fitmob brings the fun + Athleta giveaway

This post is sponsored by Sverve on behalf of fitmob. While I was compensated for my review, all of the opinions, as usual, are honest and completely my own.

Today, I’d like to tell you all about a modern and user-friendly new workout program in the Bay Area and also offer a $25 gift card to Athleta. So read on and enjoy!

What is fitmob?

fitmob serves the Bay Area, including San Francisco-proper and surrounding areas. Classes are held outside in different neighborhoods and in several gyms, and participants can pay by class. During morning, noon or night, participants can take a variety of formats, including strength training, cardio, yoga, dance, you name it — and the class names are hilarious, like “Yogasm,” “Embrace the Shake” and “Whole Body Hustle.” The cool thing about fitmob is that you don’t have to commit to a gym membership and you can choose your class location and time, whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. Not to mention, it can all be done online or through the easy-to-use fitmob app.

fitmob launched in January and has been hugely successful. In fact, I read somewhere that the company did a survey and found out a third of participants had quit their gym membership once they found fitmob. And it gets better …

fitmob debuts MobTribes small group training

fitmob is now launching a premium offering called MobTribes, which is a small group training format combining the coaching of a trainer and the motivation of a team. MobTribes is essentially shared personal training, led by a top-tier fitmob certified personal trainer who meets with a group of two-to-six participants twice-a-week at the same location for six weeks. The trainer stays in touch with Tribe members to track their activity, provide nutrition tips and give everyone all the services of a high-priced personal trainer for a much smaller price tag. The best part is that if you bring a friend along, you pay less per session. It’s only $34 per session to start and goes down to $29 per session if you refer someone. That’s about a quarter of what it costs to work with a personal trainer for an hour. Big savings right there!

I could see this as the absolutely perfect way for a small group of coworkers or friends who enjoy getting fit together to make big gains. You’ll benefit from the personal attention of a trainer and still get to motivate each other in a group setting. Maybe you and your girlfriends are going to a wedding at the end of the year and want to tone up? Or maybe you and your coworkers are training for a race or event? Or maybe you’ve been sitting on your butt for a long time and the gym just doesn’t call your name and you don’t want to work out alone? This could be for you. 

As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I absolutely love how a small group training program combines the best of both worlds. Accountability, personalized attention and the energy of working out with others. Sounds good to me.

It’s super easy to sign up. You visit the MobTribes site and choose your location. The fitmob team will either match you with an existing Tribe or you can set up your own. When it’s all set up, your trainer will reach out to you, and the group will get started.

Fun idea, for sure. Now, because I insisted on getting to see what the true fitmob experience was before writing this post, I was able to try a complimentary regular class last week. Here’s how it went down …

fitmob’s “In It to Win It” class

Before I went to a lunch-time fitmob class last week, I read a bunch of Yelp reviews. True story — nearly every single one was incredibly positive. And they all had the same theme: fitmob makes fitness fun, and gets people who don’t normally like to work out, to have fun exercising and to stick to it.

fitmob class in San FranciscoThe instructor setting out cones in a gorgeous class setting on the San Francisco Bay.

I attended a 45-minute “In It to Win It” class, which was held outdoors at the Brannan Wharf along the Embarcadero of San Francisco on a sunny and warm day.

All I can say is, it was fun. I hardly felt like I was working out, but I was. The class was led by Milli, an Australian former gymnast. There was only one other participant, who had been coming for nearly six months to the same class. He was hilarious and even performed an impromptu rap for Milli and me during our warm-up, incorporating our names and some fitmob terminology. Not your average workout class, my friends. 

Like the class name implies, we played a lot of games and worked off the team vibe. We did a few partner exercises, which had me smiling rather than panting. Class started with a warm-up including jumping jacks, squats and lunges. Then we moved into some suicide runs, squats jumps, burpees and mountain climbers.

It didn’t seem like a bootcamp at all, because we were working with each other. One of us would do the running, while the other did the plyo or strength move, and then we would tap each other out to do the next round. For a little strength training, we also used some resistance tubes on the fence for rows and presses.

Milli truly used the setting of the class to her advantage and even had us do squats and side-to-side shuffles along a row of benches. She was clever. We finished up with some balance challenges, in which we tried to knock each other over while standing on one leg. It was so fun. I never do this kind of workout, and I loved it. It wasn’t too hard, it was just right. I can see why so many Yelpers are believers in the style of fitmob. And you can’t beat the setting on a beautiful day in San Francisco.

fitmob class in San Francisco on the BayOur group doing the final hip flexor stretches performed at the end of class.

Fun vibes, laid back participants and a good workout is a success in my book. I’d definitely like to try more fitmob classes. And for all of my Bay Area friends out there: I’d highly recommend you check out fitmob and the new MobTribes. They both serve as more reasons we can be thankful we live in an area where all the good stuff hits first.

