Fun facts about life lately and food

If I told you I had some fun facts and some food pictures, would you stick around and read the post? I hope so …

Orangetheory Tornado Tuesday workout summary

Last night’s workout performance summary is not too shabby.

Random fun facts about life lately

  • I recently took quite a few weeks off from participating in Orangetheory Fitness workouts, even though I was still coaching them. However, I’ve been back at it for the past two weeks. Yesterday’s workout included “Tornado Tuesday,” in which we did one-minute all-out sprints on the treadmill, one-minute all-out sprint rows on the water-rower and one minute of various plyometric and strength exercises like burpees, chest presses, burpees, goblet squats, burpees and more burpees, moving from station to station around the room. With built-in recovery between the sets, this workout really only had 27 minutes of full-on effort, with rest in the transitions, yet it was quite tough. One minute of burpees may not seem like much, but when you’re coming off a sprint with incline, it’s no cake walk.
  • This time next week, Dave and I will be in L.A. for my birthday. We’re heading down to San Diego to spend Christmas with his family and are taking a pit-stop on the way to celebrate my day (with our puppy Rudy in tow). He’s made some plans for us, which remain a surprise, but I’m hopeful they include food. And because he knows me so well, I have no doubt that’s the case. SoCal holidays, here we come!
  • My Christmas shopping has been complete since the weekend, and it’s all wrapped too. While I’d love to put all of our presents under our Christmas tree because we finally have one this year, I just don’t think Rudy is ready to be left alone around wrapped boxes. I could totally see him waiting for me at the front door with a little bit of wrapping paper hanging from his mouth. 
  • I’m seriously slacking in my yoga practice. I took a couple weeks off of it around Thanksgiving and basically have only attended one crappy yoga class in the past month and done virtually no yoga at home. I’m majorly in need of a good Vinyasa flow yoga session. My body and mind are craving it, because I’m not a fan of feeling stiff as a board.
  • It’s super cold in Walnut Creek right now. Well cold for me, certainly. While there’s no snow, we’re dipping into the 30s at night, and this Florida girl is freezing!

And those are the facts.

This week’s “What I Ate Wednesday” recap

Because I like to look at pictures of food and hope you do too, in the middle of the week, I share a full day of all of my meals for this regular “What I Ate Wednesday” feature. 

What I Ate Wednesday via A Lady Goes

I’m sharing a look at all of my meals from yesterday. A weekday in which I taught classes in the morning, worked at home in the middle of the day and went back to the gym to do a workout in the late afternoon. All meals were prepared and consumed at home.

Breakfast at 7:30 a.m.

Oats in a jar with tea for breakfast via A Lady Goes WestEven though I eat a lot of nut butter, it doesn’t seem to be that often that I have an almost empty jar ripe for putting my overnight oats creation in. This one was marinating in the fridge for me for two days and was spectacular. I packed it with plain Greek yogurt, vanilla almond milk, chia seeds, oats, cinnamon and some veggie powder, and it made one fabulous mush when I pulled it out to eat. Of course, I enjoyed it with green tea and a banana.

Lunch at 12:30 p.m. 

Lunch bowl via A Lady Goes West Last week I calculated how much I am spending per month on purple sweet potatoes (which are around $3 a pound in Walnut Creek), and I think I may need to put a stop to this expensive habit. However, I have some left, so I will eat them up with a smile on my face until they are all gone and consider some other lunch options. This bowl of goodness is my normal go-to for a mid-day meal — a baked tater, two runny eggs and half of an avocado. 

Liquid snack at 3 p.m. 

I sipped on an un-pictured mug of green tea, sweetened with stevia and vanilla almond milk. It warmed me up nicely before my workout.

Post-workout beverage at 5:30 p.m.

After I took a one-hour Orangetheory class, I quickly devoured an un-pictured vanilla protein shake, which gave me a re-boost of energy and held me over until dinner.

Dinner at 8 p.m.

Pasta, chicken and broccoli dinner via A Lady Goes West What a pretty plate of deliciousness. Dave grilled up the chicken, while I handled roasting the broccoli and preparing the spaghetti squash with marinara sauce. Shortly after taking this shot, I mixed it all up into a big pile of mush (much like the other two meals I ate this day). I followed it up with a few swigs of vanilla almond milk for a sweet taste and called it a night.

And that was it! Have you have a great day, my friends!

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  1. This looks like the perfect day of eats to me! I still am dying to try those purple sweet potatoes. I’ve been on the hunt for a while, but no such luck yet.

    And that Buff Bake nut butter looks fantastic! I’ve seen that brand on Insta quite a bit, but now that I’m seeing it here I think purchasing a jar or two is for sure on my agenda today.

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Oh gosh I know what you mean about an expensive potato habit, I am so guilty of this too! Have fun in LA for your birthday! A fun fact about life lately, my boyfriend and I decided to skip the New Year’s party and spend the night in, but we can’t wait to go rock climbing during the day!

  3. Your trip to LA sounds so fun! Perfect for a birthday trip πŸ™‚ Funny that it’s actually warmer in Pittsburgh than California lately! We’ve been in the 50s and 60s all crazy. Fun fact : today is my last day in the office for the year! Thanks to vacation days and work from home days, I’m done!

  4. I have all my Christmas shopping done too! It sure feels good. Have fun in LA and SD next week! I’ll be down in Palm Springs for Christmas with my family, so I’m flying down for that next week too. Looks like a delicious day of eats…. I love doing oats in my old pb jars, but yogurt sounds like a great combo!

