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Yo! I know you don’t want to hear me talk about how busy I’ve been, because I’m sure things are the same for you. But geez. Between working in a full-time job, writing A Lady Goes West, teaching group fitness classes, doing my own workouts, sleeping and attempting to have a social life, there’s not a lot of time left for anything else. I need a break! But, until that happens, let’s just keep on keepin’ on, because that’s all we can do. You know?

This weekend will include a Christmas show in the city, a haircut, a Warriors game and some packing for my trip to Florida, which is fast approaching. Other than that, I may do some gift wrapping, because I finished all of my Christmas shopping. Yay!

So, I have just a few fun little things to share today as part of my regular weekly favorites — nothing too serious. So skim, enjoy and have a fab day, my friends!

Latest favorite things 

Favorite class: Bootybarre

As you may know, I took on a learning new group fitness program a few months ago called Bootybarre (a barre-style class using light hand-weights, a ball and a barre). And right now, I’m teaching Bootybarre once a week, and I look forward to it. It’s so different from any Les Mills formats or Orangetheory Fitness classes that I’ve ever taught before, and that’s why I like it. I make my own playlist, switch up the moves when I want, and do the entire thing in bare feet. Oh, and I finally found out I am officially certified and received my notification based on my assessment video just this past week. Wondering what this class is like? Check out my Bootybarre class review here.

Bootybarre class by A Lady Goes West

The whole point of saying that I like Bootybarre is that it’s been good to take on something in the fitness world that is new and outside of my regular zone. It’s refreshing! My class is on Thursday nights and it’s still pretty small, but I know I’ll be able to grow it after the new year.

Favorite food: Bone broth

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen multiple posts of where I’ve shown the bone broth I’m eating. While I will save the full details for another post in the future (must find time to write more helpful posts, geez) I will tell you that you can’t go wrong with bone broth, and everyone can benefit from it. Bone broth is different from stock or regular broth, because it is simmered in meat and bones for much longer (24 hours or more), so you end up consuming more nutrients when you eat or drink it.

Bone broth by A Lady Goes West

You can find a good organic bone broth in your grocery store, either in the meat aisle or the soup aisle. My favorite kind BY FAR is this flavored single-serve, but I’ve also been pouring out the plain stuff into a mug, heating it in the microwave for about two minutes and adding sea salt and turmeric to taste. Then I sip away. But if you’re weary of drinking it, you can also use bone broth as the water in a pan for cooking or sautéing veggies, which is something I do as well.

Organic bone broth by A Lady Goes West

A cup of bone broth has 9 grams of protein, so it’s a great addition to a meal or a snack on its own. It helps heal your gut, gives your body beneficial nutrients and just plain feels right. Give it a try! (Shout out to my friend Amy K. for letting me know she finally tried bone broth and said it tastes like “Thanksgiving.” She’s right!!)

Favorite outfit: New Balance

You can never have too many workout outfits I tell ya! I received a shipment from the folks at New Balance a few weeks ago and have been rocking the outfit OVER and OVER again. Although it’s appeared on Instagram, I hadn’t posted it here yet, so here we go …

New Balance outfit by A Lady Goes West

Outfit: Majestic leggingsVazee Pace shoes, Seamless top, Perfect tank (on sale) and the Majestic medium-impact sports bra.

The quality and fabric of this entire outfit is amazing. I LOVE the fit of the pants, with the mid-rise waist and pattern. The tank is fitted, but loose and the long-sleeve shirt is clutch, and the sports bra has the right amount of coverage. The sneakers are cushioned and comfy and go with everything. I happen to love black sneakers, and these have just enough black and a bit of grey. Overall, this outfit is a winner. Thanks to my friends at New Balance for sending it! (And by the way, there’s a brand new flagship New Balance store in downtown San Francisco for my Bay Area friends to check out.)

Favorite recent reads: Food, health and more

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And more things worth reading …

  • Fitness/Business/Celebrity: A few months ago, when I went down to L.A. to take part in filming an episode of “Catching Kelce” I also got to meet and interview the one-and-only Chalene Johnson, who is a fitness program creator, business maven and coach to so many people. She’s a big deal. She’s also inspiring. Here’s the article I wrote from my interview with her. Hope you enjoy it!
  • Sweeteners/Food: I switched to stevia from artificial sweeteners two years ago and haven’t looked back. This article is awesome, because it tells you how to make the switch and what to look for in a good stevia product (raw, plain stevia with no additives).
  • Adult Beverages/Recipes: Coconut water in a cocktail? Sign me up. I’d love to try this, and it sounds perfect for a holiday party.
  • Fruit/Food: Fun facts about the avocado. Yes, please. For instance, it’s better to peel off the skin in order to get the most nutritious dark layer. Dave also opens an avo this way, and I don’t, so clearly I need to follow his lead.

Have a fabulous day, people! I’m going to share a giveaway on Instagram this weekend too (edited to add here’s the giveaway), so make sure you check that out to enter!

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  1. Congrats on passing your Bootbarre certification! If I lived close I would totally attend your class, love mixing some Barre into my workouts. And I have been wanting to try Bone Broth, I’ll have to look for those brand on my next TJ or Whole Foods trip. This weekend includes some holiday shopping, baking, and hopefully lots of yummy food 😉 Happy Friday!

  2. Ohhh bone broth…can you just cook with it instead of sipping it? lol…when I needed to cut my milk supply after my son was born, I had to drink sage tea..and it totally tasted like Thanksgiving lol….

    Ohh love the outfit from New Balance…love those shoes and the whole outfit! I haven’t tried their stuff but there is an outlet near my house I should check out!

    Happy Friday

    1. Hi Fiona! Yes, you can cook with it! I totally forgot to mention that I do that, so I went back and added to the post. Thanks for the reminder, gal hahah! And yes, I would say about 30 percent of my workout wear is New Balance! Totally check it out, especially if you have an outlet. 🙂 Have a fab day!

  3. Yay for you adding yet another certification to your already impressive resume!

    And great article with Chalene! As you know, she’s huge in the Beachbody world so that’s especially neat to me that you got the opportunity to meet and interview her.

    Happy Weekend to you, friend.


    1. Thank you, lady! And I knew about Chalene already but when researching her became even more impressed with all she has done! She has a great story — starting out in fitness of course. Did you like the part about the fact that she was supposed to be a lawyer? hahahha Happy Friday, gal!

      1. I did! That was a nice little inside tidbit I never knew! And I’ve seen her speak a couple times about her story and that wasn’t mentioned. Excellent journalism on your part. 😉

  4. I feel you on the busy. This time of year… whew! Sounds like a fun weekend though. i’d love to get up for a Warrior game one day.

    Love the article about sugars. We use stevia a lot in coffee, yogurt bowls, etc. I like xylitol best for baking – plus it’s good for your teeth! Have you tried it?

    Safe travels!

  5. Bootybarre sounds so fun! I love trying out new classes! I’m trying to finish up some Christmas shopping/wrapping this weekend….I cannot believe we have a week left. eek!

  6. I feel ya on the need for a break! I have this coming week to go and then I’m off for a week and I cannot wait! I just finished my Christmas wrapping this morning and now I can try and relax before the holidays! 😀

  7. Congrats on bootybarre certification!
    I have yet to try bone broth, but it’s on my grocery list this week.
    I’m SO jealous you got to meet Chalene Johnson, she was the reason I got into fitness, her programs helped me lose almost 50lbs a few years ago!

    1. Oh my gosh, Jen! That’s amazing that Chalene inspired you to lose all that weight. How awesome! She’s SUPER inspirational. And I hope you like bone broth, lady!

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