Friday Favorites: A drink, a gadget and a plan


This morning, Dave, his sisters and I are heading out of the city to Boonville for a weekend full of wedding fun. Our first activity is an Anderson Valley wine tour, followed by a rehearsal dinner and a variety show in a barn tonight and the wedding tomorrow. Our fingers are crossed that the weather cooperates for all of the outdoor play ahead of us.

Now it’s time for my fourth edition of Friday Favorites, which is a chance to share a few unrelated items that have been making me happy lately. In case you’re behind, here are the first three:

  1. A snack, a purse and a ritual
  2. A delivery, a bra and a guy
  3. A sweet, a wine and a read

Without further ado …

My favorite non-alcoholic beverage

Coconut water. I drink a couple of coconut-water liters a week. The taste is mild and delightful, and the electrolytes and potassium give me that extra little kick I need, especially when teaching BODYATTACK.

Coconut water

Sometimes I pour half coconut water and half regular water into my water bottle if I want to dilute it a bit. No matter what, I always have coconut water in the fridge. My favorite brands are ZICO, Vita Coco and O.N.E.

With zero fat, zero cholesterol and only 50-60 calories per serving, it’s a great alternative to other sports drinks when you need some hydration. You can also put it in smoothies. It’s just so fresh and smooth, even a little sip makes me happy.

My favorite kitchen gadget

I can’t get enough of this Nutribullet. I’ve had it for a couple of months and have been using it several times a week. While you can’t throw the blades in the dishwasher, you can put the cups in there, so clean-up is easy.


With this appliance, I’ve created some great smoothies and increased my vegetable intake significantly.

Dave even uses it, although his smoothies tend to be more of the peanut butter and banana variety rather than green.

If you are looking for a blending device, I’d highly suggest this one. After ditching the box, the whole contraption doesn’t take up much space, which of course, is a major necessity when you live in a little city apartment like me.

And by the way, have you tried zucchini in your smoothie? What about sweet potato in your smoothie? I did, and I thoroughly enjoyed both, thanks to the ease of using my Nutribullet.

My favorite part of this week – making a plan

Vacay! We’ve done it. This week, Dave and I booked our summer vacation, which will happen in June. I love looking forward to trips, and I love to travel.

Because we’ve used most of our time and flight-money on visits home to Florida since moving to San Francisco, we’re incredibly ready for a little R&R, in which we are devoted to nothing but relaxing. Although we get to do a ton of exploring in the Bay Area, we haven’t gone on a getaway longer than a weekend since our honeymoon nearly two years ago.

The anticipation starts now.


Where are we going? Well, it’s out of the country, it’s a beach destination, and it’s listed on my Travel Bucket List. Stay tuned for more next week …

Short and sweet. With that, another edition of Friday Favorites is complete. Thanks again, Heather, for hosting the link-up.

Time to pack up the bags and turn on wedding-mode. Our car trip to Boonville will take us through nearly an hour of narrow, windy, mountain roads with no cell service. Thus, I’m likely to be off the grid.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Questions of the day

Do you have any weddings on the horizon? What activities are you most looking forward to in the next few weeks?

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