City-living necessities

It didn’t take very long for me to see there are a few San Francisco City-living staples.

It didn’t take very long for me to see I had none of them.

Today, nearly two-and-a-half months into my residency in “Everyone’s Favorite City” I can finally say I own the basics.

  • A black The North Face jacket: Sporty and warm enough to wear on a cold morning walking to the gym before sunrise.
  • A white The North Face backpack: Two straps, side compartments for water bottles and plenty of room to act as my new all-purpose daily bag — combining what is currently transported in a purse as well as in a gym bag.
  • Side zip-up, full-length black Nike pants: We didn’t need a lot of pants for working out in Orlando, in fact it was rare for me to wear capri-length.  But here, all the rage is shiny, black, Nike running pants for both exercise and outdoor adventures.

As an avid shopper, I’ve always enjoyed adding to my collection of designer purses, and while I still love them, there is less of a place for them in my City life each day.  A nice purse on one shoulder and a gym bag on the other does not make for a friendly commute.

From here on out I’ll be warm as I head to the gym; my hands will be free and unrestricted so I can swing my arms if I choose to pick up into a powerwalk; and my ankles will be covered all the way down to my sneaks.

Never did I think I’d wear a backpack in place of a purse.  Never did I think I’d spend more on a casual jacket than a good pair of designer jeans.

But here we are: Waking up everyday as urban San Franciscans — covered in layers and outfitted for optimal functionality.

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Same old Ashley and Dave; staying warm in style.
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