Five reasons having a dog is good for your health

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Truth be told, I’d like to put a picture of my Rudy in every single blog post. I’ve also thought about starting an Instagram just for pictures of him too. He’s seriously the light of my life. And since I’ve been a dog owner for more than two years, I thought it was time to talk about all the good things he brings to my life, many of which support my healthy lifestyle.

Five reasons having a dog is good for your health

Five ways dog help you to be healthy by A Lady Goes West

1. Dogs make you get out of bed and get fresh air each morning.

While you’ve already seen me sing the praises of working out first thing in the morning for the health benefits, another thing we should all be doing is spending some time outdoors right after waking. The fresh air, the Vitamin D (if the suns out), and the smell of trees and grass and flowers and plants is good for the heart and soul. It sets the tone for a good day. When you’ve got a dog to take care of, you have to wake up, put on your sweatpants and head outside to let them do their business. While you may be the one “taking” them out, they’re actually the ones who are dragging you along for your own good. (And you get extra points for putting your bare feet on the grass in the morning, because it’s a thing called “earthing,” and it balances the neurons in your body. True story!)

2. Dogs help you to get more organic movement each day.

How many of you are adamant about your four to five workouts each week, but then spend the rest of your time sitting in a desk chair or sitting in your car? It’s not good. Even if we work out, those other 10 to 12 hours spent sitting are so bad for the body and the blood flow. However, when you have a doggie, you have to take them out on regular walks and potty breaks. You get on the floor to do fetch. You run around the living room trying to make them do tricks. They make you move, and movement is medicine. Thank them for that! They are helping you to stay limber, limit injuries and even improve your posture.

Five ways dogs make you healthier on a walk by A Lady Goes West

3. Dogs help to reduce your stress with their love.

I was recently on a terrible phone call during the workday at home that stressed me out. However, the other person on the line didn’t know that I had Rudy in my lap. He was staring up into my eyes as I was petting his head. It made everything seem right in the world. I’m admittedly, a fairly high-stress person, and something about petting a dog or having their little (or big) body near you, just lowers the cortisol hormones and levels you out. Tough day? Hug your dog. Bad headache? Hug your dog. Too many bills to pay? Pet your dog.

4. Dogs help you meet new people and be more social.

When you take your dog for a walk in my neighborhood of Walnut Creek, people will come up to you and pet him and/or want to talk about him. While I’m pretty social, I’m also a little reserved when it comes to chatting up strangers. However, having Rudy has let me be much more open to stopping to have conversation with everyday people who we pass. And you know what, afterward, I’m always happy that I did. I have to thank my little white pup for that.

Dogs make you healthier with walks by A Lady Goes West

5. Dogs make you appreciate the little things in life.

A few weeks ago, Dave said this to me “All Rudy has in his life is walks and us,” and for some reason, that statement made me weep. Loser? Dork? Call me what you will, but it made me happy/sad because it’s so true. Rudy lives for quality time with his people, for fresh air, for games of fetch. He doesn’t care how he looks, he doesn’t care how we look, he doesn’t care about money or jobs or social status, or cars or events, he just lives his little life getting excited for his little routine. When I watch Rudy get over-the-moon happy when I pour him fresh water in his dish, it totally makes my day. If we could all be a little bit more appreciative of life, just like our dogs, we’d all be a lot happier all the time. Thanks, Rudy, you’re on to something!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love my dog. He is small, white and wise. 

Why I love my dog by A Lady Goes West

Feeding our Rudy with care

In addition to loving Rudy, we also try to take as good of care as possible of him. Earlier this year, Dave and I switched Rudy’s food over to ORGANIX, which is a line of organically certified balanced nutrition for dogs, which I originally introduced to you here. It’s made in kitchens in the U.S., and Rudy’s favorite flavor is the Salmon & Peas (real food ingredients). We’re so happy to have started feeding him better food (no soy, nothing artificial), and he loves it.   

To find ORGANIX in a store near you, visit the store locator on the ORGANIX site. You can also order on the brand’s online shop and follow on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and letting me dish on Rudy. Have a good one, friends! And by the way, if you know a pet-lover who would appreciate this post, please send it to them!

