Friday Favorites: Dave’s favorite things

Well hello there, Friday! I hope you’ve been having a great week! There’s a good chance that while you’re reading this post, I’m enjoying my first full day in Maui. Even though I’m away from the computer today, I couldn’t miss a chance to share a selection of good stuff in my weekly “Friday Favorites.” But as you gathered from the headline, there’s a twist. I’m bringing you the favorites of the one-and-only Dave, folks. (That’s the husband, for those of you who are new around here.)

My (Dave’s) latest “Friday Favorites” of the week

When I told Dave that I wanted to showcase a few of his favorites on the blog, it took about three seconds for him to name them off. He was rather excited to get the spotlight, even though I told him I would be doing the writing. And no, his favorites are nothing like mine, so sit back, relax and enjoy Dave’s favorite things …

Dave’s favorite cold beverage and tool

A self-proclaimed beer snob, Dave has always been into craft beers. The weirder, the better. His current favorite cold beverage of choice is Lagunitas beer, particularly the India Pale Ale. There’s always a six-pack or more in our fridge for him, and he loves to enjoy a couple cold ones. And how does he open his beers? With world’s greatest bottle opener.

Dave's favorites - Lagunitas Beer and bottle openerBrewskies and hardware, a manly combination if I’ve ever seen one.

Dave is obsessed with this Craftsman Wrench bottle-opener, which he received almost 10 years ago when he was a groomsman in a friend’s wedding. This thing is super heavy and opens up bottles with ease. True story: On Fourth of July of this year, I brought this little tool with us when we went to see fireworks with some friends, and for a split second, thought it was lost when we got home. I think that was the maddest split second of our relationship that Dave had ever spent, when he thought I had lost it. He’s quite protective of this thing. It’s unique. Moral of the story, if you’re looking for a cool gift for a guy, may I suggest one of these? It’s truly Dave’s prize possession.

Dave’s favorite accessories and collection

A watch person. Dave loves watches, and even though he is right-handed, he has always worn his watch on his right arm. Weird! Not a year goes by that I don’t get Dave a new watch for a birthday or holiday, and his selection has become quite varied. Outside of his love of different sneakers, watches are what he shops for most frequently.

Dave's favorites - watches and organizerBlack, grey, brown, silver, he’s got one for every outfit. (And yes, all the nice ones were gifts from me!)

Once he started to build his collection, he realized he needed a place to keep them in check. And my sweet Momma bought Dave this fancy Watch Box organizer for Christmas a couple of years ago, and it sits on top of his dresser. Isn’t he cool? Sort of like a manly jewelry box. But don’t call it that.

Dave’s favorite techy toy

Dave likes to have music on at all times. He even listens to music while working (which is not something I can do, I need total silence when I’m concentrating). Over the years, he’s gone through a number of portable speaker set-ups and this one by SOL Republic is his favorite to date. 

Dave's favorites - Soul Republic speakerPerhaps the best thing about these SOL Republic Wireless Speaker Decks is the noise they make when you turn them on or off. It’s a fun little number.

Dave will sometimes even put the little one in his pocket for music during picnics and hikes — basically, I can always count on him to have the tunes cued up. These speakers are particularly awesome because you control the volume and song on your phone, so you don’t even have to be sitting near the speaker. There’s some feature called “heist” on these as well, which Dave has explained to me and I don’t care about, nor understand, but I guess that’s a big selling point as well.

Dave’s favorite hot beverage and morning ritual

Coffee. Yes, coffee. Because I don’t drink coffee, Dave gets to select the brew of choice around here, and it’s always this same Peet’s limited-edition Warriors Ground dark roast. Don’t tell him I told you, but he’s not super alert nor chatty until he gets that first taste of caffeine in the morning and he prefers to drink it out of his favorite mug when he can.

Dave's favorite things - Peets coffeeDo you think he’s partial to this blend because of the sports affiliation? Heavens no.

How does he drink his coffee? Cream and sugar of course. Nothing fancy, folks. Two cups-a-day … never more, never less. It’s an integral part of his day, that’s for sure. And he loves to support Peet’s by stopping there instead of Starbucks when we’re out and about, in addition to drinking Peet’s products at home. And this particular Warriors roast actually came about because of a partnership that Dave created at work, so he has the creative ownership of this line too. Pretty cool, right?

And there you have it, a few of Dave’s favorites! No obscure healthy-living products or protein powders for this guy. He keeps it simple. Much unlike myself. 

My favorite links of the week

Now we’re back to my stuff, but I’m sure Dave would want to ask you this too: Did you miss some of the good stuff on A Lady Goes West this week? Here’s what happened …

That’s it for today, my friends! As always, I hope your weekend is fabulous! I’ll be checking in on Instagram from Maui and will see you back here on Monday! 

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    1. Hahahha, thanks, Courtney! Glad you liked Dave’s faves! Have you ever had Peet’s coffee? I don’t know if it is available in Florida? I didn’t have any until moving here.

  1. Loved this post, Ashley! Just ordered the bottle cap opener for my nephew for his upcoming birthday! Hope you are having fun in Hawaii!

  2. Ooh, I have friends (coffee connoisseurs) that really like Peet’s coffee. So I guess I would say that your husband has good taste in coffee. πŸ˜‰

    I went backpacking this week, so I’m just now back to catch up on my favorite blogs. <3

  3. Ahhh, I hope you’re having the best time in Hawaii! I’m sure it’s amazing. Thanks so much for linking up your favs, even when you’re away. And I love the idea of seeing Dave’s favorites! So fun. Enjoy your vaca Ashley!

  4. I love Lagunitas! What would be some top breweries to visit in San Francisco? Scott and I are making a quick weekend trip to the city in the fall and won’t have a car, but would love to check some out! Have a blast in Hawaii! yay!

    1. Oh yay for an SF visit, Katie! You basically need a car to get to the breweries — 21st Amendment is just a bar near the Giants stadium with their own brews. You can go to Anchor Brewing via a cab, which is in the City. That’s about it. Try those to start!

  5. Loved reading about Dave! I am currently on the train headed from O’Hare to downtown for One Live! I’m quite proud of myself for figuring out public transportation as it’s not something I normally (ever) do!

    1. Hi Melissa! That’s awesome you navigated the public transit! You go girl! I know, it can be scary when you’re not used to it. I hated it at first in SF, but then I grew to NEED it. πŸ™‚

  6. My husband is a total watch man too. It’s almost out of control. At one point he started giving them away to friends as he had WAY to many! I guess, to be fair, they don’t exactly have a lot to work with when it comes to accessories. xx

  7. Bought the Lagunitas IPA for my husband this weekend (It was a hit), but I could not find the Warriors blend. I saved some of the others for future gift ideas. Thanks.

    1. Hi Dawn! Yay! I’m so glad your husband like the Lagunitas beer. The Warriors blend was only available during the season, but hopefully they bring it back next year. Hope you’re having a great week!!

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