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This week. Oh this week. It somehow went by super fast, but also seemed incredibly long. Outside of working all day each day, I spent the rest of my free time going over Bootybarre videos and notes to memorize choreography and cueing and create a playlist to teach my very first class – which happened on Thursday night. It went awesome, and I’m glad the first one is behind me. Speaking of Bootybarre, you’re probably going to hear me mention it a lot, so I’ll get a class review up for you soon. Sound good?

Now that we’re just about at the weekend, I’m ready for a little down time, because for once, the next couple of days aren’t as jam packed as usual. Tonight, Dave and I have a group dinner with some of our friends in Lafayette. We have a rotating dinner party that each couple hosts, and tonight’s is themed Oktoberfest – looking forward to it! Other than that, I’ll be teaching BODYPUMP, eating, hanging out with Dave and Rudy and that’s about it. We’re not actually doing anything big for Halloween this weekend, but will definitely have candy to give out in case we get trick-or-treaters before Monday.

What do you say we move into the favorites?

Latest favorite things 

Favorite event: Amy Schumer Live

Other than attending a stand-up comedy show in college, I had never been to a real-live comedian’s performance until last week. I was so excited when a friend invited Dave and me and a few others to go see Amy Schumer live at Oracle Arena in Oakland. Not only do I love watching comedians on YouTube (it’s actually something we do regularly), but I am a huge fan of sarcastic and hilarious Amy Schumer. She was fantastic in person. Absolutely fantastic.

Ashley and Dave at Amy Schumer in Oakland by A Lady Goes West

Our big group caravanned to the arena and enjoyed the show from the comfort of a suite. And let me tell you, from the opening act (who was a guy named Mark Normand and was totally self-deprecating every-guy funny), to Amy Schumer’s last line was killer. I had so many belly laughs, I think I got an ab workout. While I would have loved to see Amy on stage for even longer, her portion of the show was just over an hour – and we were totally satisfied because she truly delivered. I will say, yes she does have some crude and nasty jokes. But everything she says is true, which is what makes it even more hilarious. If you ever have the chance to check her out, do it. She keeps it raw, real and face-hurting funny!

Side note: Amy’s team was super specific about taking absolutely no photos or videos during the show or using your phone, so that everyone just focused and enjoyed. I LOVED that about it. She did a one-minute break in the middle of the show for people to do all the photos they needed, and really, that was enough! If you look above at our picture, you can even see the “NO” sign on the suite door.

Favorite bev: Organic Girl Cold-Pressed Smoothie

I bet you’ve heard of Organic Girl before, because the company makes salad dressings and spinach, kale and green salad blends, which you can find in your local grocery store in the veggie department. Well, now they make juice and smoothies too! The company is California based, and they are obsessed with all things greens. They were kind enough to send me a sample pack, and I was a huge fan of the Green Cider Smoothie in particular.

Organic Girl green smoothie by A Lady Goes West

While I was pleased with the variety of veggie flavors sent my way, this smoothie, which contains Greek yogurt, chia and hemp seeds as well as a bunch of servings of veggies, was so smooth and delicious I couldn’t pass up a chance to share it. I brought it to have with lunch one day and drank it in two sips. Embarrassing, but true. If you want to find Organic Girl products near you, check out this locator (available in Whole Foods, by the way). Here are some of the other ones I sampled, with the Spicy Tomato as my second favorite.

Organic Girl juices by A Lady Goes West

As you can see, these juices are pretty low in calories, have cute names and are all about more greens and less fruit. While I do think it’s best to eat most of your nutrients, a little dose of veggies from organic juice like this is super beneficial when you need it too! *Thanks, Organic Girl!

