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I’m pretty sure there are some blogs out there where normal content runs on Friday, as though it were any other day. Well, if that’s what you’re after, you’ve come to the wrong place. To me, Fridays are all about sharing some fun and unrelated favorite finds. And we do it every week. Don’t we?

Before we get to today’s selection, let’s talk about weekend plans. Good plans over here! After two-weekends-in-a-row of my entire weekend taken up with fitness or writing projects, I’m happy to say this one is not. In fact, after teaching class this morning and finishing up some work, I plan to play for much of the weekend. I’ve got a hair appointment this afternoon, and tonight Dave and I are going out to a nice dinner for his birthday (which was yesterday). We’re celebrating with friends on Saturday night and doing a joint birthday for Dave and another guy, as well. Then on Sunday, we rest. Now, let’s get to the point … 

This week’s finds for “Friday Favorites” 

While some weeks I have a multitude of things to share, other weeks it’s a struggle. Luckily, I was able to pull together at least a few items for this edition …

My favorite new workout outfit of the week

While I’m so happy that there are tons of colorful and patterned workout outfits out there, I truly am always drawn to black. I would say that the majority of the workout clothes that I buy myself are black. Speaking of black, my latest delivery from Fabletics is perhaps my favorite to date ….

Fabulous black Fabletics outfit via A Lady Goes WestThe Black Oula Tank and Black Mila Leggings in Tall are absolutely perfect.

Long black leggings with some netting on the side and a plain black tank make a great get-up. This is the most versatile workout outfit, and I wore it last night for the first time to teach BODYPUMP and a core class. It fits perfectly, moves well and is something I could wear for just about anything. If you’ve never checked out Fabletics <<–my referral link!!>>, it’s Kate Hudson’s line of activewear, and you can sign up to get monthly outfit deliveries at a discounted price. So convenient!

My favorite event of the week

Well of course, I couldn’t miss a chance to give a shout-out to the birthday boy. Yesterday was Dave’s birthday, and in addition to working all day, he also had to work at a pre-season basketball game through the night. In fact, I didn’t even talk to him but for a few minutes in the afternoon, then saw him just a few minutes in the evening. But, I still had to make a collage …

Happy birthday DAVE!The many faces of Dave. Traveling to Maui, eating sushi at a hot little spot in San Francisco, visiting wine country and tailgating in Ohio. I mean, what a life.

Back when I first started this blog, Dave would get a lot more screen-time. I would talk more about what was going on in his life in addition to mine. While other topics and Rudy have sort of taken over, I figured Dave gets a spot on the favorites today. He’s the best. And he doesn’t look a day over 21. Right? Did you ever see the time I shared his “Friday Favorites“? Nothing like mine, that’s for sure. Happy birthday-weekend, Dave!

My favorite hot beverage of the week

Last week, when I posted about a new ginger green tea I was drinking, the hilarious Susie (who I was able to meet at BlogFest, yay!) said she was into pumpkin tea. Why had I not purchased such a thing before? I was sure to grab some at my next stop at the grocery store, and I’m a fan …

Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice tea via A Lady Goes WestAlthough the weather sure doesn’t feel fall-like, at least my morning mug of tea does.

I must say, this Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice tea is quite rich and full-bodied, and has more caffeine than my usual green tea, but I like it for fall. I’ve been adding some stevia and vanilla almond milk as I do, and it’s a nice change-of-pace. Yay pumpkin!

My favorite links of the week

Did you miss some of the good stuff on A Lady Goes West this week? Here’s what happened …

This song is making me very happy, as well. Have you heard of Pentatonix? So good! So a capella! 

And I was super proud to be included in this list of “Top Blogger Recipes” featuring Julie’s favorite bloggers and their most popular recipes. I consider Julie to be an “OG” in the healthy-living blog world, and although we’ve never met, her blog was the first one that I ever read starting many years ago. Such an honor!

Finally, for more reading: This is a good one from the SFGate about words that have a different definition these days: “These 20 words don’t mean what they used to.”

That’s it for today. Check out my adventures on Instagram, because I may actually take a few pictures this weekend! Have a great day, friends!

