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Welcome to the faves for July, friend!

We’re having a pretty good summer so far, and it’s been going by so quickly. Brady did a couple weeks of full-day camp at Life Time, but other than that, he’s been with me. We’ve been fitting in little things we usually don’t have time for, like rearranging his room, extra playtime and going to our neighborhood pool too.

Ashley and Brady at pool 2024 by A Lady Goes West

(Here are my sunglasses.)

Although life has been good, I don’t want to skip mentioning that there’s still been some real-life annoying stuff taking place too. Someone hit (and ran) my car while I was teaching at Life Time the other day, so I’ve been dealing with that. We’re still working through some plumbing issues in our house that resulted in holes in our ceiling and hope to finally have all that fixed next week (after months of not being able to use our primary shower). And, I also did something to my knee, which has been acting up a little bit here and there. I’m so lucky that I rarely have aches and pains for as much as movement as I do, so I’ve been very frustrated with this particular pain for a few weeks. I’ve been trying all of my usual recovery methods that haven’t quite worked, so I’m going to get it checked out this week, and I’ll report back on that.

But back to the highlight reel (and the fun stuff). Here are my current faves …

Current faves

New adidas white sneakers for everyday wear

*adidas sent me a gift card to purchase this gear, but these opinions are my own.

We wear a lot of adidas in our house … from head to toe.

I feel like you can never have enough white sneakers, you know? When I buy a white sneaker, I prefer a leather version, so it’s a bit more durable. I recently ordered these leather Stan Smith sneakers with a golden-heel detail, and they’re perfect. They’re comfy, they look good with just about anything, and I’ve been loving that there’s a little metallic pop in the back.

New adidas sneakers and outfit by A Lady Goes West

When I was looking around for some new white sneakers for this summer (and beyond), I figured adidas would be the right choice. I can always count on the adidas website to have the best casual women’s sneakers like these. And over the years, I’ve owned multiple white leather adidas sneakers all of slightly different styles. My first pair were these Superstar shoes, then these Grand Court shoes, and now my Stan Smith shoes.

New adidas sneaker by A Lady Goes West

Dave has had several versions of the Stan Smith sneakers for years (and I’ve bought him a few of them), and now I can see why he’s been such a fan. There are tons of colors to choose from, the sole of the shoe is flat, and there’s plenty of room in the toe-box, even though the shoe has a sleeker narrow look. An all-around good choice.

New adidas sneakers by A Lady Goes West

I’ve also had my eye on the adidas Samba Classic shoes, and I may get those in the future. While they aren’t all white, which is usually my preference, the simple tan sole with navy stripes are a pretty cool look. 

In addition to wearing sneakers, because it’s been super hot here in Charlotte, we’ve been in shorts nearly every day. adidas has some great mens shorts and womens shorts to choose from for the hot summer months. And adidas gear is always affordable and functional — love that.

Thanks to adidas for the gift cards, and thanks for making great stuff for real-life wear.


Our Fourth of July in Charlotte

Our Fourth of July was so incredibly hot, but it was a great time. I taught a class in the morning (which Dave came to), and then in the afternoon, we went to our country club’s annual Fourth of July festival.

I never thought I’d be part of a country club, and we really don’t use our membership all that much. But when it comes to big holidays, we always attend the events held there, because they’re so well done. This Fourth of July may have been the best yet too …

Family Fourth 2024 by A Lady Goes West

Dave and Ashley Fourth 2024 by A Lady Goes West

(Here’s my dress. I’m in a small, and it was light and comfy for a hot day.)

Even though it felt like it was almost 100 degrees outside (I believe it was technically 97, with super thick humidity), we had a great time hanging with our friends, eating dinner from a big outdoor buffet and watching Brady ride the carnival attractions. Once it got dark (and cooled off a tiny bit), the culmination was an awesome fireworks show on the driving range of the country club golf course, and our group set up a big camp to watch together. 

Fourth friends 2024 by A Lady Goes West

Mom and Ashley Fourth 2024 by A Lady Goes West

Brady fireworks 2024 by A Lady Goes West

Fourth fireworks 2024 by A Lady Goes West
It’s so nice to have these holidays with our crew. This was our fourth Fourth of July as Charlotte residents, and we look forward to many, many more. By the way, I made a video about our Fourth of July here


Empower video for Life Time Classes

I was so excited to be asked to film a video all about how I feel empowered as a group fitness instructor for the Life Time Classes Instagram page. In case you missed it, head here to hear/see me talk about my love for group fitness and more.

This video also gives you a glimpse into one of my recent Shred classes too. Fun fact: Brady asked to watch the footage over and over again, because he’d never seen me in that setting before and he thought it was so cool. 

Ashley teaching Shred by A Lady Goes West


“The People We Keep” by Allison Larkin

I saw this book, “The People We Keep” by Allison Larkin on a summer reading list somewhere, so I decided to check it out at the library. It was one of those books that instantly pulled me in.

It’s a fictional tale of a young woman born into poor circumstances, and how she left her home town to search for belonging. She goes through a lot along the way, and her first-person narrative account is really gripping. Also, I loved the ending of this book. Even though much of the book is sad, it didn’t feel like a downer of a read. That’s all I will say. If you want some escapist fiction, try this one.

