Favorite things: Recent San Francisco blogger events and link love

Yo! How’s it going, team? Have I ever called you team before? I don’t think so. I frequently say that in the group fitness room, as you can imagine. So it’s nearly the end of the week, and I’m here with a dose of my latest favorite things. Sit back, relax and enjoy …

But first, what am I up to this weekend? Hitting up a work Christmas party, cheering on Dave as he tackles his first ever half-marathon (he’ll rock it, in spite of the pending rain and low temps), making sweets with my lady friends and perhaps some time horizontal on the couch. Balance, people. 

Latest favorite things 

I went to quite a few blogger events in San Francisco in November and never reported on them. (Unless of course you caught some of the action on my Instagram stories during the event.) And so today, we’re going to do a catch up!

Favorite event: POPSUGAR Conversations

The highlight of this event was going inside the famed POPSUGAR headquarters. I’ve been reading POPSUGAR since it was nothing more than a pop culture website, and now it’s a massive media company with offices allover the nation. The San Francisco corporate offices are just as cute as you would expect. The entry is the signature blue and white, with a whole lot of white space. White floors. White walls. White furniture. There are no individual offices with doors, and everyone sits out in the open, even the founders Lisa and Brian Sugar, to encourage an open and collaborative environment. Love that.

POPSUGAR headquarters in SF by A Lady Goes West

This particular event, held on a Thursday night in the Financial District, was for lifestyle bloggers. After socializing and snacks, the POPSUGAR team announced some changes to Collective, the way bloggers and influencers monetize their social accounts and blogs (which is how I make my clothing widgets on the old blog, by the way). Lisa Sugar was on hand to chat, as were tons of lovely POPSUGAR team members and so many local bloggers. It was great to see Christina, Brandy and Elise, and check out our cute shoe shot below …

POPSUGAR bloggers by A Lady Goes West

I was one of a few healthy lifestyle bloggers in a sea of fashion bloggers, and my flat brown walking boots were a far cry from the heels and fabulous outfits adorned by a good portion of the crowd. Whoops! However, I still had fun, and I came away that night with the November POPSUGAR Must Have Box

POPSUGAR Must Have Box for November by A Lady Goes West

Although this is last month’s box, it’s not too late to get the December gift box as a gift for someone special in your life. Curated goodies all shipped in one package. You can’t beat that. Thanks POPSUGAR, for being an inspiring presence for women and for being so kind to A Lady Goes West!

Favorite event: Lindsay Olives party

So I went to a dinner all about olives. Well, not just about olives, but also about celebrating the 100th anniversary of the brand, Lindsay Olives, and debuting some new products. There was a chef there, who guided a few of us party attendees in making appetizers. I saw Kelly there, and we paired up to make some smoked salmon bruschetta bites.

Salmon bites with Lindsay Olives by A Lady Goes West

Ashley at Parties That Cook by A Lady Goes West

I learned a little bit about Lindsay Olives, which is apparently headquartered in Lafayette here in the East Bay of San Francisco and I loved exploring the event space, Parties that Cook. We got to see some awesome party offerings that Lindsay Olives makes, such as pre-skewered cocktail combinations of olives, which you can buy for your next shin-dig.

Lindsay Olives by A Lady Goes West

Lindsay Olives also makes all sorts of delicious flavored olives, like the ones shown above. I took a platter of these to the wine-tasting party I went to last weekend, and they were a hit. Thanks, Lindsay Olives! 

Favorite event: Kit and Ace visits

Have you guys heard of Kit and Ace? You may have seen my Instagram stories from the fitting room of the Kit and Ace in Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek a few weeks ago. That was my first time being introduced to the amazing brand of technical cashmere, basics and super high-quality goods designed for an active life. Although, it’s not actually activewear, mind you. That day, I made friends with my local Walnut Creek store and will be hosting an event in early January on a Saturday, and I’ll share more about that soon. But here is the softest dress I’ve ever worn from my style session in Walnut Creek …

Kit and Ace black dress by A Lady Goes West

A couple of weeks after that first Kit and Ace visit, I then got to spend time at the Kit and Ace on Fillmore in the Marina neighborhood of San Francisco just this week. My blogger friend, Kelly, who was also at the Lindsay Olives event above, invited me and a few other bloggers to hang out at Kit and Ace and see how great the clothes work for travel, especially during the busy holiday season. Here are some of those soft basics …

Kit and Ace store by A Lady Goes West

Kit and Ace blogger event snacks by A Lady Goes West

We looked at clothes, chatted, had some delicious treats and stayed dry from the rain outside on the dark city streets. I came home with a gorgeous Kit and Ace tee, which you’ll be seeing on me very soon. Overall, I’m loving the Kit and Ace stuff. While it’s definitely not cheap, it’s the softest fabric you will ever feel and will last. More details on my event coming soon, but keep your eyes and ears open for this brand.