Favorite delivery: POPSUGAR Must Have Box

Another month, another awesome box of well-curated goodies sent right to my door. My friends at POPSUGAR sent me the October Must Have Box, and boy this umbrella came at the perfect time for some rain in the Bay Area this week. This month, there was a selection of fall-inspired goodies, including Lisa Sugar’s book, “Power Your Happy,” which I already have and read. What oh what will I do with my second copy? I have an idea — I’ll send it to one random person who comments on this post. So leave a comment, and you may win the book. Sneaky, sneaky! 🙂 

POPSUGAR Must Have box in October by A Lady Goes West

Other items include eyeliner, dark hot chocolate, a cute mug and the most delicious smelling brown sugar vanilla bodywash. I love brown sugar vanilla everything, and will be using this stuff up in no time. Want to know more about POPSUGAR’s monthly box for yourself or for a gift? Find out here. *Thanks to POPSUGAR for sending this box complimentary in exchange for my review.

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Have a wonderful day, move around a little and enjoy time with loved ones!

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Questions of the day

What’s your favorite part of your week?

Are you dressing up for Halloween? As what?


    1. Agreed! San Francisco was the second city for ClassPass, so I got to go to a launch party and try it out. But I don’t know how many people are using it around here any longer? Cool company though! I love that it was started by a woman and wish them luck. Happy Friday, Susie!

  1. We were just talking about how we have never gone to see a live comedian because I heard Amy was coming in February, I might need to look into purchasing tickets now! I bought Halloween candy to pass out, but is it bad that I just want to kept all for myself?!? hehe. Oh and I added that book to my ongoing wish list, I’m in need of a good read. Have a great weekend Ashley!

    1. You should DEFINITELY go see Amy Schumer, as long as you aren’t easily offended by off-color (and true) jokes hahah!! And as far as the candy, I JUST put all of ours in a basket in easy reach — let’s see if it lasts the weekend hahah! Happy Friday, gal!

  2. The articles you suggested at the end are so interesting, especially the nutrition one! I’ve been working out every day this week using a new Youtuber I’m obsessed with – Whitney Simmons.

    For Halloween I’m going out two nights so my boyfriend and I are being Wanda and Cosmo from the Fairly Odd Parents (my idea!) and a Lego Man and a Lego…. his idea. And I’m a Lego. Oh well, at least we compromised!

    1. Oh my gosh, you and your BF are too cute! I LOVE the couples costumes!! Rock them! I want to see a pic!! And I haven’t heard of Whitney Simmons – I’ll check her out. Thanks! Have a fab time this weekend, Danielle!

  3. Ok, I think you’ve officially sold me on the PopSugar boxes.

    And I realllllly wanna win that book!

    Happy Friday to you, lady! Enjoy some downtime with your boys.


    1. Thanks, my friend!! There’s almost always a little food in the PS boxes too, and this time it was dark hot chocolate, I mean. YES. Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. Live comedy shows are the best! I think my favorite part of the week was booking my flight for San Francisco for a girls weekend in 2 wks!!! We are flying down to do the Mermaid Run. I am excited to be back in a city I just LOVE! Any recommendations on where to eat or what to do in a quick wknd trip would be awesome! It’s been a few years since I’ve been there and we are looking for things the 3 of us haven’t done before!

    1. Oh yay!!!! Brandy!! Woohoo SF! I would say the City has changed a lot, because Union Square got a big makeover, so even though it will be busy, walk through there and check out the new Apple store for sure! Also, farmer’s market at the Ferry Building on Saturday doesn’t disappoint. There are some good new healthy casual restaurants in the Marina, like Seed and Salt, which is awesome. Or Lemonade in SF near the Metreon. Shopping on Fillmore or Union Street too!

  5. Dane and I are being salt and pepper shakers—haha! We got t-shirts and hats, so he’s salt and I’m pepper! Halloween is my favorite holiday 😀

    My friends went to Amy’s show last week, too!! They LOVED it. She is a hoot!

  6. I love Amy Schumer. I saw her live last year and unfortunately was disappointed in her show. I felt like I had heard 75% of her material already on TV 🙁 hopefully she has some new material this time. She is my favorite female comedian!