The People We Keep book by A Lady Goes West

(“The People We Keep” by Allison Larkin)


Brady’s personality portraits 

One of my sweet friends, Jennifer, moonlights as a talented photographer, and she invited our group of ladies (and our husbands and kids) over a few weeks ago for a brunch/photo session at her house. Although I have a million pictures of Brady, I didn’t have any like these, and I know I’m going to frame them. It’s so cute to take away the colors and the background and focus on nothing but his sweet little 6.5-year-old self.

Brady personality 2024 by A Lady Goes West-1

Brady personality 2024 by A Lady Goes West-2

Brady personality 2024 by A Lady Goes West

Life lately

Here are some good moments from recent life in Charlotte …

Brady’s first baseball game. We took Brady to see the Charlotte Knights play at Truist Field in Uptown Charlotte. This is a minor league baseball team, and they do a great job making the game fun (in fact, at the end of the game, kids get to go out on the field and run the bases on Sundays). Baseball is definitely not as action packed as soccer, but it was good to let Brady experience the sport up close as a fan. This was another incredibly hot day, which seems to be a pattern in Charlotte this summer, so we were extra grateful to have seats in the shade.

Charlotte Knights game by A Lady Goes West

Charlotte Knights game by A Lady Goes West

Third annual Ballantyne Brawl with friends. Last weekend, my girlfriend, Andrea, hosted our third annual Ballantyne Brawl, which is an adult Olympics event full of friendly competition. For this event, we split into teams and each team earned points for winning events. It was the hottest day of the year so far, so we took frequent dips in the pool during the afternoon/night. I’m happy to say that my team came away as the champions, but really, everybody won when it came to having fun. This is truly my favorite thing we do each year, and my face was sore from laughing. Also, I made a little video about the event here.

Ballantyne Brawl 2024 by A Lady Goes West

(Here’s my bathing suit, here’s my skirt, and here are my shoes.)

Bringing guests to Life Time. I love inviting my friends to come take my classes at Life Time. In the last month or so, I’ve had several people join me. A couple of weeks ago, three of my girlfriends joined me in my Shred class, then we all went to lunch after at the new Flower Child in Ballantyne. It was such a treat to have them out there in the studio sweating to the music, and I know they enjoyed it too.

Friends at Life Time by A Lady Goes West

Big sale

Les Mills equipment is 20 percent off through July 14th

If you work out at home, I hope you have the right gear to do so, and I hope you’re regularly picking up some weights. Whenever I work out at home or when I practice for my classes, I use Les Mills equipment. The barbell, plates, bench, mat and bands are the best quality equipment you can find on the market, and I’ve tried a lot of stuff. Not to mention, when you order from Les Mills, you enjoy a 3-year warranty, free shipping on all orders, and you can pay over time with Klarna, if that’s something you prefer to do.

Right now, you can get anything on the Les Mills equipment site for 20 percent off with my code ASHLEY20 through July 14th. I highly recommend the barbell and plates for your home weightlifting needs, but I also think the booty bands are top notch. Head here to shop the sale.

LM equipment by A Lady Goes West-2

LM equipment by A Lady Goes West-1

After the sale ends, my normal discount code, ASHLEY10, will be available again. Thanks for supporting this great long-time partner of A Lady Goes West. 

A Lady Goes West 

What’s been going on around the blog lately

Group fitness. I love group fitness, and I love the community aspect of it. What I don’t love is when people forget their manners, because that happens some times … “Group fitness rules: How to be a polite group fitness participant.” 

Group fitness rules How to be a polite group fitness participant by A Lady Goes West

Summer clothes. I’ve been enjoying these affordable items I picked up to wear this summer … “Cute summer clothes under $100: 9 things I’ve bought to wear this summer.”

Cute summer clothes under $100 9 things I've bought to wear this summer by A Lady Goes West

Fitness terms. Do you know all of these terms that you may come across in fitness world? … “Fitness terminology 101: Fitness and workout terms you should know.”

Fitness terminology 101 Fitness and workout terms you should know by A Lady Goes West

That’s it for today! I really appreciate you stopping by to read A Lady Goes West. I’m heading off on a beach weekend this upcoming weekend, but I’ll be sure to check in with you again next week with something new. xoxo 

Questions of the day

What’s something you’re excited about in July?

What’s one thing you’ve been proud of so far this summer?

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  1. It’s been so long since I’ve commented on the blog, so I thought I would! I have been wanting the black Adidas Sambas for about 8 months, but cannot find them in my size anywhere! I love your Stan Smiths but I cannot be convinced of anything other than the black Sambas right now.
    Those personality photos of Brady are beyond adorbs. Are we still saying adorbs? I totes am!
    I’m not sure what I am proud of this summer. I guess I will go deep and say that my Grandma died last month. She was 96 and had a great life. I am proud to say that we had a very close relationship and bond, abnormally so for a grandparent-grandchild relationship. I really spent a lot of quality time with her and I am proud that I did that and will always have such great memories of her and our times together.

    1. Courtney, that’s so beautiful that you’re proud of your relationship with your grandma. I think that’s amazing and truly something to be happy about – you did her a huge service, and you did yourself a huge service too. Family MATTERS — sooo very sorry for your loss of her last month! Thank you for sharing this with me, friend. Sending you love (and sending you good thoughts for a future adidas Samba purchase too)! xoxox

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