Five ways dogs make you healthy by A Lady Goes West

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Questions of the day

What’s something in your life that makes you happy every day?

Do you have a pet? What kind and what’s the story behind his/her name?



  1. When I read the title, I immediately started thinking of my 5 reasons, and guess what? YoYou hit each and every one of them. Ridley (my poochie) is my furbaby. We are working on the human baby, but she is keeping me going throughout that process!

  2. Great post thank you. I feed my cat Organix and she is thriving on it. She was a rescue and malnourished so the Organix helped her become healthy and stay healthy. I love that is made in the USA. , has no filler or preserving chemicals. Rudy Is adorable, more photos!!!!!

    1. Yup! Organix is definitely the good stuff. When I researched it, I didn’t realize how other pet food was so bad! So glad your kitty is thriving, Laura! 🙂

  3. Love this! My dog is a big bearded collie who requires a LOT of exercise, and I mean long walks where he can run off- lead crazy for an hour at a time haha, but I enjoy that, I just wish I had time to take him long walks every day not just weekends. Also, I live in Scotland where it is more likely to be windy and rainy and dark at 7am ha. Still, he gets me out and about and is also the best company! Rudy is SO sweet 🙂

    1. Big dogs need SO much more walking than little ones. In fact, sometimes I even carry Rudy on part of our long walks hahaha — totally different than your dog. How big is he? Even though he only gets long walks with you on the weekends, I bet he LIVES for those! 🙂

  4. AGREED to all of this. My doggies enable me to just get out and play and walk and just get in fun movement without even thinking much about it. They also are so cute and their licking definitely always makes me laugh.

    1. Hi Emily! Yup — that’s why I said the movement was organic, because we don’t even realize we’re doing it with them. LOVE our fuzzy friends! What kind of dog do you have? 🙂

  5. My goldendoodle and I completely agree. Not only does he get me moving since he’s a certified therapy dog he gets me volunteering, too.

    1. Oh that’s SO cool! Rudy doesn’t check all the boxes for being able to behave enough as a therapy dog, but I LOVE that you’re doing that, Carla. Goldendoodles are so cute!

  6. I totally agree with all of this! My dogs have been wonderful for my health, especially my mental health. My Sheltie Maggie has been with me throughout my PhD, the stress of living apart from my then-boyfriend-now-hubby, and even being pregnant and now being a new mom. Don’t think I could do it without my pups by my side!

  7. Yay Rudy! He is too cute 🙂 I love our rescued Welsh Corgi -Harvey-, he brings so much joy to our life. I agree with all of your 5 reasons, we all could learn a lot from our furry friends. They don’t hold a grudge either 🙂 except short ones when I forget to give him a treat haha.

  8. Awwww I love this! My dog is such an important part of my life, and I don’t know what I’d do without him. And he really does get me off the couch more!

  9. Such a sweet post, Ashley! And so true. This is the first time Brandon and I haven’t had a pup in 12 years! Since we first met, lol. The day to day just isn’t as joyful without a pup, for all of the reasons you listed. We are thinking of adopting one (maybe two) from the shelter in a couple of months. I’ll be sure to look into Organix when we do! 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah! I bet it’s hard to be without your pup, but know what she is in a better place! 🙁 And how lucky will those rescue pups from the shelter be to end up in your loving home?? Hope you are well, Sarah!

    1. Hi Jamaica! Yes, traveling does make it tough. Our dog is small enough that he often flies with us — but factoring that in costs extra! Hope you get a dog one day. 🙂

  10. Do you have a pet? What kind and what’s the story behind his/her name?

    I have a 7-year-old dog. (Belgian Shepard/Basenji/Labrador Retriever/Flat-Coated Retriever). I named him Einstein because he’s smart.

  11. I’ve always being a cat person, but I must admit latety I’ve been missing the warmth and the friendship that a dog brings. I’m thinking of adopting one. This post was an amazing read. Thank you!

  12. Hey Ashley!

    I feel that getting a dog was one of the best decision I ever made. I lost 20 pounds simply because I have to get up and walk every morning with Gretel (the name of my dog). I also go for a walk with her on most evenings. Watching tv while patting her on the couch reduces my stress so much, I became a much more grounded person.

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