Common habits shared by fit and healthy people

Common habits shared by fit and healthy people!

You know, sometimes a topic is on the tip of my tongue and I can’t quite figure out how to share it. Then all of a sudden it comes to me. That’s what happened with this one.

This is a simple post all about habits and traits that a lot of fit people I know share, and I share some of them too. I’m also including some crowdsourced habits from you below.

Before we begin: It’s important to remember that what works for one person may not work for the other, so if these don’t sound like something you want to do, then don’t do them. You do you, my friend. I’m just here to share and write.

Common habits shared by fit and healthy people

Common habits shared by fit and healthy people by A Lady Goes West

Repeating meals. And having a rotation of easy, balanced meals to work through each week.

I’ve shared this before, but it has to be said again. The majority of healthy people eat the same (or similar) thing all the time. And I’m not saying you have to meal prep bland chicken breasts and broccoli for lunch every single day.

I’m saying that if you find a few meals you can easily prepare, which fill you up, have approximately the right make-up of protein, fat and carbohydrates and are tasty — you should eat them often. You don’t want to have to recreate the wheel each day and constantly try a million new things.

We currently have about five meals we eat for dinner, and we rotate them. I have about four things I eat for lunch regularly, and I rotate them. And I eat the same breakfast and snacks almost every single day of the week. It’s easy. It works for me.

Oatmeal breakfast by A Lady Goes West

This is a very simple technique that can be very effective in helping you meet your nutritional needs. That way, you’re not always wondering what to eat, and you don’t sometimes eat way too little so you end up hungry and ravaging packaged goods.

How does it work? Find a few staple meals, buy the supplies, and eat those things on repeat. If you ever get sick of anything, swap one item out, or add a new spice or condiment. And remember that it’s very important that you make sure your rotation includes a variety of produce (fruits/veggies), so you’re getting plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Relying on consistency and discipline for workouts when motivation isn’t there.

Even the most fit person in the world is not constantly motivated to work out each day. And I’ll admit I’m not motivated to work out every single day either. 

Even if you love your workouts, like I love my group fitness classes, there will be days when you’re just not feeling it. Sometimes, that means you should take a rest day or switch it up with a walk, if your body/mind is telling you it’s time for a break. But sometimes, you have to fall back on your discipline and show up anyhow.

Oftentimes, after getting started, even just a few minutes into your workout, you’ll feel better. You’ll be glad you’re doing it. And you’ll know that working out will change your mood and give you a host of benefits.

Habits shared by healthy people by A Lady Goes West

Discipline can have a bad connotation, especially if someone is too strict, and that’s not quite what I mean here. Discipline can also be a good thing, when it means you occasionally have to give yourself a gentle nudge to do things that are beneficial for you. I know a lot of fit people who have days they aren’t excited to exercise, but they pull from their arsenal, dig deep to get going, and they are better off because of it.

If you don’t feel motivated, try to use your discipline to set you in motion. This doesn’t always apply, but use your best judgment to check if it’s a day when you know you need more movement, and go for it.

Keeping their eyes on their own paper, when it comes to body image, diet choices and lifestyle.

Fit and healthy people find their very own process, and they stick to it.

If you’re constantly trying to do what everyone else is doing, you’ll be exhausted and confused. The most successful fit and healthy people find what works for them, and they don’t worry about what everyone else is promoting, doing or trying.

If you open up Instagram and feel overwhelmed by influencers selling their fitness/coaching programs all with conflicting information, you’ve got to be careful about letting that derail you. If you know what’s working for you, then stick with it. You don’t have to do other people’s workouts, you don’t have to follow other people’s diets, and you definitely don’t need to compare your body to anyone else’s either.

Common habits shared by healthy people by A Lady Goes West

I have no problem with someone who swears by keto and Crossfit and they feel and look amazing. But that’s not for me. I know I want the majority of my workouts to be group fitness, and I know I want to eat a balanced diet with no labels.

Do I sometimes see super-fit folks and think, dang wish I looked like that? Sure. But I also know that what they are doing does not sound like something I want in my life. I’m the healthiest version of me, even if I’m not sporting an 8-pack of abs and squatting 400 pounds.

There are a million ways to move and to eat, and you have to find the ways that work for your lifestyle, needs and abilities. Then, once you find something, stick with it, and keep your eyes on your own paper.

Having a health-minded support system of people in their corner.

It’s hard to focus on your health and well-being if no one else in your life cares about theirs, right? 

While I don’t think you can only hang out with people who like what you like, I do think that your inner circle matters. The healthiest and fittest of people have healthy and fit people in their lives. Not to compare (see the point above, of course), but to inspire, motivate and share that lifestyle.

Common habits shared by fit people

If you don’t currently have anyone in your immediate life that wants you to care about your health and who also cares about their own health, you should do your best to find someone. Maybe it’s through a wellness Facebook group? Maybe it’s through joining a local gym or studio? Whatever it is, remember that who and what we surround ourself with matters.

Healthy and fit people have healthy and fit people in their lives. You need that in your life too! And maybe you need some of these other habits shared by fit and healthy people?

Crowdsourced healthy habits from YOU

I asked you on Instagram to share some healthy habits you swear by, and here they are …

  • “I always plan my workouts ahead of time. Having the workouts set let’s me look forward to them.”
  • “I drink plenty of water in the morning so I stay hydrated all day, especially on busy days.”
  • “I have a flexercise routine instead of a super-rigid exercise habit. Making room for life is a must.”
  • “Taking Ashley’s classes Monday through Friday.” (Okay, this is my personal favorite contribution from one of my beautiful and strong class members at Life Time, who has had a body transformation over the last few months, and it makes me so proud.)
  • “I try to eat an early dinner each night.”
  • “When I roll out of bed, I do a 1-minute plank, every day.”
  • “I like to work out in the morning, and I always prep starches (like potatoes and rice) on the weekends to eat through the week.”
  • “I work out at 4:30 a.m. before my husband or kids get up.” (Dang, that’s early, but good work finding time for you!)
  • “I sneak in steps when I’m talking on the phone.”
  • “I get in protein at every meal.”
  • “I keep a half-gallon water bottle at my desk to stay hydrated.”
  • “I always work out in the morning before work.” (When I had a corporate job, early morning workouts were my jam too.)
  • “Evening walks. I enjoy them, and they help me get in extra steps.”

That concludes our list of common habits shared by fit and healthy people. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful week, my friend!

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What’s a habit that you have that’s not working well for you?

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  1. I agree with surrounding yourself with like-minded people! I’ve started going to gym during my lunch break and it’s been so good. I’m working hard to keep it up 🙂

  2. I follow a couple of people on YouTube so usually I will just follow along to one of their workout videos! I can only get about a 30 – 40 minute session in but it actually feels like the perfect length because you work hard, but you aren’t SO sore the next day that you have to take a rest day. I coincidently started a book and in it the author mentioned that fit people often repeat the same healthy meals – so there definitely is truth to your post!

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