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I’m coming at you in real-time with a current faves post, and it’s also the first post of April. Brady is on spring break right now, and we’re heading off on a short trip to New York City later this week, which we’re excited about. Dave will be there for work before us, so Brady and I will fly up to enjoy a few nights, and it will be Brady’s first time in NYC. I often miss city life (San Francisco city life, that is), so it’ll be good to have a fix for a short time just as a tourist. We have plans to meet up with some friends and family there, do some sight-seeing and hopefully get to a Broadway show too. So that’s what’s next, but first, let’s talk about what’s been going on around here.

The days have been flying by. We’re into Brady’s soccer season, my tennis season, Charlotte FC season and all the other stuff in between. I pulled out a few things worth highlighting below. But a quick reminder: This is a “current faves” post, and thus, most of the things highlighted are fun and positive and have accompanying photos too. That’s not every single day and every single moment, as my weeks have also been full of rushing around, work, spending a lot of time in the car, stress, chores, ceiling leaks, plumber appointments and various things that just don’t make the blog today. This is my highlight reel. 🙂 

Current faves


Celebrating Easter 2024 in Charlotte

How is it possible that this was our fourth Easter in Charlotte? It was! We had a nice Easter weekend, with a couple of festive events, including an Easter egg hunt on one day at our country club and a church service and nice Easter brunch on another day.

The weather was really nice, with moderate temperatures and sunny skies, so we spent a lot of time outside. Both of these days gave me an opportunity to pull out some older dresses from my closet, which needed a rewear too …

Easter egg hunt 2024 by A Lady Goes West

(Here’s my older dress, my sunglasses, my purse and my sandals.)

Easter Sunday 2024 by A Lady Goes West

(Here’s my older dress and my sunglasses.)

Easter Sunday 2024 by A Lady Goes West-1

Brady Easter basket 2024 by A Lady Goes West

Easter Sunday 2024 by A Lady Goes West-2

The last few weekends I’ve had a ton of work all weekend, mostly while preparing new choreography for classes, but on Easter weekend, I hardly had any work. So it felt great to have a little more free space in my day just in time for all this Easter fun.

Watching Brady’s kindergarten fun run and volunteering at his school

Right before spring break, Brady’s elementary school ran a fundraising campaign through Boosterthon, and the final day was a fun run for each grade level. I wasn’t entirely sure if I was going to make it, but I popped over there in sweaty gym clothes (and a jacket) to take in the run, and I’m so glad I did. It was adorable! I love seeing Brady in his element at school, and those little kindergartners did a great job running laps on the black-top for 35 minutes to help raise money for their school.

Fun Run by A Lady Goes West

Fun Run by A Lady Goes West

The week before, I volunteered at recess at Brady’s school, and that was just as memorable of an experience. When I entered his classroom before recess, 20 tiny humans ran up and started hugging me and telling me facts about themselves, while simultaneously asking me questions, and that energy level stayed up through the 30-minute recess. I loved it. I have an even bigger respect for teachers after putting in that time with the class too. It was truly something to be surrounded by all the cuteness, innocence and intensity of a large group of 5- and 6-year-olds.

For some reason, sometimes when I go to Brady’s activities (like school, sports, etc.), I cry happy tears, and I held them back during my recess volunteering, but I couldn’t hold them back during the fun run. It was precious to watch. I’ve also signed up to be a chaperone on an upcoming field trip, and I’m looking forward to more time with Brady and his classmates soon.


Seeing “Moulin Rouge! The Musical” with girlfriends

This past weekend, I went to see “Moulin Rouge! The Musical” with a couple of girlfriends at The Belk Theater in Uptown Charlotte, and we all literally loved this performance. The costumes, the singing, the dancing, the bright and vibrant stage and lighting … it was completely over the top and incredibly entertaining. 

Moulin Rouge by A Lady Goes West

I love the movie “Moulin Rouge,” and this musical loosely followed the storyline, but the music was very different. This show featured snippets of popular songs, which fit in with the story being told, and I actually didn’t know that ahead of time, so it was a pleasant surprise. I was so into it, and it was even better than I expected. This show is not safe for kids, clearly (the main setting of the performance is basically a brothel), but it’s safe for adults. And our group loved it.

Ladies at Moulin Rouge by A Lady Goes West

(Here are my pants, which I’ve been wearing a ton lately.)

Before the show, we went to dinner at Church and Union in Uptown right near the theater, and we had an excellent meal. Overall, this made for a great ladies night, totally outside of our usual South Charlotte/Ballantyne bubble.

Enjoying Taylor Swift covers at a Candlelight Concert with Dave

It was about this time last year that Dave and I went to our first Candlelight Concert series, and we saw the Charlotte Strings perform covers of Queen music in The Barrel Room of Triple C Brewing. We went again last week to the same spot, and this time we saw the Charlotte Strings perform covers of Taylor Swift music … and believe it or not, I was a big fan of it. (As a certified Swiftie, I knew every single song and every single fact that the host shared between songs about Taylor Swift and her albums.)

Candlelight Concert at Triple C by A Lady Goes West

During this type of event, four string instruments perform arrangements of popular music, and the violins “do the lyrics” — and of course, there’s no actual singing. The setting is extra cool, because there are no lights on in the venue except for hundreds of (I actually don’t know how many) battery-operated candles surrounding the small stage.

And this time, we had front and center seats, so we were super close to the action (even though in a setting like this, there are no bad seats). I don’t know who thought of this type of event, but I’m all for it. And I hope to go back again for another great artist one day soon, because it’s so intimate and special.

Candlelight Concert by A Lady Goes West

Before the show, Dave and I went to dinner across the street at Suffolk Punch in South End, which was really good. And we both liked this fun weeknight date.

