Everything I ate on a day when I needed some convenient food

Hi, friend! It seemed like a good time to do a food post, because I don’t have much else to say at the moment, and I know you like to see real meals. So today, I’m sharing everything I ate on a regular weekday last week. And this was a time when I needed convenient food. This isn’t an example of perfect eating (because there’s no such thing as perfect eating), but it’s real eating, and I hope you find it helpful. I have almost everything pictured, and what isn’t pictured is at least mentioned.

Shortly after my miscarriage and recovery, I was eating a lot of take-out, delivered meals and cheesecake and carrot cake every single day. But by the end of the week, I was back to mostly healthy meals made at home (until the weekend came again, of course). In times of grief, it’s totally okay to veer off your normal eating habits, as long as you eventually make your way back to them. And I definitely did some veering.

For those of you who have been reading for a long time, some of these meals will be no surprise to you. As I shared in this post about habits of healthy and fit-minded people, it’s common to have a small rotation of meals to work through to keep things easy. I’m someone who does that.

I’m relying a bit more on convenience foods right now, and that’s not a big deal. Once again, no diet is perfect, and what I’m showing on this day is definitely not perfect eating.

As a reminder: I don’t count macronutrients or calories, but I do try to get more than 100 grams of protein a day, and I did that this day. Let’s get to the food and everything I ate …

Everything I ate on a day when I needed some convenient food


7 a.m. Collagen tea latte

This extra big red mug contains two steeped (and then removed) organic green tea bags, a dash of cinnamon, a dash of stevia, a big scoop of collagen and some warmed-up and frothed Califia Farms oat milk.

Collagen tea in the morning by A Lady Goes West

I drink this beverage every single morning (after chugging some sea salt-infused water), and I look forward to it after waking. If you’d like to know exactly how I make my oat milk latte, check out my tutorial here. I never skip it, and I love having it as my morning staple. It’s actually pretty filling on its own, but I definitely need a real breakfast to support my activity levels, so then I move on to the food after I finish drinking it.

7:30 a.m. Protein oatmeal

Love a big breakfast. In my bowl, there are two packets of Kodiak Cakes protein oatmeal, with a scoop of Trader Joe’s almond butter and some NOW chia seeds, as well as a ripe sliced-up banana. I’ve been eating this breakfast in some form for years, and it doesn’t steer me wrong. I used to eat less oatmeal (or only one packet if I’m going with packets), but I added a second packet to up the protein content recently. Sometimes I make my own oatmeal concoctions, but right now, packets are working for me, and that’s totally cool, even if they are expensive and have some additives.

Protein oatmeal breakfast by A Lady Goes West

If you combine the collagen tea latte and this protein oatmeal bowl, I’m getting about 40 grams of protein from my morning meal/drink. Some people like to include collagen protein grams in their protein count for the day, and some don’t include it (because collagen is not a complete protein). But I include it, because it’s only a small helping. Then I aim for complete proteins the rest of the day.

After I ate breakfast, I took my vitamins and supplements, brushed my teeth and got ready to head out to the gym to teach. Here’s a little bit about the supplements I currently take and why.


11 a.m. Post-workout protein shake

I always have a partially frozen protein shake with me at the gym, so I have something to sip on shortly after I finish my workout or class. This holds me over until I can get home for lunch.

After-workout protein shake by A Lady Goes West

I brought back a bunch of samples of protein powders after IDEA World in Las Vegas, so I’ve been bouncing around with brands lately. I like chocolate, usually plant-based, but sometimes whey. I think the best new one I tried was from the Natreve line, and they have both vegan and whey. Here’s the exact one I liked the best.


1 p.m. Veggie mixture with eggs and crackers

This lunch looks so ugly and unappetizing, and I nearly didn’t share the picture. But that’s real food for you. While this may look like I made something from scratch, I didn’t.

