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Hi, my friends! How was your week? Mine was good! It was full of work, gym time and a whole lot of momming. I subbed a BODYPUMP class, taught barre and also broke from the routine to get away and give a presentation on social media to a bunch of fitness professionals, which was a lot of fun for me.

We don’t have very much on the agenda this weekend, which is fine by me. Let’s get right to our regularly scheduled Friday round-up of favorites in fitness, food and life. Here we go …


Social media and fitness presentation

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to present to a room full of fitness business professionals all about social media and how to use social media in the fitness space. This event was hosted by Les Mills, and after I spoke to the group for about 30 minutes about social media, the rest of the time was devoted to learning insights into the group fitness world and health club industry — super interesting stuff!

Ashley at Hub 925 by A Lady Goes West - February 2019

As you know, other than teaching group fitness classes, most of my work is done behind the computer all alone, so I love the chance to get out and learn from others in the real world, like I used to do so often before working for myself.

And it’s always good to change out of workout clothes during the week and have an excuse to do my hair too. Overall, I walked away from the event reminded why I love to work in fitness and in social media, which is a beautiful thing. I have to thank my friend and former group fitness manager, Melissa, for inviting me to be a part!


Golden caffe latte

I used to think the pumpkin spice latte was my favorite flavored coffee shop drink, but I know now that it’s definitely the golden cafe latte from Peet’s instead. This is a seasonal beverage, and I know a lot of you don’t have Peet’s locations where you are (it’s a coffee shop that started in the Bay Area, and is growing, growing, growing), but this drink is so good, it had to be shared. Espresso, almond milk, ginger, honey and turmeric and the perfect golden color.

Golden latte by A Lady Goes West - February 2019

I usually only drink green tea, but I like to get a special drink like this maybe once a week or so — and boy that caffeine in the espresso revs me up. Love it! (I should probably try making this at home. Stay tuned for the recipe, if I’m successful.)

Bowl lunches with a brown rice base

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been making my lunches in bowls this week, with a few different variations, and I’ve liked the change a lot, so this could continue. I always end up mixing my food together anyhow, so it may as well start mixed up in a bowl.

Here are two creations that have been delish …

Lunch bowl by A Lady Goes West - February 2019

Organic brown rice, two Vital Farms eggs, sauerkraut, bell peppers sautéed in olive oil and a dollop of hummus. On top is sea salt, black pepper and Trader Joe’s umami mushroom seasoning (this seasoning is soooooo good, and I highly recommend it).

Brown rice lunch bowl by A Lady Goes West - February 2019

Organic brown rice, two Vital Farms eggs, sauerkraut, grape tomatoes and red onions sautéed in olive oil and a dollop of hummus. On top is sea salt, black pepper and Trader Joe’s umami mushroom seasoning.

These bowls remind me of what I’d potentially make at the Whole Foods hot bar, which would end up being like $20, so it’s way better to make it at home. And brown rice is so darn versatile, you can put anything on top of it. I actually prefer organic white Jasmine rice, but I had a bunch of brown rice filling my freezer, so that’s what I used.

Non-dairy ice cream

Never one to say no to treats, I was totally happy to test out Ben & Jerry’s new non-dairy frozen dessert made with almond milk when they sent it my way. The chocolate chip cookie dough is so darn tasty. But here’s the truth: Just because there’s no dairy, does not make this a healthy version of ice cream. The ingredients list is what you’d expect of a regular dessert (minus milk products), and the consistency and flavor is almost as good as the real thing. I’m a fan for sure. More flavors are coming soon!

Ben and Jerry's by A Lady Goes West - February 2019

I’d also like to report that it took me two nights to finish this pint, and I’m proud of that. I’ve certainly polished off a pint in one night, but I’m maturing. Basically, Ben & Jerry’s knows how to do it right. 🙂 

The Big 4

Last weekend, Dave and I got out for a very nice date in the City, and we tried The Big 4 restaurant in Nob Hill. I LOVED it. It was fancy, dark, had white tablecloths, great service, good food and was located right near our old apartment. I had to mention it for all of my SF people who are looking for a special occasion spot. 


Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner

I really enjoyed this light read, “Fly Away Home” by Jennifer Weiner. It’s about three women, a mother and two daughters, and how things happen in all of their lives and they end up coming together because of it all. It goes by quickly and sort’ve pulled me in — the writing style was so conversational and believable from the perspective of each of the three women. I’m sooo into reading fiction these days, but I must admit, sometimes I get so into the story that I stay up a little past my bed-time.

Fly Away Home Book by A Lady Goes West - February 2019

Funny story: I checked this one out from the library, and because I had Brady with me and was in a rush, I picked up the “large print” version by a mistake. I didn’t mind the large print, but it was REALLY large.


