Eventful week in SF: videos, basketball, ‘burbs and a job

The past week has been eventful.  Here’s a look at what has taken place in my world out west …

Filming a video

I shot my BODYATTACK assessment video and submitted it to Les Mills in order to become officially certified to teach the program.  I should have my results in two weeks, and I’ll be nervously scanning my email each day until then for the official word.

For those of you who care to know what it takes to do that, I’ll be detailing more about the process of teaching, preparing and shooting the video in a future post.

A Warriors game

I went to my first Golden State Warriors game of the season with my cousin-friend Kayla (pretty face shown below).

Unfortunately, this year, Warriors employees (i.e. my husband Dave) were given terrible tickets to provide to their friends and family in the nosebleed seats.

Kayla and I sat in our seats for a total of 10 minutes and spent the rest of the time touring the arena, sitting at the bar in the club level (thanks to some special passes given to us by one of Dave’s coworkers) and even visiting the merchandise shop.  We still managed to have a good time.

The Warriors won the game and are off to a great start of the season.  Go Dubs!

Warriors game

I picked up some items in the team store and am looking forward to wearing my new jersey and wristbands to teach BODYATTACK soon.

Warriors merchandise

With at least five classes a week on the schedule and sometimes more, I always need new workout gear.  These pieces are sporty, feature the official colors of the BODYATTACK program, blue and yellow, and are right in line with my criteria for how to dress for success at the gym.  I wish I had had this loot when I shot my video earlier in the week.

An afternoon in the ‘burbs

On Sunday, Dave and I drove an hour east to visit the Livermore Outlets.  We stopped in downtown Livermore for lunch to fuel up before shopping.  Like many of the other suburbs we’ve been to outside San Francisco and Oakland, downtown Livermore is well-manicured, walkable and small.  It seemed a bit stale and boring to me.  The streets were lined with shops and empty restaurants.

There are some good wineries in Livermore, which must make the place worth the drive, but we didn’t have time to explore those on this trip.  Maybe next time.

Downtown Livermore

For our dining pleasure that afternoon, we selected a Greek place called Demitri’s Taverna.

We had an excellent meal at the bar.  Check out these colorful dishes below.

Demitri's Taverna

Our meal was certainly the highlight of the day.

Outlet shopping was a bit of a bust.  Coming from Orlando, we’re accustomed to being in close proximity to great outlets.  However, here, we have to make a serious effort to reach them, and this time it wasn’t really worth the drive.

Although there were plenty of high-quality stores, the prices weren’t much cheaper than at department stores, and it was crowded.  I walked away with a sweater from the Banana Republic Factory Store, and Dave walked away with two sweaters from there, as well as a few other things.   I eyed a couple of purses in Kate Spade, but couldn’t pull the trigger.

And now for the big eventful news …

A job

On Monday, I started a new job.  While doing freelance PR and writing for the past few months, I’ve been looking for the right job to re-enter the everyday workforce, and I finally found the right one.  I’m now working at a public relations agency in the Financial District.  I’ve enjoyed my first couple of days back in the office life.

And one of the best parts?  I can walk to work in about 10 minutes.  As I step outside of my door in the morning in my flat shoes, with my purse and gym bag in tow, I’m in a herd of people heading down the hill to work.  Seems like college, but with oh so much cooler weather.

Here’s a look at my neighborhood, a couple of streets down from my apartment, to give you an idea of the walk.

Nob Hill

That was the week.

So much hard work has gone into preparing for my BODYATTACK video, finding the right job and leading up to the start of Dave’s basketball season.  

We like to celebrate success and have already gone out to celebrate my job, and I see more good news in our future.

Happy November, folks.  It’s going to be a great month.

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