Friday Favorites: A case, sneaks and smoothies

Happy Friday, my friends! I’m still coming to you from Los Angeles, where I’m down enjoying IDEA BlogFest and the IDEA World Fitness Convention. You can expect a full recap early next week, but it’s safe to say I’m having a great time. I’m here with some amazing people, soaking up all of the fitness, food and a whole lot of blogging fun. Here’s just a snapshot …

BlogFest day 1 in LA via A Lady Goes WestGood fun taking place in LA. I’m loving my Fabletics outfit (<<—- referral link!) I wore most of yesterday, and I’m also loving the time with my roommate Heather and all the other fabulous ladies I’ve met. 

But today, because it’s Friday, I’m here to give you a little dose of the usual …

My latest “Friday Favorites” from the week

Every single Friday, I like to take a minute to pull together a few random things that have been bringing a smile to my face into one post. No rhyme, no reason, just the good stuff — to help you start your weekend. Here we go …

My favorite new handy travel case

As you can imagine, I’m traveling with my computer during this trip, and it is safely transported in one stylish case. I didn’t have to feel worried about it bouncing around in my big bag during my flight or while walking around the convention center and hotel.

InCase Neoprene classic sleeve via A Lady Goes West Friday Favorites blogYou don’t want to see the ugly old bag I used to transport my laptop before this one …

The folks at InCase so nicely let me pick out something from their line of cases, and I selected the ruby-colored neoprene sleeve for my MacBook Air. It fits nice and snug and has just enough padding to keep my computer safe. The inside is polyester and is quite soft. Plus the color is just the best. The sleeve runs around $40 and comes in two other colors. There’s definitely a lot of stuff available on the InCase site, so head on over there if you’re in need of some cases for your various technology.

My favorite new sneaks

I have to admit that I have nearly this same style Nike sneaker in two other colors. But when you know what you like, you know what you like. Last Friday, Dave and I popped out to DSW in the afternoon when he got home early, and I picked up these, after spending far too much time trying on every sneaker in the store.

Nike Zoom Fly 2 shoes via A Lady Goes West blog Friday FavoritesI’m loving these Nike Zoom Fly 2 kicks, because they are simple and versatile. 

While they aren’t quite as bright and exciting as I would like, I figured they could be my “neutral” sneakers. They are cushioned enough for teaching BODYATTACK or for running on the treadmill at Orangetheory. And yes, they are donning my feet during my time in LA this week for BlogFest and IDEA World. Super comfy. I just love the feel of wearing new shoes. 

My favorite tasty and refreshing treat

I’ve been a Jamba Juice fan ever since I was first introduced to the smoothie chain back in college. A couple of Mondays ago, Dave had a rare weekday off, so he joined me for lunch after I finished teaching at Orangetheory. He rode his bike and met me outside the studio, and we walked together over to the Jamba Juice in downtown Walnut Creek. 

Jamba Juice smoothies via A Lady Goes West Friday FavoritesThis pina colada smoothie on a Monday made me feel like I was miles away from my daily life and responsibilities. Good stuff! Even though I probably wouldn’t wear my work shirt while on vacation in reality.

We had a gift certificate to spend, compliments of Jamba Juice, and decided to get a variety of things, including the brand new Colada Fruit refreshers made with coconut water and other fresh fruit. This pina colada drink tasted like a tropical island, and I mean, it was so good. While there, we talked about our previous vacations and upcoming trip to Hawaii while sitting at a table under an umbrella, and it was just wonderful. We also ordered some standard veggie-based smoothies, which were great. I love smoothies so much, but I actually enjoy them even more when I don’t have to pull out my own ingredients and blender. Am I right?

My favorite links of the week

Did you miss out on some of the good stuff on A Lady Goes West this week? Here’s what happened …

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! And be sure to check me out on Instagram for more adventures at IDEA BlogFest and the fitness convention. Talk to you soon! 

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    1. Hi Megan, Shoes and workout clothes have come a long way. Right? Happy Friday! We’re missing you here, but hope you recover soon!

  1. I love it when bloggers go to conferences that I would love to go to, because they blog about it, and I get to live vicariously through them! I <3 your fabletics outfit. It looks really feminine and pretty!

    1. Hi Emily! The back of my Fabletics outfit is even cuter! πŸ™‚ And yes, it’s fun to see so many peoples’ perspectives from an event. I can’t wait to read other peoples’ recaps heheh! πŸ™‚ Happy Friday, lady!

  2. So jealous you are at Blogfest! I couldn’t swing the cross-country flight + accommodations. That smoothie sounds delish-happy Friday!

    1. Hi Lauren! Well I’ll share a lot of information from the weekend so you can get the gist of it! Maybe next year? Hope you have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m such a Nike girl… love the kicks! No big plans this weekend, just a long run and hopefully some beach time weather permitting. Same as usual : ) I’m loving this humidity free weather we’ve had these past two days. While I’ve been busy inside at work, it’s been refreshing to have my windows open in my apartment and in my car. This is the summer time weather I love!

    1. Hi Jamie, I love having the windows open, but it’s been a bit too hot in the Bay Area for that lately. Enjoy your long run, lady! Happy weekend:)

    1. Hi Ash! Yes! You should head out to Jamba for that one, especially in that Arizona heat heheh! Happy Friday, pretty lady! You’d have so much fun here. NEXT year!

  4. Loving the Blogfest photos, and the Fabletics line is fantastic, I just checked it out!! Also, we are sneaker twins. I ordered 3 pairs from Nike which arrived last night, and I knew immediately I had finally found my match in the Zoom Fly. I love the stretchy material over the toes that give you breathing room when you’re doing things that push you into the front of your shoe! Enjoy the rest of the conference πŸ™‚

  5. Hey Ashley! I’ve loved your instagram posts from the IDEA conference. Great pics! That outfit is super gorgeous. I recently purchased my first pair of leggings from fabletics and I’ll definitely be buying again, they are so comfy! Have a good weekend!

    1. Hi Nikki! YAY! So glad you tried Fabletics. Hope you’re having a wonderful week, lady. Yes, IDEA has been a lot of fun! πŸ™‚

  6. I’ve had such a great time with you at BlogFest! I’m so glad we’re roomies πŸ™‚ Those Nike sneakers are adorable, and you just reminded me to hit up a Jamba Juice. I used to frequent those wayyyyy too often. Yay for the weekend (of fitness)!

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