    1. Hi Sam! I was worried about that too, because I’ve watched SO many of her YouTube and TV specials, but I hadn’t heard ANY of her jokes before. It was amazing that she had so much material!! Give her another try. 🙂 heheh But I can understand why that would have disappointed you. Hope you have a fab weekend, gal!

  7. That’s so neat that you got to watch Amy! 🙂 And those juice smoothies sound like something I would love; I’m not a huge juice girl, but I love the creaminess of smoothies. 🙂

    1. I know, Lauren! How cool would it be to get all that information about your body from the comfort of your home! Happy Friday, gal. Enjoy the reads and thanks for saying hi!

  8. Saturday night my husband and I will be going to a small party at a friends. We are dressing up as Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec. He’s never super interested in dressing up so I try to find something we can compromise on. My favorite one has been Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s world 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  9. The PopSugar box looks so fun! I feel like I live through the fun samples you receive as a blogger. Congrats on being done with your first BootyBarre class! Sounds like you’ve been practicing a lot.

    This week has felt so long. Thankful it’s Friday and almost November…means the holidays are close. 🙂

    1. Oh India, I love to hear that! It’s fun to get home to so many packages all the time. If only you were my neighbor, I’d share the wealth ahahh! I am so happy we’re nearing the holiday season as well. Happy Friday, my friend. Enjoy! YOU deserve it. 🙂

  10. That pop sugar box looks awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed the book. That’s awesome that you will teach bootybarre. I have 2 of Tracey Mallet’s bootybarre videoes and can’t wait until my gym offers the class:) have a nice weekend!

    1. Oh no way, Jessie! So cool! I had never done any of her DVDs before and love her cute little voice and style. I’m excited to be teaching it! Hope you get to take an in-person class one day soon. Happy Friday!

      1. That is too funny 🙂 I love random finds. I once kept an Express pencil skirt, that I picked up on clearance, in my closet for a few years. Once I finally wore it, I loved it.

  11. I saw Amy last month in Philly! My face hurt from laughing so much! Definitely “read” her book on CD (she narrates it).

  12. WHAT! Amy Schumer was here and I didn’t even know it?!?! That sounds like a dream. Next time… I will make sure I catch her show next time. The rest of this post was sooo informative. I need to get my hands on some of that organicgirl juice- never heard of it but it looks delishh. Did I mention how jealous I am that you saw Amy Schumer?! Okay I’ll stop. Have a wonderful weekend <3 xo

    1. Hi MacKenzie! Ohhh Amy Schumer was so good! I didn’t know she was coming either — thank goodness for my friends who are on top of things hehehe. Hope you have a great weekend, gal. Thanks for saying hi!

  13. I think you may have pushed me over the edge to see Amy in San Diego. I was debating it last night!

    That PopSugar box ROCKED this month! And those dressings… I’ve been buying the greens for a few years now I had to do a double take when I saw the dressing on the shelf!

    Thanks for sharing that FB Analytics article too. I am really bad about paying attention to analytics (terrible, right?). I needed the reminder.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. EEEK! Love that you go to all the concerts/shows I am either going to or want to go to! I’m going to see Amy in November and I’m dying already…some of the prude in me gets a little embarrassed by the things she talks about but I die with laughter most of the time so I ‘m so pumped! Glad you had a great time!

    1. Ha! You will love her show. There’s definitely a little embarrassment factor with the jokes — but only because they are so true ahhaha. Adults only, of course! Hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂 What’s the little one dressing up as?

  15. That’s cool that Amy Schumer had such a great show! I liked Trainwreck; I don’t really know much more of her stuff.

    Getting fun things in the mail is the best! Enjoy your PopSugar box 😀

  16. Amy was just here in Tampa! I didn’t see her, but somehow our crowd managed to piss her off (only in Florida). Love that mug too…I’m always a fan of clean designs and text on my coffee mugs.

    1. Hi Emily! So funny, because being from Florida I appreciated that story. Amy mentioned during our show that she made some people mad in Tampa, then proceeded to make fun of Trump again haahha!

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