Customer service: The good, the bad and the ugly

I’ve encountered nothing but stellar customer service in California so far over the past couple of weeks.  I’ve done quite a bit of shopping, both for warm clothing and furniture, and every single person who has helped me has been great.  Dave and I have also done far too much dining out (#stillwithoutourstuff-someonemustdie) and have been very pleased with nearly every experience.

I’m not ready to make the blanket statement that San Franciscan retail and food service workers are better here than in Orlando, but I’m moving in that direction.

In spite of all the pleasantries out and about in the Bay Area, there has been one such UNpleasantry that has remained a constant by way of the other coast.  Coleman Allied Moving Service.  Having come to us as a recommendation, we’re not only surprised by the poor service, but we’re also angry.  We are nearing one month without our boxes, which were supposed to take 8 to 17 days to arrive.

No communication.  Not answering phone calls.  Not answering emails.  Withholding information.  Playing dumb.  Passing blame to others. 

These are not good qualities in a vendor.

Customer service is like any relationship in your life.  You have to be truthful, even when the truth hurts.  It’s far better to be proactive and up front with all the information that you have available, and then offer concessions to help the other party along with coping.  In fact, there are plenty of instances where customer service recovery can strengthen a relationship.

If I were dating Coleman movers, I’d dump them.  I’d probably even write that they had a severe case of halitosis on their Facebook page.  I’d tell everyone to stay away from them.   And, when they asked for their varsity jacket back, I’d put a hole in it before returning it.

I’m not spiteful.  I’d never send a plate back to the kitchen.  And, as any proper Lady, I’m generally very patient in customer service situations.  Not the case here.

Cross your fingers that our things are delivered before our red-eye back to Florida tomorrow night for a friend’s wedding.  If they’re not, I’m likely to rant about this the entire one-hour cocktail hour.

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