Friday Favorites: Shopping, sales and a show

It’s the last day of the work-week for most, and because you don’t want to think too hard, I’m keeping it light for you today with a regular edition of “Friday Favorites.”

Recently, I’ve purchased and received some new stuff that’s definitely worth sharing.

Favorite new purchase: Lululemon jacket

For my half-birthday this year, my Mom sent me a Lululemon gift card. With that gift card, and armed with my personal trainer/group fitness instructor discount, I purchased this gorgeous Forme Jacket on Saturday at Lululemon. It fits like a glove. I mean, it’s amazing. While I usually wait to wear new things for a while, I ripped the tags of this puppy and wore it Sunday. Smooth, creamy fabric, high-quality stitching and a navy and white nautical pattern to finish it off. It’s nearly jacket perfection.

Lululemon forme jacket

By the way, until my post on the very best sweatshirts ever, I didn’t know that I could receive a 15-percent-off discount at all Lululemon stores just for being a fitness professional, so thanks to those of you who told me. Under the company’s “Research and Development” deal, as long as I buy items for myself, I get the discount. Now that’s awesome!

Favorite new socks: Yoga socks by Kushyfoot

Earlier this week, I took the time to discuss the benefits of working out in bare feet (or in socks of course), which ended up being a popular post. Just after that post, I also had a chance to do a little more bare-feet work, this time in brand new socks designed just for yoga. The folks at Kushyfoot reached out to me to try a few pairs of their latest line of socks. I wore the white athletics socks with sneakers to work, and I wore the yoga/pilates socks in a power yoga class, which was my first time wearing yoga-designed socks. The bottom of the yoga socks have a little rubbery grip, which helped me stay in place in poses. Not to mention, my toes could grip the ground and the mat. They were comfortable, although just a tad big for me. My favorite thing about wearing the socks was the the way they looked, and because of that I’ll wear them again. The socks retail for $4.99 and are available online in a multi-pack.

Kushyfoot socks

I really love putting on a pair of socks for the first time, and enjoyed the white athletic socks too. They were cushy and light, however, they were a bit too high up the ankle for my liking and stuck out well above my sneaker-line, so I should probably try the lower version. I’ve still got to give the hot pink sport cover socks and the lacy low-cut foot covers a whirl. I just need a chance to put on non-athletic attire for that, so maybe Saturday night?

Favorite new kicks: Pink Nikes

On Monday, I began teaching in a second Les Mills BODYATTACK class per week at a different 24 Hour Fitness location. Not only was I excited to add a little more sports cardio to my week, but I was also excited to debut some new sneakers for the class. I found these hot pink Nike Air Pegasus sneaks at DSW on Saturday, and they are comfortable and stylish. Yes, I used a $10 off coupon, and yes, I carried the box home in my hands bag-less just to save myself the 10-cent San Francisco fee for a shopping bag.

Nike Air Pegasus sneakers

Favorite shopping method: Deals and discounts

Do you ever get great pleasure out of finding something on sale? As you can tell from above, I love to shop “Friends and Family” discount sales, I use my DSW Premier Rewards Member perks on the regular, and search for special promotions to get clothing, shoes and accessories at a reduced price most of the time. Feeling like I saved a little makes me feel good. While I haven’t really been though any department stores in a while, I always keep my eyes on what’s available. Did you know the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going on right now? Well it is, all the way until August 4.

Nordstrom Sale

There are some awesome pieces on sale, both online and in stores. Because much of my life is spent in active wear, I mostly looked there, and I’m loving these Zella Power Play leggings and this Zella Campera Bomber jacket. Some of my favorite go-to items, which I already own and live in at the gym are on sale right now, like these Nike Legend leggings, this Nike Racerback tank and these Nike socks.

And because I have just one more unrelated favorite to share …

Favorite current show: Orange is the New Black

Dave and I are well into season 2 of Orange is the New Black on Netflix. It’s clever, and I can never guess what the next twist and turn will be. The best part about watching the show is the story-lines, which trace back to the inmates’ lives leading up to prison. All of the women are great actors, and it’s definitely a departure from the television shows I watch alone, which are all of the Bravo variety. I like the description of the show straight from Netflix: “This show is: Irreverent, Raunchy, Deadpan.” Why, yes it is.

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Questions of the day

What are you loving this week? Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

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  1. Love the pink shoes!! I’m all about a good deal. I’m a bargain shopper for sure and get all giddy when I find something I love on sale. My husband and I just started Orange is the New Black. We are just a few episodes in and I still can’t decide how I feel about it. I’ve been told by several people to stick with it as it gets better and better. I think I still have to get past all the raunchiness and nakedness too – wow!

    1. Ashley, I’m at the same exact place with Orange is the New Black! Still trying to get into it/get past a few shocking elements of it. 🙂 It’ll tide me over until Parenthood comes back at least. 🙂

    2. I know, I know! I felt that way at first, but you will get through it. The same thing with Breaking Bad happened to me. But the story is so good, you have to grit your teeth and get through it. Some parts still make me wince. 🙂

  2. I keep forgetting about the Nordstrom sale! I am really craving a shopping spree right now; I’m in full-on maternity mode and am having the hardest time dressing myself with my closet of too-small clothes!

    Leaving for San Diego tomorrow for the annual vacation family-palooza! A lot of beach time, eating, and doing a whole lot if nothing await!

  3. OH. MY. GOSH. That jacket!!!! Awesome score, and what a sweet gift from mom! I’ve been wanting the Iconic Wrap from lulu foreeever…

    We just started watching Orange too! My husband’s way more into it than I am, but it definitely keeps me entertained.

  4. Cute jacket! So glad you know about the discount now! 🙂 I LOVE deals and love to share the “wealth” (so to speak). I went on a mini-spree Memorial Day weekend when there were 40% off sales at Gap (love their activewear!) and Express (regular clothes).

    I think Lucy does a discount for fitness professionals as well, but I’ve only ever gotten headbands from them. I love the Reebok discount we get (it makes it hard to buy other brands in-store when I know that I could get things cheaper with someone else).

    I’ve seen thredUP and Twice have activewear, but I haven’t decided how I feel about buying those. It seems they both do a good job of putting quality, good condition things up for sale, but clothes you sweat sweat in? And when I know that I myself sweat A LOT?? I might need to think about that one a little longer.

    1. I’ve never bought anything from the second-hand sites, but I’ve sent some regular clothes to ThredUP. I love getting special discounts. Thanks for the tips!

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