Dinner at Farina in the Mission

Hello on Thursday.

Today I taught a lunchtime BODYATTACK class, followed it up with one of my go-to green smoothies, and here I am checking in.

Out on a Wednesday night

Last night Dave and I got out on a weeknight, which is a rare occasion for us. We joined a few of his coworkers for dinner at Farina in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco.

Farina, which means flour in Italian, is a gorgeous multilevel restaurant. While it is pretty big in San Francisco terms, it still had an intimate city-vibe. We were there for hours, had several courses and took in all the restaurant had to offer.

As I’ve said before, I’m a homebody during the week and enjoy eating light and healthy meals Monday-Thursday. However, when in Rome — or at Farina — it’s hard to say no, even if the visit falls on a Wednesday.

We had a very hearty Italian meal and several bottles of wine, while enjoying the company of the people that Dave spends so much time with during the long days and nights of basketball season.

Ashley and Dave

Dining at Farina

It was a special dining experience, because we got up close and personal with the brains behind Farina.

The owner and one of his prized cooks were kind enough to pose for a picture, shown below. He told us that Farina frequently changes its menu, uses only the freshest of ingredients and has a team of rotating chefs. Farina also has a cookbook, which you can purchase online.

Farina owner and chef

Everything we consumed was delicious.

Dave had eaten at Farina before and came home raving about the green pesto. While I didn’t snap a shot of it, now I agree know what he was talking about — it was so green and quite memorable. Our group first had it as a dipping sauce with breadsticks, then as part of a pasta dish. Also for the table, we enjoyed a cheesy focaccia appetizer bread (which consisted of cheese melted between two layers of dough).

After sharing appetizers and pasta plates, we ordered our own salads and entrees. Trying to order on the healthy side, I started with an arugula and citrus salad.

Farina food

Then ordered the salmon as my main course.

Farina food

Dave had the filet.

Farina food

And of course, we all had the wine. And some desserts, which are not pictured.

Farina wine

I keep track of all the restaurants that Dave and I have visited since moving to the Bay Area, and Farina was number 136. It certainly holds its own in the rankings.

While I love going out to eat, I like to reserve it for weekends as a little indulgence. I felt a bit sluggish today in BODYATTACK and that was my body telling me it hadn’t been fueled up quite right … oh, too much wine. Luckily I had a full class with some particularly loud members, so they motivated me to go hard and sweat it out.

All in all, if you are going to have a splurge meal midweek, it might as well be fine Italian fare.

Question of the day

Do you like to dine out during the week or stay in?

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