Current faves: Giveaway, game time, movie, sun safety and weekly workouts

Happy Friday, my friends! Are you gearing up for a long weekend? I hope so! 

This week was a good one! I taught my usual classes, subbed an extra BODYPUMP class, had coffee with a new friend, got my nails done and worked, worked, worked. Let’s get into those faves, and there’s a great giveaway going on in here too …



Want to win some Liquid IV packets for hydration?

I had heard about the amazingness of Liquid IV hydration packets on one of my favorite podcasts a while back but never had a chance to try these powder electrolyte miracles until a couple of months ago. Well, I’m a fan! The powders have so many electrolytes that using one is almost like drinking 2-3 glasses of water, and it actually gets to your bloodstream faster than water alone. The packets come in three flavors, and passion fruit is my favorite. You can find these on Amazon, by the way.

Why would you need these? Before a tough workout. After a sweaty workout to replenish. Or before or after a night of too much wine, if you know what I mean. Dave and I have both been enjoying them for all these reasons. 🙂 Mostly the first two, of course.

Liquid IV is kind enough to offer a giveaway to A Lady Goes West readers, and one lucky person will get a box of each of the three flavors of packets — that’s a lot. Details on how to enter below …

Liquid IV hydration by A Lady Goes West

Here’s how to enter to win …

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post.
  2. Follow @aladygoeswest and @liquidiv on Instagram.

You must live in the U.S. to win. This giveaway will close next Wednesday, May 29. Thanks so much!

Liquid IV giveaway by A Lady Goes West - May 2019


Warriors game outing with my girlfriends

Even though Dave works for the Warriors, because of Brady and because of my evening class commitments, I don’t go to games very often. In fact, so far this year, I’ve only gone to one regular season game and one playoff game.

Before Warriors game by A Lady Goes West - May 2019

(Rocking my favorite Beautycounter red color intense lipstick. Also, I’m wearing a regular cotton t-shirt, but I used scissors to put a tear in the bottom corner, then tied it up to make it look a little cuter.)

Last week, I went with some girlfriends to the playoff game against Portland, and we had SO MUCH FUN. Not only did the Warriors win, but I saw a bunch of people I haven’t seen in a while, so I got to catch up with them too. And the people watching was divine. I’m not a huge sports person, but I always enjoy watching live basketball because it moves so quickly.

It was totally worth getting a babysitter for and doing my hair on a Thursday! 

At Warriors game by A Lady Goes West - May 2019

(New studded sandals.)


“Wine Country” on Netflix

Such a funny movie with all the former SNL lady stars. This past weekend while Dave was gone, I watched “Wine Country” on Netflix with my sister-in-law, Gwena, who came over to help with Brady and hang out for the afternoon. It wasn’t as funny as say, “Bridesmaids,” but it was still really enjoyable and made me feel good. I highly recommend it!


Beautycounter sun set free gift

Have you stocked up on sunscreen for the Memorial Day weekend or summer season yet? 🙂 Sunscreen can expire, so make sure you check the labels of what you’ve got. Something I recently learned is that mineral sunscreen is the safer choice for your skin and for the environment — and mineral sunscreens actually block the sun’s rays, whereas chemical sunscreens just deflect them. That’s why mineral sunscreens are white. (More info on the research on sunscreens here.) And here’s what I use …

Beautycounter sun set by A Lady Goes West - May 2019

Beautycounter makes some awesome mineral sunscreen products that are always best-sellers (including the brand new tinted sunscreen mist). And here’s the current promo: If you place a Beautycounter order of more than $125 this weekend, you’ll get a free Beautycounter Sun Set, which includes the sunscreen mineral spray and lotion ($35 value). This gift with purchase promo runs through Tuesday, May 28. Let me know if you have any questions, or you can shop here.


Weekly workout recap

Because I like to share how I’ve been moving …

Weekly workouts by A Lady Goes West

  • Monday: 45-minute BODYPUMP class, 10 a.m.
  • Tuesday: Taught 45-minute BODYATTACK class, 4:45 p.m.
  • Wednesday: Taught 1-hour barre class, 5 p.m.
  • Thursday: Taught 1-hour barre class, 12 p.m.
  • Friday: 20 minutes of BODYATTACK practice, 25-minute weights workout, 10 a.m.
  • Saturday: 1-hour BODYATTACK class, 9:30 a.m.
  • Sunday: Rest day

This past week was pretty simple when it came to workouts, I took classes, taught classes, practiced BODYATTACK, did a short weights session and took a rest day. A little light on resistance work, but oh well.

