Friday Favorites: Pilates, sneaks and more

Hello there, my friends! A very happy Friday going out to you. 

Today, after teaching an early morning BODYATTACK class and doing some work, I’m attending a fitness event in the afternoon in Berkeley, which I’m pretty excited about. (Be sure to check me out on Instagram for the details.)

This weekend looks to have a good mixture of activity and relaxation in store. Dave’s parents are coming back to town tonight on their way home from a vacation in Northern California, so they are staying with us, and we’re going out to dinner. Tomorrow, I’ll probably hit up the gym for a strength session, and Dave and I are going to a party in the evening. And on Sunday, we rest.

As usual, today I’m sharing a bunch of unrelated fun items that have been making me happy lately. Here goes our weekly “Friday Favorites.”

My favorite recent lunch-break

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of a fun little outing in the middle of the day. I got my hair done-up in a sweat-friendly braid, and I attended a Pilates class. Good stuff, right? A mixture of beauty and fitness is certainly one that I enjoy, so I was very excited when the PR rep for OnPointe Training and The Social Beauty Company invited me for a little bit of both. 

First up, I was welcomed at The Social Beauty Company, where a lovely stylist quickly pulled my hair back into a side braid. This braid was supposed to keep my hair away from my face, but also be cute enough to wear out-and-about after class. It sure was. It stood the test of two workouts yesterday. 

Braid and The Social Beauty Company via A Lady Goes WestHere’s a look at my braid, as well as the inside of the beauty salon on Lombard Street in San Francisco.

Next up, was a one-hour machine Pilates class at OnPointe Training in the Marina neighborhood. OnPointe Training has been open for about eight months and offers classes and private-training sessions. The owner of the studio, Kaitlyn Rhoades, is a former professional ballerina, who danced with the American Ballet Theatre. After devoting her entire life to dance and becoming injured and worn out, she wanted to find a way to share her passion for safe and corrective movement in the form of Pilates. Kaitlyn did a stint at hard-core gym facility, where she found that members were intimidated and lost in the shuffle, so she decided to open her own private studio that was open to and caters to everyone, regardless of fitness level. To stay true to that, no classes at OnPointe have more than four attendees and everyone gets kind and personal attention.

OnPointe Training and Kaitlyn Rhoades via A Lady Goes WestHere’s the friendly owner of OnPointe Training, former ballerina Kaitlyn, who is just as sweet as she looks. 

My class included a lot of flexibility and strength work on the Pilates reformer machine. Kaitlyn was the teacher, and she coached all four of us participants through a workout that took each muscle group to fatigue. We were lying on our back for most of the workout, and worked our glutes, legs, arms, back and core. While there was no impact, nor a lot of sweating, I definitely felt the burn during several moments of fatigue. Not to mention, I felt long and lean after it was done — better than when I arrived, for sure. I need workouts like that every once in a while and would love to spend more time doing Pilates in the future. If you’re in the Bay Area and looking for a nice day of beauty and fitness, may I suggest you stop by these two places? You’re sure to find smiling faces, good customer service, a sleek hairdo and an effective workout. Thanks for having me, Kaitlyn and The Social Beauty Company team!

My favorite new sneaks

Listen up gym rats, if you always wear your gym shoes inside or in the group fitness room and they never get dirty, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to replace them. I am adamant about switching out my cardio/BODYATTACK sneakers every six months, because I put so much wear and tear on them with all the high-impact moves that are involved in teaching and taking the one-hour class. When the inside cushioning of your shoes wears down, you could end up injured and nobody wants that.

New Nike shoes via A Lady Goes WestYou can’t go wrong with the Nike Womens Air Zoom Pegasus 31 in Hyper Jade/Black/Hyper Punch when you’re jump-jacking and tuck-jumping. 

These turquoise sneakers are the exact same model and style as my current BODYATTACK sneakers, just in a different color. This is my current favorite shoe for the cardio class, because there is a nice thick sole, plenty of cushioning and side-to-side support for all of the lateral exercises performed. I usually like to get totally different shoes for a little variety, but when you find something that works, stick with it. 

My favorite new piece for the home

It’s been almost two months that Dave and I have been in our new place. Wow, time flies. Slowly, but surely, we’ve been decorating and just welcomed a new addition to our living room.

Decorative living room chair via A Lady Goes WestPatterns? Rivets? I mean, what is not to like about this Sarah Printed Fabric chair from Macy’s?

