Favorite things: Good-for-you foods and a gift card giveaway

Weekend — we see you standing over there, and we’re glad you’re on the way! Hello, my friends! I hope you’ve had a good week. It’s been a busy one for me. Today, I’ve got a great giveaway for you, in addition to sharing my favorite things, so make sure you read on. As far as the weekend goes, Dave and I are heading out of town for an overnight to Santa Cruz with some friends, and I’m looking forward to the change of scenery. Now, let’s get right to the favorites …

This week’s finds for “Favorite Things” 

A few things that have been making me smile lately and a chance to win …

My favorite protein of the week and a giveaway

Since I’ve been living in California, I’ve primarily been doing my grocery shopping at Safeway, and during that time, I’ve been introduced to tons of new products that I really enjoy. Safeway’s signature desserts are amazing, but the store also carries local brands, which are top quality. While Dave and I don’t buy organic everything, we do try to make the right choices when we can, and chicken is always part of that. Our favorite organic chicken is from Foster Farms, known for its excellent all-natural poultry, locally grown in California.

Organic Foster Farms chicken giveaway by A Lady Goes West

You’ve got to love a brand name with alliteration. Go Foster Farms.

Family-owned Foster Farms is based in the Central Valley of California, has been around since 1939 and operates farms in California and partner farms in the Pacific Northwest. And the chicken they produce is excellent stuff — especially the organic version. Foster Farms Organic chicken is free range, fed an organic vegetarian diet, is non-GMO, USDA Organic Certified and American Humane Certified — basically all the accolades you could want in something you’re going to put in your body. And it tastes delicious. We eat it alongside veggies and noodles or rice about once a week.

Organic Foster Farms chicken by A Lady Goes West

A beautiful organic FF chicken cooked up on the grill for dinner.

If you live in the Bay Area and shop at Safeway stores, you have a chance to try out Foster Farms Organic Chicken during in-store demos on the weekends between March 8 to May 2. So keep your eyes and ears open. Thanks to Foster Farms for partnering with me and offering to sweeten the deal for A Lady Goes West readers! Here’s your chance to win …

GIVEAWAY: THREE lucky readers will win a $20 Safeway gift card. To enter, follow the directions at the end of this post! This is open to anyone who has a Safeway near them, and the giveaway will close next Thursday.

My favorite cold treat of the week

My friends at Jamba Juice keep debuting new products, and I must say their latest line of superfood smoothies and bowls is my favorite to date! Have you heard of pitaya bowls? They are even cooler than acai bowls, oh yes they are. Pitaya is the new superfood fruit on the block gaining attention — partly because of the fact that it’s full of nutrients, but mostly because of its very bright pink color and mild and fresh fruity flavor.

Jamba Juice Pitaya Bowl by A Lady Goes West

It’s pretty, it’s full of fruit and sweetness, and it’s such a fabulous day-time treat. Ladies and gentlemen, this pitaya bowl is on point. 

This past weekend, Dave and I popped over to Jamba Juice to sample some of the new products, and we both selected the Island Pitaya Energy Bowl, featuring pineapple juice, pineapples, bananas, pitaya, strawberries, mangos, organic pumpkin flaxseed granola, blueberries, honey, chia seeds and coconut. The mixture of fruit, crunch and liquid is just delightful. Dave and I were totally pleased with our bowls and will definitely be going back for more. Thanks Jamba Juice for treating us!

My favorite links of the week

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*Disclaimer: A portion of this post and the giveaway is sponsored by Foster Farms. I received compensation, but the opinions are all my own. Thanks for supporting my sponsors.


To enter the giveaway to win a $20 Safeway gift card, leave a comment on this post. You can leave a comment by answering the questions below. You can also leave a separate comment if you follow A Lady Goes West on Instagram or on Facebook. I will randomly select THREE winners from the comments on Thursday of next week, and the more times you enter, the more chances you have to win. Share with your friends!

Questions of the day

What’s on your agenda this weekend?

What’s your favorite recipe for cooking chicken?



  1. i love the jamba juice acai bowls, i need to go try the pitaya ones! favorite way to make chicken… probably jamie oliver’s chicken in milk recipe…!

  2. Yum I haven’t seen Pitaya bowls yet, they look delicious! And my favorite way to cook chicken is to grill it with a good marinade. I could probably eat grilled chicken everyday, if only it was always grilling weather. Have a great weekend!

