Busy times call for a good to-do list

For only four days, this week has been rather busy. Before Dave and I fly out to Cabo on Sunday morning, I have a lot to accomplish.

When I feel a little overwhelmed with all the things going on in my life, I like to make lists. I find it helps me break down exactly where I need to spend my time. It also helps me see that a bunch of little things don’t necessarily have to add up to a big thing if you don’t let them.

Here’s a quick snapshot of my near-term to-dos:

  • Teach. I have two more Les Mills group fitness classes to teach before we go. One on Friday and one on Saturday. These classes are always enjoyable, but it definitely takes time to prepare and make sure I know my choreography.
  • Pack. This is actually something I love to do, but it has to be pushed back for now, while I address some more pressing items.
  • Work. I’m attending training sessions every day for my new job, completing homework assignments and trying to keep up with all the material I’m learning. I still have one more session and a department meeting before week’s end.
  • Study. This is my primary focus and what is taking up most of my time. For the past few weeks, I’ve been studying exercise science and anatomy and still have a lot more information to master and absorb before I take my final exam on Saturday afternoon. This exam, in addition to completing a case study and in-person practical assessment, are all part of the rigorous on-boarding program I’ve been going through to be on the personal training team at Equinox. It’s no joke.
  • Blog. If you’ve had a chance to read my virtual blog tour, then you know the why behind my blog. Even when I get busy, I still like to make time to write. It’s important.

So there you see, even just the process of writing out each of my to-dos helps me figure out a plan of action.

I know I’ll make it to my work and class commitments just fine, so my time in-between and at home needs to be right here …

Study materials

And let me tell you, studying is much easier when you have a bright tablet cover and a neon binder for your papers.

For the rest of today, I’ll have my nose in the books, except for a quick trip out to try a new group fitness class at Equinox that I’m hoping I can train to teach.

By the way, if you like to make lists, you may also seek solace in using an app to do so. That way you can list-yourself silly, even when on the go. Here’s an article from Fast Company detailing six of the best to-do list apps.

Questions of the day

Are you a list-maker? How do you stay organized when you’re feeling busy?

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  1. I’m too ADD to not make lists. My problem is that I end up making 20 different lists and have to do a cross check to ensure I actually finished all my tasks/packed all my stuff/purchased all my groceries. I’ll have to look into that app!

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