Friday Favorites: Food, tech, sparkle + more

Friday, we meet again! And hello to all of you out there. In just a few short hours, hopefully you’ll be starting your weekend off right.

Today, I’m teaching a morning BODYATTACK class, getting some work done and laying low this evening with Dave. I was actually supposed to go to a blogger meet-up in the City tonight. However, Dave’s been gone on a business trip, and I haven’t seen him since Tuesday morning, so I figured I’d rather hang back with him instead.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be up and at ’em before the sun rises to teach two classes at Orangetheory Fitness, before enjoying some relaxation during the rest of the weekend. To tell you the truth, outside of work, Dave and I don’t have any other plans for the weekend. I’m guessing we’ll get together with friends to watch the Warriors playoff game on Saturday night, but that’s about it. Of course, I’ll be loving my Momma from afar on Sunday for Mother’s Day. And a very Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all of you Moms out there, who deserve some extra affection and appreciation!

Now let’s get to the reason you came here today — my “Friday Favorites” — a weekly chance to share a few unrelated and fun items that are making me smile as of late. Here we go …

My favorite pantry staple

Although I don’t shop at Trader Joe’s regularly, there are a few products there that I absolutely love and seek out. Take for instance, this super-tasty pantry staple, which makes an appearance several times-a-week in my kitchen …

Trader Joe's Coconut OilThis Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is just plain awesome. And I’ve heard that Trader Joe’s sells out of this quickly when a new batch hits the shelves, because it’s so darn popular.

Not only do I roast all of my vegetables using a coating of this coconut oil, but I’ve also used this on sweet potatoes as a topping. It’s got just enough of a coconut flavor, but not too much, and provides plenty of heart-healthy nutrients in one jar of cooking oil. And it’s multi-purpose too. I’ve heard you can even use coconut oil as a hair conditioner, body lotion or make-up remover, but I haven’t tried any of that yet. I’m guessing it leaves you smelling like a tropical island though, so the thought of that is intriguing. 

My favorite piece of technology

So in case you missed the announcement, I’ve recently become a Fitness Coach at a brand new Orangetheory Fitness in the Bay Area. While I have talked a bit about the workout, I haven’t done a full review, so expect that soon. However, I have mentioned that Orangetheory Fitness is heart-rate-based training and all participants wear a heart-rate monitor in the one-hour studio class. During the soft-open phase of my studio, we loaned out heart-rate monitors for participants to wear in each class, but now that we’re fully open, all of our members have to buy their own monitor. And guess who else needed to buy one?

OT Beat HR Monitor for OrangetheoryBranded with a big orange splat logo, just as it should be.

I finally got my own OT Beat heart-rate monitor this week and wore it in a fellow coach’s class yesterday for the first time. It fits snuggly right around the bra-line and syncs with the studio’s display system, so you can monitor your heart-rate and all the calories you burn during class live in-action. Totally cool, right? I’m loving the data that I get from these workouts, because I can tell when I’m really pushing hard and when I actually need to push harder. P.S. If you’re a Bay Area fitness lover, please come take my class! Check out the schedule here and look for Ashley P.

My favorite new bling

It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share my latest Rocksbox subscription jewelry delivery, because it’s so good. I’ve been getting a few months of the service for free and every single box I’ve received thus far has been fabulous. And for the first time, this batch is all silver …

More Rocksbox jewelryHere’s a look at the Perry Street Selina Crystal Necklace ($44), some Sophie Harper Pave Ball Studs in Silver ($32), and the Vanessa Mooney Castaway Bracelet in Silver ($76).

I can’t wait to put these on this weekend, even if I don’t have any spectacular dressy plans yet. So Rocksbox works like this: You can keep the pieces sent to you in your box or send them back after you’ve worn them. I kept two things out of my last box and will likely keep something from this one as well. As a reminder, if you want to sign up for Rocksbox and get jewelry delivered right to your door, you can get your first month free by using my code aladygoeswestxoxo — and if you do, they’ll put some pennies in my account so I can buy a few of the pieces I receive for less. Woohoo! *Disclaimer: I’m getting a few free months from Rocksbox in exchange for sharing it with you, but I am in love with the service in spite of that. Not sponsored, just a fan.