On the plate, there are two burnt and fried Vital Farms eggs (whoops, didn’t mean to burn the edges, but I did), as well as a turmeric-covered quinoa and veggie mixture from the frozen section made by Tattooed Chef. I’ve shared about the Tattooed Chef meals before, because the ingredients list is pretty good, and they are so convenient. But they aren’t filling enough on their own, so I add some eggs for more protein.

Tattooed chef lunch by A Lady Goes West

I was out of my favorite Mary’s Gone crackers, which I always eat, so I grabbed some of Brady’s Blue Diamond almond crackers. His crackers are tasty, but they aren’t as hearty or thick as my usuals. I mixed all this together in every bite, and it was a very enjoyable lunch. But no, it’s not photogenic. There’s about 25 grams of protein in this lunch, which is decent. 

After lunch, I had an almond-covered date, because I love dates, and I eat them every single day.

After-lunch date bite by A Lady Goes West

Un-pictured: A small cup of coffee with oat milk.

After lunch, I also had a small cup of coffee with some warmed-up and frothed oat milk. I took a couple months off afternoon caffeine when I was pregnant, and it’s nice to have the option now, if I feel like a having a little. If Dave is working from home, he often makes coffee after lunch, so it’s easy for me to grab some if I’m in the mood. I’m able to sleep okay if I have a little afternoon caffeine, but some people aren’t. If you find yourself struggling in the sleep department, I’d try to consume all your caffeine before noon each day.


5:45 p.m. Protein bar 

I was out of my favorite G2G Bars this day, so I had a Quest bar (which I bought on sale at Target). It was tasty, but it’s not as good as my G2Gs. And the Quest bar also has a lot more fillers on the ingredient list, which I don’t love.

Quest bar in the afternoon by A Lady Goes West

A new shipment of my good bars arrived the next day, so I switched back immediately. If you’ve never tried G2G Bars, you can only get them online on the G2G site. The price is reasonable, you keep them in the fridge until just before it’s time to eat (or you can take them on-the-go at room temperature for a couple weeks), and they have minimal ingredients. If you want to try them, you can use my code, ALADYGOESWEST, for 15 percent off your order. I definitely recommend the G2G Bars as opposed to Quest, but once again, this day of eating was more about what was convenient and on hand.


7:30 p.m. Take-out sushi dropped off by a friend

I know I’ve already said how blessed we are to have good people in our lives, but it’s worth saying it again. Last week, on Thursday, some of our sweet neighborhood friends dropped off this delicious sushi dinner for Dave and for me as a little token of care, even in the pouring rain that night. We needed it, devoured it and loved it.

Salmon sushi dinner by A Lady Goes West

This is the prime salmon roll (actually one-and-a-half rolls) from PrimeFish, a sushi restaurant near me in Ballantyne. This roll has salmon on the outside and inside, so it’s got a good amount of protein, and it tastes great. I also had some miso soup on the side, which I didn’t include in my picture. Not a lot of veggies in this meal, but sometimes that happens. It was so filling though, and it was definitely the best dinner I had all week.

Un-pictured: A bowl of miso soup.

Un-pictured: Three small coconut-covered dates.

Of course, I had to have a sweet bite, so I had a few more dates to finish up my eating for the day.

And that concludes my meals and everything I ate! You’ll see I had three full meals, two snacks, some healthy treats and everything I ate was super easy to prepare. I go through phases of making things a bit more from scratch or relying more on pre-packaged, and I’m sort’ve in between those phases now. Overall, I’m nourished, well energized, and I like my food. It’s working for me, even if it certainly could be cleaned up a little. No need for perfection, my friend. 

Have a great day, and thank you for stopping by A Lady Goes West to see everything I ate on a day I needed some convenient food. Happy eating to you. 🙂

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  1. this was post was fantastic! getting easy meal ideas is essential for anyone, and in my case, a mom such as myself. thinking about you and your family! much love!!

    1. Thank you, Laura! We’re all in need of convenient food at times or seasons of life. Glad you liked this. Have a great week, lady! 🙂 xoxo

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