Okay, I think we’re mostly caught up on blog events for now! Whew! πŸ™‚ How about one more cute picture totally unrelated to all things in this post? A moment from Thanksgiving, when Dave and Rudy and I visited Big Sur. Cue the Lion King music …

Dave and Rudy at Big Sur by A Lady Goes West

Favorite recent reads: Food, fitness and more

Did you miss the latest on A Lady Goes West

And more things worth reading/watching …

  • This is BY FAR my favorite article of the week. I’m lucky to have tried a few of these wellness trends for 2017 (like the infrared sauna), but there are others I plan to start doing soon (like taking medicinal mushrooms). Check out MindBodyGreen’s take on what you’ll see next year.
  • I first saw a glimpse of this dance step instructor on Facebook, did a quick YouTube search to find more videos, and 30 minutes later had spent a lot of time mesmerized by his choreography, which is unlike any other step routine I’ve seen. I happen to LOVE step, but sadly, it’s not really a thing here in the Bay Area, so I’ve only done it once in the past four years. (And that time with Susan Renata teaching it at the Les Mills office, WOOHOO!) But seriously, if you like dance or step, check out some of the videos from Yoav Avidar.
  • I know I shared this on Facebook a while ago, but just watch it again.
  • Want to work your legs and booty? Check out these unique squat variations by Women’s Health Next Fitness Star Selena Watkins. So fun!
  • I discovered Helene in Between via Megan’s weekly Link Love posts, and Helene is a social media pro. She offered a free Instagram tips video series, and I watched it this week. Instagram is my total pain point in the blogging world, because it’s so important, and I can’t crack the code! Not following me? Find me here. πŸ™‚ Pretty, please.

Have a great weekend, my friends! Move around, nosh on healthy food and be nice to others!

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Questions of the day

What’s something you’ve been loving lately?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?


    1. It sure does! And THANK you for introducing me to Helene’s blog. Do you have a lot of good blogger events in AZ? Happy Friday, friend! πŸ™‚

    1. Well you are due for a visit you know … πŸ™‚ Happy to bring you along hahah! Happy Friday, gal! I’m following along with your journey, BTW and sending you so much love!

  1. Hey Ashley!! Just a quick comment about the step video. That style is REALLY popular in Europe, especially where I am in France. There are some die-hards like you see in the vid who are just as good as the instructor. It’s fast and furious, and unlike the US where the movements are functional (think repeater knee, hamstring curls, etc.), this is all choreographed with a ton of style and flair. I’ve taken it before but I found it to be almost too fast to be safe at some points, hello twisted ankle, and my gym doesn’t have the mats under the step to keep from slipping. Fun to try though. They also do a lot of “freestyle” which is pretty much the same style of movement just without the step. Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh Diane, I SOOO love your insights! Thank you for this. So good to know. I would agree that it looks SUPER hard and I’d be worried about an ankle sprain or twist as well. Do you have any posts on this type of thing? WOULD love to read!

  2. All the events sound so fun! I love Popsugar and anything with olives! And those clothes do look so comfortable, I love that simple black dress on you. Holiday parties, running errands, and catching up on some Bravo is on the agenda for this weekend. Happy Friday and good luck to Dave this weekend too!

    1. Hi Patricia! Okay, I’ll probably be doing some holiday errands right along with you! I watched the first RHBH this week already! LOVE THEM hahaha! Happy Friday, friend!

    1. Hi Jessica! Yes, looks like Denver has a good blogging community, like we do here in SF, which is awesome!! Hope you are doing well, pretty lady! Happy Friday!!

  3. THat is so super wonderful that you got to meet the people behind Pop Sugar. It really helps establish a relationship when you meet face to face, and I love how you aren’t afraid to get out there. <3 All of these events looks so fun!

    1. Hi Emily! I have to say no to so many events each week too, otherwise it would be too much. But we have a good community of companies and bloggers in the San Francisco, so it’s easy to get out! Have you been to any get togethers in your area? πŸ™‚ Happy Friday! And YES the POPSUGAR folks are cool!

    1. Kendra Scott jewelry is adorable! I have a ton of it and wear it all the time! Happy Friday to you, Jess! Thanks for saying hi and have a nice weekend!

  4. That black dress is amazing on you. You are right Kit and Ace is amazing. I have a few pairs of pants that I’m obsessed with! I also love the Walnut Creek store so if you do a event I’d love the opportunity to go!!

  5. Blogger events are SO MUCH FUN in big cities, right?! We live in a small city two hours south of D.C. and don’t have many large-scale events like this. Buuut what I’d love to do is work on reaching out to companies on a smaller scale πŸ™‚
    Happy Friday!!

  6. Omg I want all those neutral clothes. I was like THOSE “COLORS” ARE BEAUTIFUL hahaha. Also, whenever I go to events here I’m always underdressed and sometimes coming from work so I”m always in exercise clothes haha. Oh well πŸ™‚

    1. Hahaha I learned that blogging events for anyone but fitness bloggers, I can’t wear workout clothes to, otherwise I totally would. But I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do!! Hope you are having an awesome weekend, Erin!!

  7. Kit & Ace sounds awesomeeee. <3 If I pass by Walnut Creek while I'm back for vacation, will definitely see if I can check em' out! πŸ˜€

    I love the "Lion King" photo! πŸ˜› I did that with my cat, hahaha.

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