Friday Favorites: A delivery, a bra and a guy

Today is a big day. It’s launch day.

Tonight at 5:30 p.m., I’ll be wearing red and debuting BODYPUMP 89, the latest release from Les Mills, for the folks at Marathon Plaza 24 Hour Fitness. This class is so packed full of members that we run out of weights. In fact, more large weights are being ordered to accommodate the size of the class. Who would’ve thought people are eager to sweat on Friday evening?

Even though I always get a little bit nervous before teaching a brand new release, I also get excited. The members love the debut. And as an instructor, I live for their enthusiasm to work out.

Other than the launch, I’ve got some other good things on my mind, which brings me to my second installment of “Friday Favorites.”

My favorite special delivery

Once a month I get a box of stuff, and I never know what’s going to be in it.

For Christmas, Dave put me on the list to receive a monthly Birchbox subscription. The first one didn’t come until February, so it was a nice surprise for me after the rush of the holidays was over. Since that time, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting the box in the mail each month.

I continue to forget it’s coming, so when it shows up in our mailbox, it always elicits a smile.



April’s box has been the best I’ve received by far (a favorite, if you will). It included a KIND snack bar, a nail polish, an eyeliner, a CC light foundation with sunscreen and a hair detangler. I can’t wait to try all of the items.

The point of Birchbox (which is actually quite genius) is to let people try out a bunch of grooming and lifestyle products that they may not ever be exposed to. There’s a little card in each box with a description of the item, pricing and directions.

If you like what you receive, you can go to the Birchbox site and order the full-size products, many times at a discount. Such a great idea.

My favorite piece of workout clothing

Four words for you. High-Impact Sports Bra. Yes, that is right. Although I’m not exactly a well-endowed woman, I rely on this type of support when teaching BODYATTACK sports-cardio classes. If you’ve never bought a bra labeled “high-impact,” I suggest you do. It’s great for running, aerobics, dancing, and anything where you move around a lot. There is usually a zipper or a clip, and it keeps you very-much-in-place.

Under Armour top and bra

The bra shown here is called the Protegee and is available by Under Armour. The neon yellow shirt is also Under Armour. I picked up both during my trip home to Florida earlier this week.

The reason this bra is one of my favorites is because it’s part of the whole package of dressing appropriately and functionally for the gym. The right clothing on your body is essential when you exercise, so you don’t have to think about what you’re wearing and you can focus on your movement.

(For more information on what you should wear for different types of workouts, check out my previous list of suggestions on how to dress for success at the gym.)

My favorite guy

Every couple of days I ask Dave, “what should I blog about tomorrow?” No matter what, he always says, “how about me?” Clearly, he is kidding, but because of that suggestion he deserves a short dedication on the blog.

A few weeks ago, I went to visit him at work in the evening before we attended an event in Oakland, and I took the following picture. Of course, he told me to stop since we were in his office, but there weren’t a lot of people around after hours, so HA!

Dave at work

And he can go from professional to festival in a moment’s notice.

Dave in North Beach

This is a just a small tribute, since he is the reason this Lady went west. But it’s a dual purpose, because if you’re a new reader, now you know who Dave is, and you’ll see him around a lot.

Concluding thoughts

There it was. My second list of favorites is now complete. Be sure to check out my first installment of Friday Favorites, in case you missed it.

I’ll be busy in my NESTA personal training workshop this weekend, but will check in with you soon. Have a fabulous day!

*This weekly feature is hosted by a lovely blogger who also has ties to Orlando (where I moved from) and the NBA. Thanks, Heather, for hosting the link up.

Questions of the day

What are you looking forward to this weekend? Do you have any recent favorite discoveries you’d like to share?

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    1. Hi Katie,
      That’s awesome you are going to experience the latest BODYPUMP release tomorrow.
      And yes, I love the Birchbox. They have them for men too. I’ve also heard of a healthy snack box subscription too that I might look into.
      Have a great weekend! Let me know how you like the BP tomorrow.

  1. I totally get what you mean on the high impact bra. I have a few of those for the days when I know I’m going to be jumping/running/plyos – they are perfect for those days! Then I also have my low impact bras for my bicep/tricep days, etc. 🙂 The birchbox is sooo cool! Have a great weekend!

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