Here’s the short weights workout that I did during the week …

Workout with KB and TRX by A Lady Goes West - May 2019

You can find these workouts saved under “Workouts” on my Instagram story highlights or check out this post.

And if you’re in need of some awesome streaming workouts to follow along with over the long weekend, try Les Mills On Demand — my favorite platform for home workouts. You can get a free 10-day trial using my link here.

Best reads

Some things I enjoyed from around the web and TV …

  • Stretching. We all know we need to stretch, but do you know when? Static stretching is best for after a workout or at the end of the day. Here are some great stretches and tips on how to do them.
  • Hormones. Never met a women’s health and hormones podcast episode I didn’t like. This one features Alisa Vitti, who wrote one of my favorite health books, “The Woman Code.” Check out this episode: “How to Hack Your Hormones,” for tons of great info on periods and birth control and hormones.
  • Food trends. This is an informative piece on what you need to know about coconut oil, CBD, turmeric and other trendy foods. The gist? Nothing is a magic pill that can replace a healthy diet.

A Lady Goes West favorite archives …

Hope you have an amazing weekend, my friends. I truly appreciate you stopping by the blog today! Dave and I are celebrating an anniversary this weekend. Can you guess how many years? 🙂 xoxo

P.S. Don’t forget to enter to win by leaving a comment on this blog post. 

Questions of the day

What are you up to this weekend?

What’s something fun you’ve done recently?

Which flavor of Liquid IV would you most like to try?

Have you stocked up on mineral sunscreen for the summer yet?



  1. I watched Wine Country on Netflix too – really enjoyed it! I go on a girls weekend away every year with my school friends and it was a little too close to home hehehe

    Really funny 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi lady! I LOVEEE that you have a tradition with your school friends — my girlfriends from college and I said we were going to do that and we only did it twice hahaha. There’s still hope we’ll try again in the future! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

      1. We even have a joint bank a/c and put a little money in each month with the aim of going somewhere really fun when we all turn 40- maybe Vegas!! 🙂

  2. Happy anniversary! No idea how many years – 8?

    Weekend plans include workouts, a karaoke/bar/dance crawl in SD that a friend is singing in (in front of thousands of people – basically my worst nightmare haha), and helping to paint another friend’s nursery!

    1. Hi Liz! So close — 7 years this year. Okay YOUR weekend sounds fun — I LOVE karaoke and haven’t done it since living in Orlando. What a good time — enjoy it all, lady! 🙂

  3. Have you stocked up on mineral sunscreen for the summer yet?

    Yes! I don’t want to look red like a lobster.

  4. My weekend plans include seeing Billy Joel tonight and trying to soak up as much sun as possible – so happy the warm weather is finally here! Hope you have a great long weekend, Ash 🙂

    1. Hi Sandra! Wine Country was so funny — and Liquid IV is getting more and more popular — I bet you will hear of it again soon! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  5. Great idea for replenishing electrolytes as the Liquid IV packs would be nice to try after a run.

  6. Liquid IV sounds like a wonderful product. I’ve used a different brand in the past and was really impressed with it. Love to give it a try!

  7. I am so excited to try the Liquid IV. I suffered a bout of dehydration this weekend and lost a day during Memorial Day weekend not feeling well. I feel like I need to stay overly hydrated, so this would be a great product! Thanks for offering the give away. Enjoy your blog!

    1. Ohhh no, Holly! I’m so sorry to hear you had a little dehydration episode – NOT FUN. Yes, you’re in need of Liquid IV 🙂 thanks for saying hi!!

  8. Weekend plans included hanging out on the beach and by the pool in Sanibel! I’ve never heard of Liquid IV, but I’m intrigued with running in Florida heat. And congrats on celebrating another anniversary!

  9. I just took my first BODYATTACK class last week and whew, got my booty kicked! It was a hot mess in the most fun way 🙂

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