FastCompany honors Beautycounter for Innovation

Here’s the deal about being a consultant for Beautycounter: it’s not just about making money, it’s about spreading the word on safer skincare and make-up to help people, as well as lobbying to regulate industry for the greater good. That’s what I love about the company. FastCompany agrees. Check out this write-up on FastCompany, which names Beautycounter as one of the top innovative companies this year. And if you want to know more about getting involved with Beautycounter, please send me an email or sign up for my Beautycounter email list here


Weekly workout recap

And now we’re into the fitness.

Let’s look at my workouts from last week …

Weekly workouts by A Lady Goes West

  • Monday: Rest day
  • Tuesday: 30-minute CXWORX class, 10 a.m.
  • Wednesday: Taught 1-hour BODYPUMP class 9:30 a.m., taught 1-hour barre class, 5 p.m.
  • Thursday: Taught 1-hour barre class, noon
  • Friday: 45-minute SoulCycle class, 10:30 a.m.
  • Saturday: 1-hour BODYATTACK class, 9:30 a.m.
  • Sunday: Rest day

This past week was bookended by full rest days and had a lot of good work in the middle. I didn’t do as much resistance training as I would have liked though. Also, now that I’m teaching barre on both Wednesdays and Thursdays regularly, I need to figure out how to best structure the rest of my week to fit those weights workouts in. I had a double day on Wednesday due to subbing BODYPUMP, and as you guys know, more than one workout a day is totally out of my norm (recovered over-exerciser over here), but I let it slide this time. Overall, I felt good.


Best reads from around the web

  • Skin health. Just because it isn’t summer doesn’t mean you don’t need to be thinking about taking care of your skin to try to reduce your chances of getting skin cancer. There are things you can do other than avoid sun exposure, and this article tells you all about them. Very interesting.
  • Streaming workout form. You’ve heard me say this one before! Careful with what you’re doing with your neck while you stare at a digital instructor during a streaming workout — you could get hurt.
  • Brighten your day. This is a simple list of 100 things you can do to lift your mood and treat yourself. We all need a little bit of that sometimes, right?

A Lady Goes West Favorite archives

Have a great weekend, my friends. Thank YOU for stopping by the blog and reading. I truly appreciate you! And I’ll see you over on Instagram, until we meet back here again. Be good!

Questions of the day

What are you up to this weekend?

Have you read anything good lately?

What’s your favorite dessert?



  1. Wish I could have been there for your presentation. I bet you rocked it! You definitely looked great! Did you talk about the pressures of social media at all? I am struggling with that! Why is it so hard to get a like? Even from my followers? Do I not post enough? {You don’t have to answer these questions hehe…just wondering if these topics came up at all}

    I just added that book to my “want to read” list, so thank you for the recommendation.

    And I love a good bowl meal. Bowls make it easier to mix all components together.

    Happy Friday.

    1. Hi Courtney! Love a good bowl, and a good fiction book too! So I spoke a lot about using social media as a fitness business, and how to find and source content, where and when to post and how to engage. I think the engagement part is what you’re talking about — it’s HARD to get everyday people to like and comment, if they aren’t also influencers trying to build their following. That being said, posting regularly, asking QUESTIONS, responding to comments and trying to start conversations is the best way. I wish I could get more engagement from my peeps too!! 🙂 Don’t get down on yourself, just keep GOING!

  2. I completely forgot about Jennifer Weiner!!!!
    Thank you for the reminder!

    The Big 4 is amazing. I work in Hospitality so let me know if you ever want more recommendations!

    Or if you want to go to RH Yountville

    1. Hi Sabrina! You are a good friend to have with all the connections, huh? 🙂 hehehhe! I had The Big 4 on our list for so many years, I can’t believe we had to move away from the neighborhood to actually go there hehehe. I’ve never been to RH Yountville — sounds awesome. And Jennifer Weiner books are just RIGHT heheh! Have a great Friday and weekend!

  3. That brown rice bowl looks so good! I think I should give some of those a try for my lunches during the week. My weekend will be plenty of relaxing because I have a busy week next week. Also lots of recovery because my workout splits are different and my legs are feeling it!

  4. OMG I need to try the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream ? I’ve had some of their other vegan ice creams and they’re pretty good [although nothing is ever as good as the real thing]. Cookie dough ice cream is my all time favorite though so I’m excited they’ve added this to their dairy-free roster. Makes lactose intolerance suck a little less for me!

    1. Who doesn’t love cookie dough, right? 🙂 And it’s awesome big brands like even B&J are making these types of products. Have a great week, lady!!

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