After much debate, a ton of online and in-person shopping, we finally settled with this fancy decorative chair. We couldn’t get the matching piece to our tan couch, because the living area doesn’t have enough room, so we decided to go with a totally unrelated color. It’s not an exact match to our decor, but it just seems to fit. I was a little nervous about ordering a chair online without being able to see it in person, but it’s even better than expected (well to me at least — Dave, on the other hand, is not totally sure he’s a fan). I love it though! Speaking of home decor, I think I will put together a little tour of our new pad for you soon.

My favorite little product

Hand lotion? Yes, this fancy little hand-cream was part of my stocking that my Mom gave me all the way back at Christmas. I have a habit of “saving” things for a while before using them. Well, I finally pulled out this hand-cream and am sorry I waited so long. I was missing out.

Hand creamPlease pay no attention to the bare nails, just look at the well-moisturized fingers compliments of the AAA Aroma Juniper & Lemon Luxury Hand Cream.

Don’t you just love a thick cream to moisturize your hands and nails during the day when you’re on-the-go? The smell is great, and the texture is even better, so this little thing has been riding around in my gym bag as of late. Thanks, Mom. Just another thing that I would normally not buy for myself, yet I love to have.

My favorite links of the week

Hope you didn’t miss out on some of the good stuff from A Lady Goes West:

That should do it for today, my friends! Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll talk to you very soon.

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  1. Im glad the chair worked out! We are now on the hunt for a chair/ottoman as an accent piece to the couches we got. We will probably wait until the couches are delivered and can see how they look. I would like a big comfy reclining chair but I also want something fun and colorful since our couches are grey and white!
    Have a great weekend:)

    1. Hi Lisa, Well if we chose by “comfort” we would not have ended up with this chair. But it seems like all the super comfy recliners are hideous and huge hahaha. Good luck on your hunt for the perfect ottoman/chair set. I know it’s not easy. And go with color!! 🙂 Hope you have a lovely Friday and weekend!

    1. Hi Chrissy! Really? Neat! It’s a big area rug in our living room and I got it from Wayfair. Yay for survey time! Coming to check yours out soon! Happy Friday!!

  2. Picking out furniture always takes awhile, but it’s so fun too! When we moved we had to get new rugs, a coffee table, dining room table and couches. It was nice for us to finally purchase new things since we always had hand me downs! Love the chair you got! Have a good weekend!

    1. Hi Marielle! Yes, I like having brand new stuff, and even though it takes a long time — picking out the right items is important. We’ll move again I’m sure, but at least we weren’t forced into small items like we were when living in the city. Hope you have a lovely Friday and weekend! 🙂

  3. Its the katniss hairstyle, and I love it!! Very jealous, wish I had someone to do that for me 🙂 Looks great! As for your new kicks…they are nice, but wish they were another brand 😉 Hehe! You are so sophisticated with your furniture, steve and I are definitely not as good at that as you! Love it! Have a great weekend friend 🙂

    1. hhahha thanks Tina, I didn’t think of it as Katniss hair. But I guess so. And yes, I’m having fun with our furniture shopping and picking out things we didn’t have in our last little city apartment. Hope you have a lovely Friday and weekend!! Happy running:)

  4. Your hair looks great like that! I’ve never gotten my hair styled before, but that could be a lot of fun. I love your new shoes as well! I replace my running shoes religiously, but don’t really think about my cross training shoes (in fact I usually use retired running shoes!). Now I’ll be more careful about that..didn’t even think of it before! 🙂 Happy Friday!

    1. Hi Gretchen! All shoes need to be replaced for sure, but you need to do the running/cardio ones the most frequently. I hope you have a lovely Friday and weekend!

  5. Such fun hair. I always envy people who have those types of mad skillz. I can do it to horses, but not myself/humans. And I love love love me some reformer pilates. The megaformer is basically my jam. I remember hunting for the perfect pieces for our apartment–there is a lot of fun in it, but soooo much frustration! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Susie! I’ve done a few classes on reformer machines over the past few months and really like how it makes my body feel. And shopping for the home can take a terribly long time, and we still have an entire room left to fill! You can braid horse hair? That’s cool hehehe! 🙂 Happy Friday!

  6. So glad you are recommending those shoes…I just ordered them (in pink) as the first sneaks I will wear when I get out of this boot! CAN’T WAIT!

    That chair is so cute…I love adding a pop of pattern in a piece of furniture!