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  1. I’m glad that you are going to get a weekend off! Believe me, I understand how that feels! Happy birthday to your hubs, as well! And the Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai became one of my very favorite things last year–I even included it in a giveaway, I loved it so much. have a great weekend, Ashley!

    1. Well I’m really happy to be drinking it, Susie. So thanks for that! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!! Still riding that marathon high! πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Birthday to Dave!

    And I love black fitness gear too. So versatile and easy and goes with every pair of workout shoes out there!

    Have a great weekend. My mission is to find some of that pumpkin tea! Oh and tonight I am going to a Les Mills Combat Glow Party. I thought of you when I RSVP’d because I know you are a Les Mills tribe member. πŸ™‚

      1. All I know is that it is going to be the Combat workout and there are going to be glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces and a glow in the dark neon paint station. I shall keep you posted later with hopefully a pic or two. πŸ™‚

        1. Totally cool! BODYCOMBAT is a great workout – watch out for all those punches and kicks! As far as the glow-aspect, I’ve always wanted to do that. YES, please share a pick. And say “Kia Kaha” which means STAY STRONG!

  3. i love your friday favorites! looks like you had a killer week πŸ™‚ Those tights are so great… i need to get on this Fabletics train asap. and happy bday to Dave! Hope you guys have a killer weekend

  4. I need to go find that Tazo pumpkin tea. Happy Birthday to Dave! I will be out at an Expo all weekend with work which I am looking forward too.

    This evening will be football watching and homemade pizza making to enjoy a nice night at home. It’s been a busy week and I’m ready to relax.

    Happy Friday!

  5. I’m LOVING that pumpkin spice tea too, my go to every morning lately πŸ™‚ Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your hubby’s bday, glad you have a fun weekend planned!!!

  6. Pumpkin AND chai? OMG I need that tea in my life like nowwwww. I typically shy away from the flavored things simply because I dont want to get burnt out on them, but this tea sounds amazing! Plus, chai is my favorite tea next to my peppermint.
    Happy birthday to your main squeeze!!

  7. First of all, happy birthday to Dave!! I hope you guys have a blast celebrating tomorrow! And I agree, he doesn’t look a day over 21. πŸ˜‰

    Second, congrats on the link-up with Julie! You are on a list with some pretty amazing bloggers- that’s so awesome! It also reminded me that I need to try your 5 minute protein pancake recipe. πŸ™‚

    Happy weekend!!

  8. Those clothes from Fabletics are awesome! LOVE Fabletics πŸ™‚ And I really want to try Pumpkin Spice Tea! Will do in fact πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the idea!

  9. I’m home sick today with a cold, so that pumpkin spice tea just might be making it’s way into my life this afternoon! Thanks for sharing lady. Have a fabulous weekend off and happy birthday to Dave! πŸ™‚

  10. We are heading to a football game tonight! It’s the CFL sooo not really GREAT football but it’s my first game ever, so I’m super excited!!! Tomorrow we are heading up to our family cottage (it probably will be freezing) but it’s the first time some of Sullivan’s family has met him sinceh was born!! I also got to workout 4 times this week, which is huge….lol..I am so jealous of your fabeletics….I really want to sign up but am trying to wait a little longer until things fit a little more like they used to…no rush…just trying to be money concious…;) Hope you have a fab weekend !

  11. Are there blogs out there that have regular content on Fridays? I don’t believe you because Friday Favorites are the best!! πŸ™‚
    I’m so glad to hear that you’re getting some much needed time off with Dave! I hope he has a wonderful birthday celebration!
    Congrats on being featured on Julie’s blog!!!

  12. Happy Birthday Dave!! and YAY for tall workout pants, I’m 5’11 & 1/2 and dear it’s difficult. Good thing I’m a fan of crops, I tend to stick to black bottoms, but love colored tops :).

    1. Yes, you are tall, Jessie! I love it! But I bet it’s hard to get long pants— oh and maxi dresses— you must struggle with those too hehehe! Oh well! Rock the height! Happy Friday. πŸ™‚

  13. I was so close to picking that pumpkin tea up at Target last weekend, but passed it up, I am a fan of the celestial seasonings pumpkin tea, but can’t seem to find it anywhere!
    Birthday weekends are the best! I am going to heading out to help my boyfriend apartment hunt in Savannah, I can’t wait!

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