Current faves: Just a few random things and weekly workouts

Hi, my friends! How are you? I’m hoping you had a better week than we did over here — it wasn’t pretty on several accounts. Brady caught a lovely toddler virus at camp, which he then passed to me — so he had to skip his last week of camp this week, and we couldn’t go to the gym for a few days — which meant getting a sub for BODYATTACK, but I made it back to teach my two barre classes. Thankfully, he is totally happy and healthy now, and I am getting there, but also … it was super hot this week, we had to cancel several activities, and I had big plans for all the extra work I needed to accomplish during his three mornings at camp and none of that happened. Oh well! The good news is that we have a low-key weekend, with nothing but a little dinner party with another couple at our house one night and a lot of playing catch-up with projects. 

Based on that, we have some super simple, light and easy faves today. Here we go …

Current Faves


Lunch dates

Most days of the week I eat my bowl lunch at the coffee table while sitting on the floor and typing on the computer, while Brady naps, with Rudy watching my fork go up and down. Ideal, right? So, it’s always a treat to go out to lunch, put away technology and enjoy a meal cooked for me.

I almost always save lunch outings for the weekend, but because Brady and I were having a rough week, once he was starting to feel better and I was doing okay, we decided to have a little lunch date together at Lettuce, one of my favorite downtown Walnut Creek healthy spots.

Lunch bowls with Brady - A Lady Goes West - August 2019

We didn’t get a pic this week at Lettuce, so here’s a lunch from the weekend at Home Grown in Oakland. So good!

I’ve taken Brady out to lunch with just me quite a few times before, but it gets better and more fun the older he gets. He loves to share my food. He loves to watch people. He chats. He’s so happy to be out. And he just loves life. Lunch with Brady was the highlight of my week, although I must admit, he ate half of my bread and a lot of the good veggies in my salad, and it’s always hard for me to share food (anyone else???). Good thing he is cute, and I love to watch him enjoy healthy food! 

Speaking of lunch dates, I also met up with my girlfriend, Jill, to do SoulCycle and grab brunch at True Food Kitchen over the weekend, and that’s always one of my favorite combos. It rarely disappoints.


Water filter

Did you know that August is National Water Quality Awareness Month? It is. We probably don’t think about our water quality as much as we should, but here’s the deal: You may want to filter your tap water, because you can’t always be sure what’s in there. Yes, there are standards from the EPA, but not all areas have the best drinking water. 

For a long time, we just relied on the water filtered through our fridge, but now we use an extra water filter pitcher, and it has a lot of benefits …

Ashley and Brady with ZeroWater filter - A Lady Goes West - August 2019

First and foremost, it pours so much faster than our fridge, which makes me actually stand there and fill up my whole water bottle — whereas before, I would get lazy and only fill it up halfway because I was impatient. Second of all, our water filter pitcher, from the ZeroWater brand, removes 99 percent of the total dissolved solids in the water, which is one of the best stats on the market. And the water tastes great.

Anywho, I realized I had never shared about this particular water filter on the blog, and yet we’ve been loving it, so now you know. (P.S. I worked with ZeroWater on a couple sponsored Instagram campaigns, but this mention isn’t sponsored — I’m just a fan.) 


Plant-based chocolate “milk”

Okay, true story: For as long as I’ve known Dave — I mean, from as soon as I met him when we were both living in downtown Orlando more than 10 years ago — he has had a glass of chocolate milk for dessert after dinner. We share a lot of food, but I never joined in this after-dinner glass until about a month ago, when I found the best plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free “milk” from my favorite current pea protein milk brand called Ripple Foods.

Ripple Foods chocolate milk - A Lady Goes West - August 2019

I had already been using the Ripple Foods original pea protein milk in my tea lattes, and have become quite the fan of the Ripple Foods chocolate for the evenings as well. I put it in a mug and heat it up and drink it along with some dates for a healthy sweet bite on the weeknights (making way for the occasional slice of carrot cake or cheesecake on the weekend). While pea protein sounds weird, it has a normal taste and texture, and the chocolate is just the perfect cocoa richness.

I’m not a dairy-free or gluten-free eater at all, but I have always just liked alternative milks, and Ripple is up there as one of the best I’ve had. Also, one of the nice things about Ripple Foods is that it’s even found in Target — love it when it’s easy to find.


New workout wear

I’ve mentioned a couple times before that I’m working with CALIA by Carrie Underwood and Dick’s Sporting Goods through the rest of the year on a photo project. Here are two recent CALIA by Carrie Underwood outfits I received and took photos of. Everything is so comfy, and it’s been awesome to refresh my workout wear and athleisure a bit. The best part? These pieces are soooo affordable.

