Forging ahead … on foot

Step #457 when relocating to a major metropolis: divest of at least one car if you have a two-car household.  On my last day in Orlando, I had an appointment at the local MINI dealer to sell back my car and hit the road as a passenger with my Mom.  Since Dave and I will be living in the heart of the urban walking core of San Francisco, there is plenty of public transportation and parking a car in the city costs about as much as a car payment, we decided it would be a good idea to get rid of my car – the little red Cooper I so affectionately called “Chilipepper.”

While I certainly loved my car (the first brand new car I purchased on my own), I can honestly say that getting rid of this material possession wasn’t very sad for me.  In fact, the thought of lowering my carbon footprint just a bit and getting rid of a car payment and weekly gas tank fill-ups was enough to help me along in the process and be quite positive.  Not to mention, my rare automatic Cooper S had a great resale value, so I’m actually expecting a nice check to arrive for the car in a few days.

Some closing thoughts on saying goodbye to Chilipepper:

I loved that MINI Cooper.  It was a fast, fun and very noticeable car, but it wasn’t my forever car.

I had many comments from people who saw me driving it that it ‘fit my personality perfectly.’  Always wearing red and black (Body Pump colors) before and after the gym, I even had several people notice that I physically matched my car.  I remember once being a little offended by how much I was thought of as a MINI Cooper person … when people think of me, I’d rather the thoughts of “Range Rover” or “Top-of-the-Line Porsche Cayenne” appear in relation to my presence … but alas, the car is gone now.

So here I come San Francisco.  My sensible, closed-toed shoes are ready.  Let’s forge ahead … on foot!



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