Five ways to be cool today

You are probably already pretty awesome. But it never hurts to up your game, right? Try these little tips to make it a great day, and don’t miss the big announcement from my friends at Naked Juice

Five ways to be cool today via A Lady Goes West

Five ways to be cool today

1. Take a walk outside without any technology. That’s right. No music. No phone. Nothing but your mind, your steps and the great outdoors. Set out with the intention to listen to your own thoughts, and see where they take you. A calm and cool mind is on the way, and you might come back refreshed and collected.

2. Hydrate with something sweet. Pick up a cold-pressed juice for your daily fix of fruits and veggies. And if you live on the West Coast of the U.S., you just may find the brand new cold-pressed offering from Naked Juice on the shelves, which I’ll talk more about below. 

Naked Juice Bright Greens Cold-Pressed Juice via A Lady Goes West

3. Make someone else happy. Go out of your way to do something nice for a friend, a family member or even a stranger. Don’t take the credit for it, and don’t expect anything in return. Some examples? Send a hand-written thank-you note. Let someone get in front of you in line at the grocery store. Smile at someone who needs a kind face. Be a pal.

4. Brush up on current events and learn something new. When was the last time you read something that was not required for your work or your school — and was also outside of your usual interest? That means the newspaper, a periodical or a journal — all publications online or print, which are full of good information. How can you be the coolest person in the room? Be interesting! Take a moment to pick up some knowledge outside of the usual and share it with others. 

5. Rock your confidence and be unapologetically you. Really, the best way to be cool is to be yourself, but it never hurts to spend a few minutes making sure you’re always getting better at being you — hold your head up high, pull your shoulders back and stand tall, my fabulous friends!

Coolness is in you! And now, more about those new fresh juices … 

Say Hello to Naked Pressed Juices

I’m very excited share with you the “cool” news that Naked Juice is rolling out a new line of cold-pressed juices called Naked Pressed. These tasty beverages are debuting exclusively on the West Coast right now and will be all over in stores this year.

Naked Juice Cold-Pressed Naked Press juices by A Lady Goes West blog

The folks at Naked Juice listened to consumers and used their already stellar juice-making skills to deliver this brand-new offering. 

Naked Pressed comes in five delicious flavors, using ready-to-eat, high-quality fruits and vegetables that are cold pressed directly into the bottle. These juices make their way to shelves very quickly because they are so fresh. And of course, these puppies are verified by the Non-GMO Project, have no added sugar and absolutely no preservatives. Nothing but the good stuff in every bottle.

Naked Press juices via A Lady Goes West

Your choices include Bright Greens, Hearty Greens, Lively Carrot, Bold Beet and Cool Pineapple. And upon taste-testing, although they were all delicious, the Bright Greens variety had my heart — it’s filled with a blend of eight juices including apple, cucumber, celery, lettuce, lemon, kale, spinach and wheatgrass. So fresh and so clean … and so green!

Keep your eyes open for these juices coming to a refrigerator near you soon. And to my West Coast peeps, you may be in luck if you head to the grocery store today. Now go out there and be cool!

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*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Naked Juice. As a brand ambassador, I was compensated and received product. However, all thoughts an opinions are entirely my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that work with me and A Lady Goes West!

Questions of the day

What’s one way you’re going to be cool today?

What’s something kind you’ve done for someone else lately?



  1. I walk my dog everyday without music or my phone and it’s my favorite part of the day. I always have so much to think about, and sometimes talk to my pup as well, hehe. And I am so excited for these juices to hit stores everywhere they look and sound delicious!

    1. Ummm, talk to your pup? Story of my life. I have full on conversations with him. I basically narrate life as seen by my dog. 🙂 hehehe Have a great day, Patricia!

  2. I really like the Naked Juice products……..when I came down with a cold recently I had to find something to make me feel better, their bright beets juice really tasted good:) it made me feel better for a while!
    Oh and there’s another good reason to get outside for a walk without any technology. Safety—you’ll be a lot more aware of what’s going on around you:). I love listening to music on a solo walk, but try to leave the earbuds at home:)

    1. Hi Amy! That’s awesome that Bright Beets helped you to recover. And yes, safety first! You have to be aware of your surroundings out there. 🙂 Have a safe day, lady!

  3. #4 was my favorite! I’m a firm believer in reading for pleasure and outside of required guidelines. Even if it is reading up on current events just because you want to stay informed, I think that is so incredibly important! Love that you included that.

    1. Oh good, Julia! I love to hear that. It’s so easy to ONLY read what interests you, but you’ve got to branch out. 🙂 Have a great day, lady!

  4. Yum! I want to try the carrot flavor… Turmeric and vanilla. Cool combo.

    Im going to take the bus instead of driving to an appointment later… We made the decision to have one car because it’s so much better for the environment. I’m not sure that’s “cool” but it is doing something for the greater good!

  5. I love this list. Encouraging each other is so wonderful . I walk without music as I love the time to listen to nature . I recently began to listen to TED talks in the morning about the economy, health and science while I get ready. It opened up my conversation skills as well as my knowledge. I have been having great conversations with people as a result.

  6. Can’t lie, I was a bit confused with the subject line. But turns out, I guess I’m pretty cool! 😉

    Although I’ll have to work on the “walk outside with no technology.” Blogging has made me into a pre-teen with my need to be on my phone all the time, ha!

  7. Walking the dog this morning went really well UNTIL I let one off the leash accidentally. 🙁 Thankfully God brought her back, and she is safely inside now. Phew… I actually love how you titled this, because it made me curious as to what the article was really about. 🙂 These Naked juices look really good. I’m a big fan of Naked juice whenever I try it. And encouraging one another is SO good. Thank you for reminding me to love others by encouraging them!

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