My favorite thing in my purse

Even though I showed you a preview of my business cards when I wrote how I turned my blog into a business last week, these shiny little numbers haven’t ever gotten the attention they deserve. I ordered these cards a couple of months ago after getting new head-shots taken and a new blog logo, and I just love them. They are a great way for me to share my contact information with people I meet out and about. It sure beats scribbling my Twitter handle and blog name on a scrap of paper. So professional …

Business cardsMy business cards include the following information: my name, email address, blog name, blog url, blog logo, blog tagline, Facebook page address, Twitter handle and my Instagram name, which definitely fills up a full side, with a picture on the back.

A few readers asked me where I got my cards, so I wanted to share that with you today. I created my own design using, and I would highly recommend the company as well. They have plenty of pre-designed card templates and lots of sizes and styles to choose from. If you are in need of cards for your blog or personal business, use this link >>>, which is my direct referral, and you’ll get a little discount of 10 percent off your first order.

My favorite links of the week

Hope you didn’t miss out on some of the good stuff on A Lady Goes West this week …

I hope your Friday and weekend are just great, my friends! Find me on Instagram to stay in touch over the weekend. Otherwise, I’ll see you back here on Monday.

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Questions of the day

What are you up to this weekend?

Do you have any recent favorite finds to share?

To all the Moms out there, what’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received?

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  1. Ashley I love the variety in your posts. My blog is undergoing a make over and that means new business cards. Yay!

    Have a fabulous Friday Ashley! xoxo

    1. Ohhh thanks, Jill! I appreciate your nice words. And yay for a blog makeover. Good luck with that. I look forward to seeing it. Have a fabulous weekend! πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve also been loving coconut oil lately! I put a teaspoon in my coffee in the morning and cook all my food in it. I also give some to my dog to keep her coat soft and smooth and not itchy! I’m so glad I found that tip πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Gretchen! Totally cool. It’s amazing what you can do with it! And I love the idea of putting it in coffee. If I ever go back to drinking coffee, I’m totally going to do that! Happy Friday! πŸ™‚

  3. Have a fun relaxing weekend! Those are sometimes the best ones πŸ™‚ I actually do use coconut oil for things other than cooking! ha I am not a coconut fan at all, so the taste of it just puts me off. Anyway, I use it on my belly to prevent stretch marks if possible, and I use it to take off my eye make up sometimes! Not every night, but when I have a lot on and it’s not budging, it does take it off nice and easily.

    1. Hi Heather! Yes, I’m sold, I will have to use it for lotion and make-up removal soon! I’m sure I’ll love the smell. And that’s a great idea to rub it on your growing belly. Hope you have a lovely weekend!! πŸ™‚

  4. I have a boatload of business cards that I’ve been hoarding for a year. I’m always too embarrassed to hand them out! Who do you give yours to other than blogging events of course? Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

    1. Hi Megan! I give them to people who come to my fitness classes who ask a lot of questions and may want to know about my blog too. And that’s about it. Always good to have on hand of course! πŸ™‚ hehe! Don’t feel silly! Rock the cards! Happy Friday to you!

  5. I love your new business cards – so pretty, lady! Has anyone ever told you that you resemble Desiree from the Bachelorette?

    Also, I love TJ’s coconut oil. I actually have a jar in my bathroom right now that I use as a body lotion.

    1. Hi Stacie! No, I’ve never heard that. I’ll have to look her up hehehe! And I guess I really need to try this coconut oil as body lotion too. Hope you have a great weekend, lady! πŸ™‚

  6. Oh gosh, thanks for the reminder that I need to order new business cards! What the heck. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long! sounds like a great option, your cards are adorable (and perfectly professional) πŸ˜‰ Thanks for linking up your faves, and congrats on the new OrangeTheory gig!

