Current faves: A visit from my mom and weekly workouts

Hi, friends! How was your week? Ours was pretty good. My mom was here for the first part of the week visiting us, and we had a great time — more on that below. Other than that, we continued to explore the area and find our way. I’m very excited to get into our new house in just two weeks, because living in an AirBnB isn’t ideal. But we’re making it work for now. ‘Tis an adventure! 🙂 

Speaking of this moving adventure: I’m doing what I can with work and fitness right now, while taking care of Brady all day. But I do feel like I’m doing the bare minimum at most of it, and it’s not the greatest feeling. I just keep reminding myself that this is temporary and significant, and all of the things I need to do will be there waiting for me once we’re more settled. And that’s a small update on my current state. Because my main gig right now is right here …

Ashley and Brady behind Freedom Park by A Lady Goes West in January 2021

(Wearing one of my favorite animal print leggings from Carbon38, of course.)

By the way, congratulations to Wendy B. for winning last week’s giveaway for a 6-month subscription to Fit Revolution to work out with me on demand. You can still try out Fit Revolution for 14 days for free and then get 33 percent off your first month, if you choose to continue, using my code ASHLEYPITT3PC1 on the Fit Revolution site today. Thanks for the support, friends!

Not a ton to share today, but let’s do the faves …

Current faves


Hanging with my Mom

The big highlight of the last week and the first part of this week was having my mom here for six days! She left on Wednesday morning, and we were all a little sad. Rudy literally pouted all day on the couch, and Brady kept asking if Grammie could come back, over and over again. 

After the morning she left, it didn’t help our spirits that we were in the midst of a very rainy day (and week) with some dreary conditions. We’re pretty reliant on outdoor play to fill the days right now, so rain isn’t the best for us. But we did have a couple nice days this week at least. Once again, we’re taking things as they come.

During my mom’s visit, we went to a bunch of parks, we went on daily walks, we got take-out lunches, we went to multiple grocery stores, we hung out, we watched TV, and we chilled together around the house a lot too. It was not action-packed at all, and that was fine by us all. While I like to do fun things with my mom, I also like to do not much of anything with her too.

Ashley, Brady and Mom at Pineville Park by A Lady Goes West in January 2021

Speaking of parks, so far, our favorites have been Freedom Park, Park Road Park and Pineville Lake Park. And these parks all have a nice body of water to walk around and plenty of playground attractions for Brady, and they aren’t too far from where we’re staying. When we go to the park, we always walk the loop before we hit the playground, because once Brady’s on the playground, it’s hard to get him to leave. Like really hard.

Back to my momma: It’s just under 10 hours on the road between us, so we expect to be seeing her a whole lot more than we did when we lived in California. Yay!


The Jellies Duo is here

This week, Beautycounter debuted the Jellies Duo, and this is a customer request. The Jellies lipglosses have been one of the most popular holiday gift sets every year, always selling out. And now you can get a pair of Jellies any time you want throughout the year. 

The Jellies Duos by A Lady Goes West in January 2021

The Jellies Duo comes in three flavor combinations, made with fragrance that has been tested for safety. Here are the pairs you can grab:

  • Sorbet & Peppermint
  • Raspberry & Cocoa
  • Honey & Orange Cream

These glosses provide high shine with a sheer color. When you combine them, they have a bit more product than the Beautycounter Beyond Gloss too — but the Beyond Gloss provides more color. But boy these are cute …

A sorbet Jellie by A Lady Goes West in January 2021

I always have a Jellie in my pocket or purse, and these are a total fan favorite. Shop the Jellies Duo here.


Weekly workouts 

Here’s a look at my workouts from last week …

Weekly workouts by A Lady Goes West

  • Monday: 30-minute full-body weights, 6 p.m.
  • Tuesday: Taught 45-minute barre class, 3 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 30-minute full-body weights, 6 p.m.
  • Thursday: Taught 45-minute barre class, 3 p.m.
  • Friday: 20-minute upper-body weights, 15-minute cycle, 6 p.m.
  • Saturday: 20-minute lower-body weights, 10 a.m.
  • Sunday: 10-minute yoga, 7 p.m.

