Current faves: Charlotte FC game, Life Time event, Uptown fun, Little Mama’s and more

Hi, friend! How are you? Happy March! Here we are with another round of current faves.

I hope your month is off to a great start. Today, I’m going to cover a few things going on in my world lately. Let’s do it …

Current faves


Taking Brady to the first Charlotte FC MLS game of the season

Last weekend, I took Brady and one of my friends and her son to the first Charlotte FC game of the season. Charlotte FC is the MLS (Major League Soccer) team here locally, and this is its third season.

While Brady and I had gone to a portion of a Charlotte FC game with Dave during the team’s first season, this experience was totally different. This season opener was a night game (as are most MLS games), and it was really cold too. We came armed with jackets and gloves, but the wind was whipping through the inside of the stadium, and it was very clear a lot of people were shivering and not prepared for the temperatures. 

Charlotte FC game by A Lady Goes West

Even though we were chilly, we had a blast. The fans at Charlotte FC games are incredible. There are all sorts of fan traditions already in just this team’s third season, and we got to experience a lot of that. From standing shoulder to shoulder and dancing to specific songs, to singing chants led by people on megaphones to more, there was a lot to see. And that was just the fan stuff. The actual action on the field of professional soccer is so good. There are hardly any breaks in MLS games (certainly compared to NFL), and we had to keep our eyes on the field to watch it all. 

Charlotte FC game by A Lady Goes West

Charlotte FC game friends by A Lady Goes West

Brady and his little friend (my friend’s son) were total troopers, and they stayed up way past their respective bed-times to make it through the first half of this game. Because we got there super early to walk around, eat and hang out — it felt like a full soccer experience, even though we left at the half (and made it home around 9:15 p.m.). Not to mention, there was only one goal all game (made by Charlotte FC), and we saw that early in the first half from our seats.

FC fans by A Lady Goes West

Charlotte FC game by A Lady Goes West

(Here’s my coat. And here is a similar version my shoes.)

Brady is so into sports, and he’s absolutely loved adding live sports into his routine, now that he’s gone to a handful of NFL/Panthers games. And even though these soccer games will always be late, I’m planning to take him to a few more this season. He kept talking about it all week, and so did I!

Also, by the way, there’s some great music at MLS games, and I found a few new songs I may plug into my group fitness routines in the coming weeks. Go, team!


Teaching at the Life Time Classes Crawl event

Two weeks ago on a Thursday evening, we hosted an event at Life Time Charlotte called the Classes Crawl. This was a chance for our members to try super-short 15-minute samplers of some of our class formats, while moving from studio to studio, ending in a social in the Life Time Cafe with healthy food and drinks. It was so fun!

Life Time Classes Crawl by A Lady Goes West
I love teaching group fitness every single day, but there’s something special about the energy of doing that during an event — it’s on another level. And I think we all felt that this night.

During this event, I taught three 13-minute Life Barre Fusion classes for different groups of rotating members. And in each mini session, I could see people out there in front of me who thought they would never like and/or take a barre class, liking and definitely taking a barre class. How cool is that? The whole point of the event was for people to try something new (without committing to a full class), and I think it went over really well.

Life Time Classes Crawl by A Lady Goes West

(Here are my leggings. And here are my shoes.)

There are some incredible instructors at Life Time Charlotte (the most talented group of instructors I’ve ever worked with), and I’m honored to be a part of this presenting team. We had a really good turn-out (about 90 members came), so I know we’ll do it again one day soon.


Good times in Charlotte with Auntie Gwena

Over President’s Day weekend, Dave’s little sister, Gwena, came to visit us from Boston (she used to live in California when we did, and she moved to Boston about a year-and-a-half after we moved to Charlotte).

We had such a nice time with “Auntie Gwena.” We hadn’t had a family visitor since my brother, Matthew, and his wife, Stephanie, came to see us at Thanksgiving, and this visit was really nice. (Because my mom is not a visitor, of course, she’s a resident.)

Gwena in Uptown by A Lady Goes West

Uptown train tracks by A Lady Goes West

(Here’s my trusty sherpa. Here’s my turtleneck. Here are my sunglasses. And here are my shoes.)

While Gwena was here, we spent a lot of time hanging out at our house. Over the course of the weekend, Brady and Gwena played Legos, soccer, football, Go Fish, Uno and more. And we also got out of the house a lot too.