By the way, if these candlelight events sound cool to you, Candlelight Concerts take place all over the U.S. The tickets are reasonably priced, and it makes for a really awesome experience.

Living it up at the silliest girls night

Okay, this girls night took place a few weeks ago, but it needs a place on the blog. One of my girlfriends had the idea to host a game night, but have us all wear wigs. I borrowed a wig from a friend, put on my comfortables and had a blast this night.

I actually don’t think I had ever worn a wig before, and it was so weird to look in the mirror and not really recognize myself. It made me decide I’ll never go platinum blonde …

(Here’s my top, and here are my leggings.)

We played the If You Know You Know card game in between singing, dancing, eating and talking, and it was the perfect game for this type of night — we answered questions about each other, so it got some great conversations going that we’ll all keep in the vault.

In case you want to see more, I made a video this night, which you can watch here

Going to the Charlotte FC MLS home games

There have been three home games so far in the Charlotte FC soccer season, and Brady and I have gone to all of them, with a slightly different line-up of friends with us. It’s such a great time, every single time. Soccer is very fast-paced, and there are a lot of engaging fan traditions at Charlotte FC games too.

Ashley and Brady at Charlotte FC by A Lady Goes West

Ashley and Brady at Charlotte FC by A Lady Goes West-1

Fun fact: MLS teams are getting more and more popular, because in the last 10 years, soccer has become the fastest growing sport in America. We’re so into it, and I love that Brady and I can do this together. Dave is always working at these games, but he usually stops by to visit with us at least for a few minutes. These games also give us a good chance to hang out with friends, and we need to start inviting people to the upcoming games this month.


Finding the comfiest and most affordable jeans

I’ve been searching high and low for new everyday jeans lately, and I’ve tried on a ton of designer ones that weren’t quite right. Well, I finally found some good ones, and they’re incredibly well priced too. Where did I get these? Express. And I bought them in person, which is rare for me. I’ve already worn these to a Charlotte FC game and have them packed up for NYC too. They run a bit big, and I wear a 4 in this brand (whereas I’m a 6 in some brands of pants). They have a little stretch, a high waist and the perfect cropped raw hem.

New Express jeans by A Lady Goes West

(Here are my jeans, and here’s my shirt.)


Using and loving Life Time Health products and a discount code for you

I’ve said it a million times that Life Time is my favorite gym/health club I’ve ever worked, and that’s still true. This month, I’ll celebrate three years with Life Time. Yay!

A while back, Life Time launched its own line of Life Time Health products, including protein powders, recovery supplements and more. I’ve been trying out a few of them in my daily life, and I’m truly enjoying them, so it’s time to write about them. And, I have a discount code too. By the way, you don’t have to be a Life Time member to order Life Time Health products, you just visit the website like any other brand.

You can find Life Time Health products on the Life Time Health Shop here, and my discount code is 273605 for 10 percent off your order. 

Life Time Vegan All-in-One Chocolate Protein Powder: This is my new go-to protein powder. What’s awesome about it is not only that it tastes great, but also that it has 30 grams of protein per serving. Most protein powders have 20 grams per serving, and when you’re always trying to get a certain amount of protein per day, every bit counts. Not to mention, it mixes up well. I’ve used some protein powders in the past that clump in the shaker, and I hate that. This one doesn’t clump. You can find Life Time Vegan All-in-One Protein Powder here, and I like the chocolate flavor.

How I increased my protein by A Lady Goes West

Life Time Hydrate: Life Time Hydrate is an electrolytes powder packet that you toss in your water to replenish what you lose when you sweat. It tastes great, and I put this in my water when I’m teaching a double or when I needed a little extra boost. You can safely use this every single day, and I’ll probably bring some to NYC to keep us all hydrated too — because it works way faster than water alone (and there’s only so much hydrating plain water can do for you before you need added minerals and electrolytes). Life Time Hydrate has almost three times the electrolytes of a sports drink, and it’s made with no sugar too. You can find Life Time Hydrate here, and I like both flavors.

Life Time Health Hydrate by A Lady Goes West

Life Time Amino Recovery: I had always wanted to take aminos, but I had never found any that I like before (after trying quite a few that I couldn’t stomach). I really like this one from Life Time. And now, I put a scoop in my water cup daily and drink it after my workout. Amino Recovery contains essential branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which when taken during and after exercise can help reduce muscle soreness and also preserve muscle mass (preserving muscle mass is my major goal, because as you know, I’m doing a lot of exercising each week and trying to continually get stronger). You can find Life Time Amino Recovery here, and I prefer the Cherry Lime flavor. This comes in single-serve packets, but I use the tub. I’ve felt great since incorporating Amino Recovery every day I work out, over the last month, so I think it’s working well for me.

Life Time Health Amino Recovery by A Lady Goes West
And those are my favorite Life Time Health products so far. I’m always trying new things and sharing what I like with you. If you’re in the market for any of the above, give Life Time Health a try and use my code 273605 for 10 percent off your order. Thanks, friend!

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That’s it for today, friend! I hope you have an amazing week. Come say hi to me on Instagram to see some tidbits from our trip to NYC. See you back here soon! xoxo

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  1. I remember reading about your Queen candlelight concert experience before and was very intrigued! There’s a Queen one coming to my area that I would love to go to but we couldn’t make that date work. We are, however, attending a Beatles one on May 17 and I’m very much looking forward to it!

    1. Ohhh yay, Ashley! The Beatles would be a great one to attend too. Let me know what yours is like and I hope you love it. Have a great weekend! 🙂 xoxo

  2. Catching up on some posts – love this round up and your Q&A!
    Have the best time in NYC – my fave city, 3 visits now and I’d go every year if I could!

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