  5. Ashley your buff bake oats and purple potato are making me drool!! These are literally my favorite potatoes in the whole world, yet they are so hard to find. The Whole Foods instacart goes to is always sold out!!! Also – really jealous of your upcoming SoCal trip – it’s too cold here, and it’s basically the same weather in Vancouver (heading tomorrow!). Ps. Can’t wait to try OrangeTheory in Fidi!!

  6. Oh expensive food habits… guilty. I had to cut back on my Siggis habit… πŸ™ tears… at $1.50/container, it was just too much to spend often. Maybe once in a while, sad days. That grilled chicken looks fantastic!

    I was so proud of myself for completing my Vietnam photo book within a month of getting back!

    1. Hi Jessie! Yes, Siggi’s is expensive, but so are my little Fage yogurts, which I end up paying close to $2 each for. It’s so sad that the good and healthy food costs so much. Yay for your photo book! Nice work, lady! πŸ™‚

  7. That sounds like a great workout! I love hearing about your Orange Theory workouts since they are similar to what we do at my gym. Today we did AMRAPs and I joined it. It was so fun and felt good to be back in the action sweating away! I saw purple sweet potatoes at Trader Joe’s yesterday for much cheaper if you have on in your area πŸ™‚

  8. I’d say keep eating those expensive purple potatoes… good food is always worth a little extra $$ in my book πŸ™‚

    I’m interviewing today to see how I can get involved in my county’s public health nutrition and obesity prevention program. I’m excited (but nervous!). Does that count as fun?

  9. Love that you guys are taking a minute to separate yourselves for your birthday! I’m certain that the hubs has something wonderful planned. πŸ™‚

    P.S. If you want to fall in love with the cold, you should come out to the mountains. We can’t get enough snow, but we get our blood pumping while we’re skiing and can’t feel it a bit! Coming from Florida and Chicago, I never thought that the Winter would be my favorite season. But over time… I’m hooked!

    1. Hi Jessica! As a Christmas baby, I’ve always insisted on getting a little “me” time outside of the holiday celebration ahahah! And that’s totally awesome you’re grown to love the winter. I’ve still hardly ever seen snow!

  10. My favorite part about going on other bloggers blogs is finding new versions of peanut butter I never even knew existed. <3 That white chocolate PB looks PERFECT!

  11. What a fun trip for your birthday! I keep waiting for my husband to do something cute like that ….annnd I’m still waiting lol

    Way to go on the wrapping of the gifts! I find I’m all over buying gifts early and then Dec 24th I’m staring down a pile of gifts to wrap, it’s like putting away folded simple yet I can find a ton of other things I’d rather do!!!

    Last night I was able to get away for a girls night and also going out tonight and I can’t wait. Food and Wine sounds RIGHT to me!

    That orangetheory workout looks like no joke, I’d be dead too!!! I used to do an awesome class called Skip circuit which was 1 minute of skipping (like no play yard skipping, like workout skipping lol) then followed by a circuit of essentially bodypump moves, for 1 minute, so chest press, squats, lunges, shoulders etc all with super heavy weights! It was such an awesome class because you could challenge yourself with a heavier weight then normal since it was only one minute, but then pair that with a minute of skipping..aye aye aye…sweatfest!

    Have a wonderful wednesday!

    1. Hi Fiona! That’s great you had a girls night last night mid-week. And as far as wrapping … I don’t love to do it either and am glad to have it out of the way. Skipping class sounds intense too! πŸ™‚

  12. Have a great time on your So Cal trip! I know I’ve said it before, but you really must eat at Cuatro Milpas right under the Coronado bridge. Yes, it’s in the ghetto, but it is the best Mexican food you will ever eat, I mean the tortillas are just out of this world amazing! I still can’t find a Japanese purple sweet potato! I even went to a Japanese grocery store last night – it was amazing! I need to show someone a picture I guess of your beautiful potato and see if someone can help me! Fun fact -I just signed up to take the ACSM personal training study program and will schedule the test in May. I am excited about this, but nervous about these huge books of information that came with it and all the learning I need to do! Have a great trip!!

    1. Hi Melissa! YES! I will ask my in-laws if we have time to go out for Mexican. So thanks for the reminder. As far as taking the ACSM test – YES! How awesome! It’s SOOO cool to learn more about the body and science through a PT cert. Good luck, lady!

  13. Hope you have a great time in SoCal next week! One of these times we should try to meet up πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear what your hubby surprises you with! Btw, that peanut butter looks amazing…where did you find it?

  14. Replace puppy with toddler and that’s why I haven’t wrapped anything yet. Not that I would leave her home alone, but she would wait for me to go to the bathroom or the kitchen and there would be a trail of wrapping paper somewhere behind her!

  15. Hello beautiful! Maybe when the purple sweet potatoes are gone you can embrace the winter season vegetables and use a roasted acorn squash? It has the same nutty slightly sweet taste as a sweet potato! Plus it would make the perfect little bowl to mash up all the egg and avocado goodness ?

    1. Oh Audie, you know me so well. YES, I MUST give the acorn squash a try. I’ll keep my eyes open for them next time I shop. Have a great day, lady! πŸ™‚

  16. heh, i’d keep on eating the purple sweet potatoes. they are SO GOOD and when i can get them, i dont stop. there are plenty of other things that i save money on πŸ˜‰

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