Plank off a park bench in CALIA - A Lady Goes West - August 2019

I rarely wear anything lace, so these leggings are a fun addition. I’m wearing a medium, and they are just a tiny bit loose, so they run a little big. And this top has a built-in bra and is open and airy, and I’m wearing a small.

What I learned from reading The Longevity Book -- A Lady Goes West - August 2019

Even though I have a lot of activewear, I don’t have as much athleisure as I’d like, so I was extra excited for this soft cotton leisure outfit to arrive. It’s fancier than pajamas, but comfortable enough to wear around the house or even out. The top has slits on the sides for breathability, and I’m wearing a small. The shorts have a drawstring, and they run quite big, and I’m wearing a medium, but could have definitely done a small.

I got a little behind on my photos for CALIA and actually had to take three sets of outfit photos for this month in the span of two days last weekend (Dave was my trusty photographer, of course) — but they all turned out good and are currently being reviewed by the brand, so I’ll show you them soon. I told you guys that I want to talk a bit more about the business side behind the blog, so there you go. More to come!


Weekly workout recap

How I’ve been moving lately …

Weekly workouts by A Lady Goes West

  • Monday: Practiced BODYATTACK 35 minutes, 15-minute weights workout, 5 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 30-minute CXWORX, 9:30 a.m., taught 45-minute BODYATTACK, 4:45 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 15-minute lower-body workout, taught 1-hour barre class, 5 p.m.
  • Thursday: Taught 1-hour barre class, 12 p.m.
  • Friday: Practiced BODYPUMP for 25 minutes, 9:30 a.m.
  • Saturday: 45-minute SoulCycle, 10:45 a.m.
  • Sunday: 1-hour flow yoga class at Formula 3, 9:15 a.m.

While it may look like every day this past week was super full of workouts, it actually felt a bit lighter than some of the previous weeks when I did a lot of sub teaching. Also, I absolutely LOVED taking a full hour flow yoga class on Sunday, which I haven’t done in a while. Now that we’re getting closer to fall, I’m realizing that I haven’t focused on my goal of getting stronger all that much, and it’s about time to make that a priority, in addition to all the classes I teach. Here’s hoping!

Best reads

From around the web …

  • Motivation overload. A few of you recommended the “Goal Digger Podcast” to me, so I finally listened, and, I’m loving it. And one episode with Tony Robbins was amazing, and it totally makes me want to attend a Tony Robbins event. Give it a go, if you want some major inspiration. 
  • Food combining. There are so many diets and food rules circulating around us in the world already, and here’s another: food combining. It’s basically a way to eat to improve your digestion, in which you pair certain food groups or macros together based on how long they take to digest, and you avoid pairing foods that have different digestion times — such as carbs and protein. I’ve heard of this before and never tried it, and I don’t think it’s necessary at all. But it’s always good to stay aware of the trends out there, just to be in the know. Check out more on food combining here.

And for the quote of the week from my morning meditations …

Rest quote from CALM by A Lady Goes West

A Lady Goes West favorite archives

Three important health lessons I learned from reading The Longevity Book by A Lady Goes West

How to get the motivation to work out at home by A Lady Goes West

Hope you have a great weekend and you stay well, my friends! Thanks for coming by the blog! 

Questions of the day

What are you up to this weekend?

What’s something you listened to or read recently that inspired you?

Is there a goal you had for this year you need to address soon?

Do you like to share food?

P.S. Planning to work out this weekend? Why not give a Les Mills class a try in the privacy of your own home using a free 21-day trial of my favorite streaming service, Les Mills On Demand? Here’s my personal link to give you that free 21-day trial and get moving!



  1. 1) did you know Brita is owned by Clorox Bleach? I heard that on the Model Health Show thanks to you

    2) Tony Robbins a game changer. I recommend going to Unleash The Power Within then Date with Destiny. I just did both last year and my whole life has been upleveled. Plus he’s losing his voice so not sure how much longer he will be doing those events himself

    1. Hi Nicole!! How are ya? I didn’t hear that episode, so I didn’t know, but I’ve never used or been a fan of Brita hahaha. Thanks to Shawn on The Model Health Show for filling us in. I’m soooo impressed you’ve been to two Tony Robbins events — how amazing — I really want to go. And I’ve always noticed how raspy his voice is — that’s so sad to think he may stop the events. All the more reason to book!! 🙂

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