This past week was full of short workouts again, and I’m not upset about it. I’m not in love with the workout space at our AirBnB, and I don’t have a lot of Brady-free time either, so I’m fitting in things as best as I can. My favorite workouts each week are definitely the live virtual classes I’m teaching, so I’m thankful for those.


A Lady Goes West recommended favorite products

I only share what I use and love in my own life, and here are some of the brands I swear by. And when you use my discount codes and links, you support me, so thanks for that …

  • Fit Revolution. Get a 14-day trial and 33 percent off your first month of this amazing workout platform (where you can take my classes on demand) with the code ASHLEYPITT3PC1.
  • Carbon38. The coolest activewear around. Get 15 percent off your first two orders of $100 or more using the code ASHLEYPITT. 
  • G2G protein bars. I love these tasty and minimal-ingredient protein bars. You can get 15 percent off your order on the G2G Bar site with the code ALADYGOESWEST. 
  • Organifi superfood supplements. I’m all about the Organifi Complete Plant-Based protein powder. You can get 15 percent off your order on the Organifi site with the code ALADYGOESWEST.
  • Four Sigmatic. These superfood coffees and teas are so good — I especially love the Cacao Chill and Lion’s Mane Latte. Get 15 percent off your order on the site using the code ALADYGOESWEST.
  • Beautycounter. The best safe skincare and makeup. Send me a message, and I’ll share a 20 percent off code for your very first order.
  • Les Mills On Demand streaming workouts. My favorite fitness brand. You can do a whole month of workouts during a free 30-day trial by using my special referral link here.
  • Les Mills Coach program. You can get 15 percent off a 4-, 8- or 12-week guided coaching and accountability program with the code ASHLEY15.

Best reads

A few things from around the web 

  • How to reduce sugar cravings. Are you constantly eyeing cookies and treats? Yes, I love treats too, and I have them regularly, but you shouldn’t always be in need of them. If you are, your body might be trying to tell you something. Here are three super-short and simple things to check about your own health and routine to curb your sugar cravings.
  • The best seasonings from Trader Joe’s. I use seasonings on almost everything, and that’s because I like my food to have a lot of flavor. Trader Joe’s is one of the best places to pick up unique seasonings, and here’s a great list of the top ones you can find there. Some of these are new to me, and I need to try them out soon.

And here’s the quote of the week from the Calm app, which I use to do my daily morning meditations

Calm quote about going inward by A Lady Goes West

A Lady Goes West favorite archives 

Five sneaky skincare mistakes you could be making by A Lady Goes West

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Thank you for clicking over to read A Lady Goes West today! I hope you have a great weekend!

Questions of the day

How was your week?

What are you up to this weekend?

Are you a lipgloss or lipstick lover? I’m both!



  1. Thanks so much Ashley!! I was beyond excited to dive in to the FIT REVOLUTION app and what a treat. The platform is great with so much variety of workouts and instructors and recipe demonstrations. Already tried out a few workouts and really enjoyed them. Going to enjoy family time this weekend. I am a lipstick person all the way. Even a no makeup day I just put a little on and it makes me feel more complete!!

    1. Hi Wendy! I love to hear that — you’ll have to let me know which workouts you did on Fit Revolution. And wear that lipstick, girl — feels good to have a little color on the lips! Happy Friday, friend. Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Well partial to your workouts.. I did the 20-minute butt and core workout (loved) and your 25-minute dumbell strength workout (another good one). So easy to follow, Jen’s chill yoga flow and some barre-inspired on the way this weekend. Also trying a few recipes that I watched the demos for (pumpkin mug cake and white chocolate raspberry protein bars)!!!

    1. Awesome! I’m so glad you are making use of the app — new stuff is added all the time, so you won’t get bored!! Try my 30-minute barre workout with light dumbbells for sure — you’ll like that! 🙂

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