  3. im traveling to houston this weekend and not looking forward for the drive…i have been grilling chicken on a weekly basis and chopping it for salads and quesadillas for the week.

    PS. I have a weekly linkup on my blog (which is brand new) for random life posts and would love for you to join sometime!

      1. Thanks–I’m pumped! Starting off at Hawley Vineyards and then hitting up a couple other TBD wineries in Healdsburg.

        Have you biked the vineyards anywhere? I did that in Healdsburg with friends a few weeks ago, and it was so much fun.

  4. I am also heading out of town, excited for a change of sceanry as well! And finally getting to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my bf!
    I am also a fan of organic chicken, I think you can totally taste the difference between organic and nonorganic!

  5. On the agenda this weekend is lots of studying and work.. but I’m hoping to have a nice dinner out and possibly book a massage as a treat. Also, I try to only eat organic chicken too. You can really taste a difference and I feel so much better. πŸ™‚

  6. Yum – the Jamba Juice bowls looks amazing!! My favorite way to cook chicken is on the grill (especially on a hot summer day) but a close second is using it to make a stirfry (lots of veggies and a homemade sauce over rice). We love chicken and have it at least once or twice a week!

    Have a great weekend πŸ™‚ I’m so happy that it’s Friday.

  7. Chicken never ate it because I am a proud” Vegan ” but my cat prefers it any old way especially in the form of her canned chicken. Thanks for the chance to win. This weekend I am spring cleaning and preparing for taxes. No fun for me. You will be in my town this weekend! Have a great time and a terrific vegetarian healthy restaurant is Saturn Cafe on Pacific. Don’t miss Seascape beach and walking on West cliff in the morning to Natural Bridges and back. Enjoy.it’s gorgeous here. Welcome

  8. I think I’ll do a little shopping this weekend! And I love a juicy piece of baked chicken with lots of fresh herbs! I follow on Instagram and FB as well; thank you!

  9. What’s on your agenda this weekend?

    Going to God’s Worship on Sunday! Tomorrow, I’m hoping to just do some things around the house, possibly develop a peanut butter recipe, and um… take the husky on a run?

    What’s your favorite recipe for cooking chicken?

    My very favorite is a childhood favorite. It’s called ‘Chicken Tetrazzini.’ It’s kind of like a low-fat version of Chicken fettucine. It’s SO yummy!

  10. Would love to win the $20 gift card! Thanks for sharing about the bowls at Jamba Juice, they look delicious and I never knew they had that kind of stuff!

  11. I normally buy Foster Farms! Organic and free range are important to me when buying meats, so I’m glad we have this option in Safeway! One of my favorite ways of cooking chicken is in the crockpot. So juicy! This weekend I have grad school classes, but I’ve also planned some fun things too!

  12. I’ll probably study this weekend and read some books πŸ™‚ I don’t eat chicken because I’m vegetarian. Have a great day!

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

  13. hehehe, every time I go to Hong Kong, I always try the dragonfruit bowls there (they look so cool and they have such an awesome name!), but I just can’t seem to. :'( I love and adore acai bowls though!

    P.S. Guess who’s back in the bay for the time being!??! :D!

  14. Today is the last day of the weekend and we need to go shopping and head to the park for some fun, hoping the rain stays away. And my favorite chicken dish is probably Chicken Parmesan.

  15. I worked this weekend. My favorite chicken recipe is to brine the breast then coat them in a seasoning mix with coconut oil and grill them, it’s a paleo recipe that is so good and the chicken is moist.

  16. This weekend, my husband and I are planning on taking our three boys hiking. Crossing our fingers for nice weather!

  17. My favorite recipe using chicken is chicken fajitas, especially when we use homemade tortillas. My wife uses butter indtead of lard, so the tortillas come out delicious.

  18. This weekend my husband and I are hoping to go away overnight. For chicken my favorite way to cook it is on the grill. yum!

  19. Yes to Safeway! And I didn’t know Foster Farms organic chicken was so well managed! I go for the Rocky brand since it’s local to Petaluma and I assumed would have better practices. But it’s good to know that Foster Farms is also of good quality too.

    Tonight I’m trying a new “crock pot chicken caccitore” recipe. Which basically means I’m dumping a can of pasta sauce over some chicken cutlets in the crock pot and see what happens. I hope it’s edible!

  20. I unfortunately have no plans this weekend except recovery. I have pneumonia and it is kicking my booty. And my favorite way to eat chicken is grilled. I often grill all my chicken when I do my food prep for the week.

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