

Baby Brady newborn shoot 17 A Lady Goes West

Baby Brady newborn shoot 2 A Lady Goes West

Baby Brady newborn shoot 10 A Lady Goes West

Our session took just over two hours, and we did some photos in our bedroom and in the living room, and I absolutely love the look of all of them. Brady looks angelic, and so does Rudy. Dave and I provide some good support in the background, but we’re definitely not the focus — exactly what we wanted.

And we got a lot of pictures. We received 65 edited photos, in both larger print size and smaller digital size — super useful for storage purposes.

Shefali also gave us the option of including some props in the photos, and Dave wanted to include at least something Warriors/basketball, and a tiny trophy and towel were the perfect choices. Dave also tried to have Brady hold his NBA Champs ring, but it was too big and heavy to make it work. It was a good idea, but didn’t quite pan out. πŸ™‚ 

Baby Brady newborn shoot 14 A Lady Goes West

Baby Brady newborn shoot 15 A Lady Goes West

Seriously, these photos …

So, we’ve never actually sent Christmas cards out, but this seems like a good year to do so, and I think one of these photos, with all of us present, will make the cut. Any votes for the winner?

Baby Brady newborn shoot 4 A Lady Goes West

Baby Brady newborn shoot 5 A Lady Goes West

Baby Brady newborn shoot 18 A Lady Goes West

Thank you to Shefali for the great work! And by the way, she’s available in the San Francisco Bay Area, so check her out if you are in need of some lifestyle photos. Shefali even wrote a blog post about our session and said the sweetest things about us — you can check out her post on her site.

We’ll just be over here snuggling our little newborn and enjoying these amazing pictures.

Baby Brady newborn shoot 19 A Lady Goes West

Baby Brady newborn shoot 13 A Lady Goes West

Baby Brady newborn shoot 8 A Lady Goes West

Hope you guys have an awesome day! Believe it or not, I’ve got a non-baby-related post coming up later this week. I’ll see you over on Instagram, until we meet again here, my friends! 

Baby Brady newborn shoot 16 A Lady Goes West

Baby Brady newborn shoot 20 A Lady Goes West

Baby Brady newborn shoot 7 A Lady Goes West

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Questions of the day

What would you choose as your prop in your photoshoot?

Christmas cards: do you send them? Yay or nay?



  1. All sooooo beautiful! I would want to print and hang every single one. And yes you definitely need to send cards this year. I love the last one of all four of you. We sent them the year after we got married, but not since then. But everyone loves displaying cards with babies πŸ™‚

  2. Such gorgeous photos! I think the close up shot of you and Dave looking at Brady would make a great Christmas card πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my, these are all so beautiful! That last one of the 4 of you would make a wonderful Christmas card! I say do it!

    1. Hi Jen! For sure! I think Rudy HAS to be included — because he is an important part of our family heheh! Hope you have a great day, lady! πŸ™‚

  4. Ashley, the pictures are amazing. You have a beautiful little family there. Glad to hear all is well with Baby Brady. Rudy looks like he is taking on the rule of big brother well πŸ™‚

  5. Gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing these personal photos with your readers. Brady is just precious (and coming from me, that means a lot. I’m more of a dog person!). And on a side note, I don’t think any of you (Rudy included) could take a bad picture. You all look fab!

  6. Beautiful and simple. I love the photo of you guys on the couch holding Rudy. I sent Christmas cards out for the first time last year since my fiancΓ© and I took engagement photos. I loved having professional photos for Christmas cards.

  7. Warriors!! I knew your hubby would incorporate them somewhere in the pics. I love it! We have also never done Xmas cards but this year we did baby announcements. We are thinking that will do for this year and look into Xmas cards next year.

    1. Hi Daisy! Oh cool! We aren’t going to do baby announcements, but maybe would have if he had come earlier in the year — don’t want to saturate our market hahaha!:)

    1. Hi Christina! I’m realizing that — I mean, I want him to be little tiny forever heheh — but then again, it will be neat when he grows up too. Yay for babies!

  8. Gorgeous photos! You all look so happy πŸ™‚ and you look gorgeous! Brady and Rudy are going to be the best of friends.

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