“In It to Win It”  class

  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Format: 5-minute warm-up, cardio runs, plyo jumps, resistance work with tubes, partner balance challenges, more resistance work with tubes, 5-minute cool-down and stretch
  • Difficulty level: On a scale of 1 to 10, probably a 6
  • Equipment: Resistance bands provided, bring a towel and water
  • Suggested outfit: Sneakers, tank top, shorts and your hair pulled back
  • Pros: Beautiful outdoor setting, fun and playful vibe so it hardly feels like a workout

Athleta gift card giveaway

Now, on to the fun stuff. It’s your chance to enter to win a $25 gift card to buy anything you’d like from Athleta, the workout apparel line by Gap. Because this giveaway is being offered by the kind folks of Sverve and fitmob, by entering this giveaway your email will be provided to them. This contest will close next Monday, October 13 at midnight.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post is sponsored by Sverve on behalf of fitmob. While I was compensated for my review, all of the opinions, as usual, are honest and completely my own.

Questions of the day

Do you like a traditional gym or something less traditional for your workouts? Have you ever tried small group training? What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you during a workout?

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  1. I’ve recently gotten hooked on my at-home Beachbody dvd workouts. But I think if I lived in a big city that offered these kind of fun, non-traditional workouts, I would definitely work them into my weekly workout routines!

  2. I love to run, it’s always been my favorite. I would really like to incorporate some strength training into my workouts though.

    1. Hi Meredith! Yes, ma’am, You’ve got to have a little bit of everything to make it a well-rounded fitness program. Do you like to run outside or inside? The Bay Area is GREAT for outdoor running, because the weather is always nice.

    1. Hi Alexa, I know! Have you ever tried early morning workout classes? Sometimes it’s best just to get it out of the way. You’ve got to come try one of my classes someday! Have a good Tuesday:)

  3. Oh that workout location looks awesome! I would totally do this if I lived out there! πŸ™‚ I used to teach an outdoor bootcamp and absolutely loved being out in the fresh air with plenty of space to run around and get your fitness on!

  4. My favorite ways to workout are running and yoga, I find they work well together for my body in staying injury free and feeling good

  5. I like a mix of things (going to the gym, trying out classes and etc). I guess if I had to choose, I would choose going to the gym, but mostly out of convenience. As much as I love going to classes and working out in a group dynamic (the TRX training center and Mint Pilates Studios are some personal faves), they can be pretty far from where I live. Not to mention the parking!

    1. Hi Alice, yes we have to deal with parking issues for some of the good spots in the City for sure. Sounds like you get some good variety in. Thanks for entering. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi! First of all, I live in the bay area too (down on the peninsula) and I love how your blog ties in your SF adventures πŸ™‚

    As for exercise, my favorite is running, but since I sustained a pelvic stress fracture in May, I’ve had to learn to love low to no-impact exercise like swimming, biking, and strength training. My PT just cleared me to start running last week, so I’m working my way back into it now, finally!

  7. Since moving to SF, I’ve kept my gym membership but I’ve also been using ClassPass for yoga studios and to check out other workouts!

    1. That’s great! I love trying a bunch of different places, but will always need the gym for weights and group fitness. Thanks for entering!

  8. This sounds so cool. I really wish they had stuff like this by me, I would totally do it!

    To answer the question, I don’t really have a “favorite” way to work out… I just love being active. And I really really really love Athleta πŸ™‚

    Great review as always lady!

  9. As you may already know – I love to go climbing (bouldering mostly but I love top roping) as my way to work out. Sweet giveaway Ashley! I only found out about Athleta recently, since it was never available in Canada, and I’ve bought 2 things from there already (one being my fav pair of orange corduroy shorts) πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Nancy! Yes, I know you love to climb. Good luck winning the gift card, and I’m glad you can get Athleta now that you live in the States. πŸ™‚

  10. I love to run inside or outside. I usually lift weights on my own. But I do love yoga classes. I would also love to take barre classes and body pump if they were available near me. I always look for them anywhere I travel πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Carla. Thanks for entering. And that sounds like a good combination – especially the functional fitness benefit you can get from a sport like kayaking. Keep it up!

  11. I love running, but I also need to cross train so I do Jillian Michaels DVDs in my living room πŸ™‚

  12. Sounds like such a fun workout! Anything outdoors is pretty much the bomb.

    As for my favorite workout, I’m going to say barre and yoga with weights. But I get kinda trendy about my workouts–faves come and go. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Kim! hahah trendy is fine, that means you switch it up and get variety. I like barre and yoga too. I’ve never done yoga with weights though.

  13. I just moved to the bay area – doing a class like this where I can just go/pay for specific classes I want sounds really fun (not to mention a good way to meet other people).
    To answer the question – my favorite workout varies. Some days it’s running, some days it’s weight lifting, others it’s walking or dancing.

  14. If I could choose, it would be group fitness classes. Being a super busy Momma, my favorite is when I get out for a run or get some time alone to pop a video in.

  15. I am a fitness whore. I love to go to classes, go for a run and mix it up. I’m easily bored but know I need to get my fitness in. Sometimes it’s easier to be motivated by someone else and sometimes, I can’t wait for a scheduled class.

  16. I use to always hit the gym for classes/workouts (esp if I needed motivation to workout for an hour-I would never walk out of a class, so that keeps me accountable). However, over the past year, I have really loved trying new things at home-PiYo, HIIT in my backyard, TRX workouts. I also love taking bootcamp classes, yoga..anything to mix it up!

    1. Hi Tara! Thanks for stopping by and entering. Sometimes it’s cool to work out at home because you can even do it in your pajamas. I’ve been there! πŸ™‚

  17. I mostly run because I can just get out the door and go, and I like to do yoga at least once a week to continue to make the running possible.

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