While Dave was working, Gwena came to my LIFT Barbell Strength class at Life Time, and we played tennis at Life Time too. She was great competition for me on the tennis court, and I wish we had a chance to play more than once during the weekend. In addition to that, we had a pizza party at our house (where Gwena’s husband James joined, because he was in Charlotte for a work event the same weekend), and we even went on some adventures in Uptown, including a chilly walk around Freedom Park and a delicious meal at Flower Child — two of our favorite day-time Uptown activities.

Gwena at Salty Donut by A Lady Goes West

Salty Donut by A Lady Goes West

Flower Child meals by A Lady Goes West

And now we’re looking forward to another round of visitors coming up in a few weeks.


My favorite lip duo from Beautycounter

True story: The other day Brady and I were at Ulta (so I could use a gift card a Life Time class member had given me back at Christmas), and I had forgotten my lipgloss at home, so I tried a sample of a very popular brand I see all over Instagram (because we were heading out to lunch afterwards, and I wanted something on my lips).

Literally, three minutes after applying the gloss, my lips were stinging, and the areas around my mouth got super red and swelled up from irritation — yuck. I wiped it off the best I could, but I was quickly reminded why I have a go-to brand for safe, nontoxic and non-irritating makeup — which is Beautycounter. And speaking of Beautycounter …

Beautycounter lip faves by A Lady Goes West
New lipstick by A Lady Goes West
(Lined & Primed Lip Defining Pencil and Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick)

Last month, Beautycounter debuted brand new lip liners, and I’m totally into them. I ordered the Golden Honey shade, and I’ve been wearing it most days, either on its own with lip gloss or paired with this Twig lipstick. It’s the perfect lip color — with some pop, but not too much pop. Big fan! And I won’t ever veer off to another cosmetics brand (even just for a sample) again.


Checking out the new Little Mama’s on Parent’s Night Out

This past weekend, Dave and I wanted to go out to dinner on Saturday night, but our usual babysitters (including my mom) weren’t available. At the last minute, I remembered that we also had the option of Parent’s Night Out at Life Time, so I called and reserved a spot for Brady and our evening out was back on.

We’d actually never used Parent’s Night Out at Life Time before, and I can’t believe we’ve been missing out. We had from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. free, and Brady had pizza for dinner, did yoga, played sports outside, did crafts and had a really fun time with his gym buddies. When I asked him if he liked it, upon pick-up, he said he wants to go every Saturday — so that’s a big yes.

Parents Night Out Rea Farms by A Lady Goes West
While Brady was partying at Life Time, Dave and I walked down the street to check out the recently opened Little Mama’s Italian Kitchen in Rea Farms. We’d never been to the original location of this restaurant in South Park, but we had heard great things. And the Rea Farms location delivered.

Our service was great, the ambiance was great (music and dark lighting), and the food was superb. Also, fun fact: I ran into six different class members from Life Time in our one 90-minute dinner at Little Mama’s too, which was quite a lot. It was a bustling night at this Italian restaurant.

Little Mamas Italian appetizer by A Lady Goes West

Little Mamas Italian dinner by A Lady Goes West

Both of our meals were huge, and knowing this, Dave and I will absolutely share an entree next time we go. We had the home-made mozzarella with accompaniments for an appetizer, then we had our entrees (ziti with meatballs for me and chicken parmesan for Dave), and we took some chocolate cake to go to enjoy later at home. I loved our dining experience, and I know we’ll go back again. This night was a win win for us all.

Also, I debuted this new outfit, which is on super sale right now …

New Express outfit by A Lady Goes West

(Here are my shiny coated black jeans, which are high-waisted, and I’m in a size 4. And here is my button-up patterned top, which is loose and light, and I’m in a small.)

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Something to think about

Hiking quote by A Lady Goes West

(From James Clear)

That’s it for today, my friend. Thank you for spending some of your valuable time catching up on A Lady Goes West. I sure do appreciate you! xoxo

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  1. Your input on the Charlotte FC games have me excited because I just bought tickets today for a game in mid May! We are all going for the first time and can’t wait to see our boys reactions to their first soccer game!
    Little Mamas is so good, if you like bread pudding try it next time, the goat cheese dip is mouthwatering too!

    1. Joanna! Your family will LOVE the Charlotte FC game! You should totally get your boys a jersey/scarf/hat or other FC gear before the game if you don’t have any yet. I definitely will go back to Little Mama’s and have to try every single dessert — bread pudding sounds yummy. 🙂

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