    I really wanted to start wearing more braids and learn how to start doing all of the crazy ones for workouts, then I got my hair cut. I’m loving that braid on you!

    I have been carting around Bath and Body Works Christmas scent Vanilla Bean Noel hand crème. I think I could use it all year. There is nothing like a thick, great smelling lotion to refresh your dry hands!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    1. Hi Stacy! Vanilla is usually my scent of choice, and I love all the stuff from Bath & Body of course. So funny you ordered these shoes — and I HAVE the pink ones, but have been wearing them out. Hoping you get out of that boot soon. Short hair is great for summer, and I’m sure you can at least do the top part of the braid? 🙂 heheh Have a lovely Friday!

  7. I love those shoes! And that chair. <3 I've been hunting for some good, light shoes for indoor training and was thinking about Nike Frees, but I haven't liked the look of the ones available around here. Those are so pretty though! May need to do some online shopping 🙂

    1. Hi Bri, For weightlifting, I prefer a VERY flat and light shoe, so yes, the Nike Free would be great. I bought my shoes online, because the store didn’t have the color I wanted. DSW and Zappos have good ones. Hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend! 🙂

  8. I love the hairstyle! I’ve still not tried a pilates class and I really should! My go-to gym sneakers have got to be the Nike Lunarglide 6’s. So comfy. Have a good weekend!

    1. Hi Nikki! Nike makes some good shoes, and I’ve seen the Lunarglides. And Pilates is nice and gentle, but still packs a punch when it comes to making your core, trunk, arms and legs work. Give it a try some time (there are also mat Pilates classes, which don’t require the big machine). Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  9. Great post!! I am loving the shoes, the braid is beyond adorable, and I love the sound of On Pointe!! My goal is to be working less hours by this September, and to become a weekly regular at Pilates at a studio like this. Goodness knows, I need the one on one!

    Have a great weekend!!


    1. Hi Jill! This one would be great for you. And man, I hope you get to start working less. I know how the long hours at a desk job can take a toll on someone’s health, no matter how hard you try. Hope you have a great Friday and weekend, girlfriend!! 🙂

  10. I love love love the color of those shoes. Also your hair looks awesome with that braid. I have zero hair skills and totally wish I had someone to do my hair for me everyday, haha!

    1. Hi Lauren! I know, I’m bad at hair too, so it’s always fun to have someone else do it for me. Hope you have a great Friday and weekend! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Bethann. Well these puppies will likely never run outside – no marathons for me hehehe. Happy Friday to you, pretty SoCal lady! 🙂

  11. Sounds like you have an excellent weekend ahead of you! The side braid is super cute. I also really like those tennis, and I desperately need to invest in a new pair.

    1. Hi Carissa! Thank you. Wish I could do the side braid to myself. And check out DSW or Zappos for some new sneaks! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend.

  12. Getting your hair braided followed by a good workout? It’s different and sounds cool.

    My favorite thing I always carry with me is hand santizer. I have a habit of touching my face, so keeping my hands clean is important.

    1. Hi Shannon! Thanks for stopping by. And yes, I’m with you on having hand sanitizer. I use it all the time. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! 🙂

    2. And your blog is not letting me comment on it. Just tried twice! :(?? Weird. But I see you’re from Central Florida — I used to live in Orlando!

    1. Hi GiGi! That’s the thing about Pilates — seems like it’s going to be easy, but it gets you! Hope all is well with you! Have a fab weekend!

  13. Love your pretty side braid and those sneakers!!!! Can’t believe your hair stayed in through 2 workouts, mine would have totally fallen out! 😛

    1. Hi Annmarie! I know! I was impressed with the braid’s staying power. Usually my hair is a total mess, so it was nice to have it all back. Hope all is well with you! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  14. Ashley loving your side braid – I need to do that more often!! Love the turquoise shoes – and I’ve got getting a new pair for my interval training – so I’ll certainly be checking these out – thanks for the heads up!!

  15. I’m loving that braid on you! Super cute. And nice sneaks too. I probably replace mine every 6-8 months but I’m also not nearly as active as you are.

    I can’t wait to hear more about the event in Berkeley! Leave it to you to keep up with all of the local fitness fun. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I love to go to as many fitness things as I can, and sadly I miss a lot while teaching my own classes. Happy Monday! 🙂

    1. Hi Catherine! I know, I know, why SAVE things when you buy them? I need to get better at that. I will use something new today! How about that? hahah! Happy Wednesday!

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