    1. Thanks, Heather! It’s pretty cool to be teaching a new format which combines both personal and group training in one! I don’t know it Orangetheory has made it to Michigan yet, but it’s growing — maybe you’ll be able to try it one day soon. Have a fab weekend! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Brittany! Happy Friday! Thanks for stopping by to say hi, and apparently I need to use my coconut oil for more things other than food. I’ll get right on that heheh. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. I LOVE that Trader Joe’s coconut oil and use it all the time too! It’s one of my TJ’s staples.

    Can’t wait to see how you wear your Rocksbox jewels this weekend! It’s all so pretty and sparkly!

    I think I should be receiving my new business cards from TODAY! Woot! I’m so excited to see how they turned out. Thanks again for the little discount and referral! I love yours!

    1. Yay, Ash! I hope you like your cards! Be sure to send me a photo of them! And a very happy Mother’s Day weekend to you!! πŸ™‚

  8. I love love LOVE Moo cards. I’ve been using them for years – mini cards, full cards….One of my favorite things about them is that I can get a variety designs in my business cards. So every year when I do my preschool photo shoot, I get the kids on my cards to include with the packages the parents’ order. It’s a win win – extra, perfect wallet size photo for the parent and a guarantee for me that they won’t toss my card! πŸ˜‰

    I ordered the postcards through them for my sister’s wedding save the dates and her newborn announcements – all of their products are so great!

    1. Hi Breanne! Wow! You are definitely utilizing all that you can from I love it! I want to get some of the tiny cards too — they are just so cute. Hope all is well with you, lady! Happy Weekend!! πŸ™‚

      1. They’re so fun! And people always notice them because they’re different. I could see the square cards being fun too, especially for people that use IG as a major part of their business. Enjoy your relaxing weekend and having Dave home!

  9. I got business cards from Moo too! I love them! I don’t pass out as many as I should but they are definitely great for race expos, conferences, and when I bump into people I’d like to work with!

  10. I love Trader Joe’s coconut oil! It is definitely a pantry staple at our house. Your business cards look great; very elegant and professional.
    I have been loving BODYFLOW lately. I love Les Mills classes in general, but I have had to take a break from the high impact/high intensity workouts recently. BODYFLOW is a nice addition for now!

    1. Hi Heather! Yay for a Les Mills fan, I saw on your post that you’re big into BF and yoga now, so good for you! Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Oh yes, I’m a huge fan of coconut oil, both for cooking and for my hair. I like to put it on as a mask and then shower a few hours later. It makes for a super cute greasy hair look while I’m cooking. πŸ˜‰

    I love that OT displays your heart rate and calories during the workout. I used to wear one to Body Attack all of the time because it motivated me to work harder when I would see my heart rate was low but I got lazy and stopped. It definitely helps push me though!

    I hope you and Dave have a great weekend! Happy Friday!

    1. Hi Sarah! I’m sold, I’ve got to put coconut oil allover me apparently! And we need to get you out to Orangetheory soon — first class is free! πŸ™‚ Have a lovely weekend as well, my friend. You should check out the Livermore Craft Beer Fest tomorrow!

    1. Hi Arman! You definitely need cards to hand out during all your late-night runnings around NYC! Order away! And have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Hi Sue! For sure! You should order some off — take them to race expos, or hand out at your kid’s school functions. You just never know who your new loyal readers may be heheh! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Krissy! I know, I love it. I guess I need to start using it for more things too. Hope you have a lovely weekend! πŸ™‚ Lots of baking healthy stuff, right?

  12. I love SO many of these things too!! I had Rocksbox send me jewelry specifically to match a dress for a black tie event and it was perfect! Also love the coconut oil- I have the exact same one in my cabinet.

    And I totally understand needing a night in/alone with your significant other. I feel that way often!

    1. Hi Tori! Well then, we are totally on the same page for all of this. Love that! And how smart to ask for specific things from Rocksbox for an event. I will be wearing one of the necklaces I kept with a cocktail dress on a trip in a couple weeks actually. Hope you have an awesome weekend! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Naoise! I know! It’s so easy to throw on the SAME jewelry every day, so I love that Rocksbox has given me variety. I hope you have a lovely weekend! πŸ™‚

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